Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger Script Analysis Sample Essay

Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon is a attractively written movie based on the construct of two star crossed lover’s. It is a attractively written movie. The subdivision that we are analysing is a polar point in the film because it is where 1 begins to see the chief character’s more in deepness and understand the true motive of Lo and Jen. The scene begins with the debut of Jen and Lo ; we are ab initio unmindful to the relationship between the two characters. They have a brief exchange which alludes to a more familiar relationship. At this point the author uses a flash back sequences that provides the back narrative on both character’s. The flashback begins with Jen look up toing a jade comb. which by the description we see that the comb has a important sentimental value to Jen it was her grand-mother’s and has been passed down from anterior coevalss. After we get a feel for the value of the comb we besides get a brief thought of Jen’s character and the significance her household lineage.

Quickly after this expounding the author rapidly passages into the initial battle scene and a apparently intimate minute is suddenly cut short by a group of criminal. This is the first point of onslaught and besides where Lo ( Dark cloud ) is first introduced. this is besides a brief respite before the inciting incident when the comb is stolen by Lo. When the comb is stolen this about deliberately provokes Jen into lifting the action and traveling the secret plan frontward. Jen without a thought responds rapidly to the motivating incident and instantly responds with a reversal in character. we assume that because of Jen’s blue line of descent that she would non be able to react so instinctually to the aggravation. However. without a 2nd idea when her precious comb is stolen. she automatically grabs a spear from a dead guard and begins to trail the train on Equus caballus. This pursuit continues to picture the alteration in Jens character and the closer she gets to the knaves the farther she is acquiring from her royal temperament and she becomes more like a knave. We besides find out that Lo is the true leader of the pack. When Jen eventually meet up with the pack and she begins to contend and the narrative begins to culminate and at this point is where we see the greatest dramatic strength.

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At the terminal of the fight scene Lo screams out she is mine and this marks a reversal of character for Lo. he starts to give a glance of a possible romantic involvement in Jen. After this major battle scene both Jen and Lo are perceptibly tired and it starts to experience as if there is some kind of vulerbility on the portion of both character’s. they ride through the desert on their Equus caballuss parallel to each other to as a symbolic gesture of now being on equal land. Once the character’s arrive at the cave they have yet another conflict that finally marks the declaration to the rise in action. After this battle Jen passes out from weariness. when she wakes up. Her precedence is no longer her comb but alternatively it is her endurance. When she wakes up Lo offers to do her a bow and pointer which offers penetration into his purpose and character. He understands that in his universe which is drastically different from hers. in order to last she must run in order to eat. This means that he wants her to populate and therefore is no longer a menace to her. When the two characters are traveling back and forth making tenseness between the two it besides becomes slightly of a reversal of premises about civility and atrocity.

It is interesting that when Lo asks what is Jen’s name is she chooses to ptyalize in face. clearly non the behaviour you would presume from this character. However. when mentioning back to the comb. she reverses back once more to her royal roots. Then there is a concluding reversal and that is when the two have their concluding struggle and the force turns into passion. Once they have sex it changes Jen’s and Lo objective and they are less affiliated to their backgrounds and go more individualistic and Rebels against society. They began to look at each other as their chief nonsubjective and during these intimate beats in the scene is where we get the background narrative of Lo and understand that he is non merely a knave but person who she can love in malice of their differences. However. this besides proves to be a false declaration because despite their blind love for each other the fact remains they come from two different universes and Jen being of Manchurian line of descent couldn’t realistically leave this universe to fall in that of Lo and his mobile predicament.

Finally when Jen and Lo see her father’s soldier’s coming to deliver her. They realize this is excessively much to seek to support and at this clip they opt for the concluding declaration. by stating that through religion they will stop up together and Lo can come to Jen’s male parent as an honest individual. She so offer’s him the comb which was ab initio the beginning of struggle and now it has become the object of fondness. They promise that this is non the terminal. Fast frontward back to the present and we learn that Jen is acquiring married and Lo is seeking to convert her that he is now by her side and they can eventually be together. However. it is ill-defined if he has made to necessary measure that is need in order to get married Jen. This return is finally an extension of the concluding declaration. They still are non able to be together. because Jen is in an ordered matrimony. So basically they are in the same infinite they were when they left each other 4 old ages before. He still at this clip is non able to come to her male parent in an honest mode. She still clearly love him and but at that place can non be a reversal at this clip. The concluding declaration is still consistent with what happened 4 old ages ago.

They are still star crossed lover’s waiting for religion and fate to run into in their favour. The love scene is a major reversal of events. this where the struggle slightly climaxes and turns into passion. This is a major reversal in Jen’s character. she is no longer concerned by her demand for the comb and her object of desire become Lo. She besides instantly takes a more submissive function to Lo. Whereas after the initial battle they were siting Equus caballuss parallel to each other apparently on equal land. but after the love scene they are siting on the same Equus caballus and she is keeping on to Lo tightly. They are no longer defined by who they were but alternatively by the love that exists between the two of them. The tenseness from this point forward is gone between both character’s and there instantly is a strong bond as if the difference ne’er existed between the both of them.

However. there is a major alteration when Jen’s dad’s soldier’s come seeking for Jen. the scene suddenly changes. making a false declaration. Real property is of all time looming as the soldier’s draw nearer. Lo realizes that he can’t compete with such an ground forces and that they can non at clip be together until he is able to be respected by her household. This declaration takes Lo’s character to a deeper more complex degree. because ab initio he is perceived as a mobile beast. When he has his reveal at this minute he is an honest and cares more about Lo so his ain selfish demands. He wants to do their love legendary. There is besides once more the comb and the symbolic significance that it provides. It was ab initio the ground for their struggle but now it is the representation of their love.


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