Crow Girl Book Report Essay

The Crow-Girl Bodil Bredsdorff Cover art 2004 by Elizabeth Slayton Fritz J. Tirol MWF 7:30-8:30pm I. Reason for Choice: I choose to read this book because of the purity, kindness, and innocence of the story. It is one of my favorite books. It showed me how life can go on despite all the trials and circumstances that someone could ever experience. Its heart warming story lines have really encouraged me to trust on my self and never give up. It show how a young girl live by herself and experience the cruelty of people. It made me realize how thankful I am to have a home and a family to live with whose always their for me.

It showed me how fortunate I am to be sent in a prestigious school, to be able to eat and sleep in comfy and pleasing home. Touching, powerful in its simplicity, and quite impossible to put down once started, this is a book which celebrates the courage which lies in the human spirit, and the kindness that can be found there. Crow-girl embodies much of what we would like to see in ourselves, and in her story we can find a message of both hope and peace. II. When and where the story did takes place? The story took place in a cove which is now called Crow Cove.

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Crow Girl Book Report Essay
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It was a cold early morning, near a little cove where a brook ran out to the sea stood three houses. They live in the third house which is all the way down by the sea. III. Identify (3) three main characters & describe their character traits. Crow-Girl or Myna is a very loving granddaughter. She is very innocent and believes that everybody is good just like her grandmother. Her attitude and outlook in life is very pure that she can touch the lives of other people around her. She’s very hopeful, kind and enthusiastic. She exemplifies the wisdom her grandmother shared with her. She is very helpful o the in need and trust people easily. Her understanding with people around her is quit amazing. She longed to have a family who’ll be there for her, to love her and accept her for what she is. Foula is a kind and understanding person. Her love for her daughter is very impressive; she is willing to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her daughter’s safety. She’s a very strong, kind, loving and caring. She shows people who she really is. She is frank and realistic person. She is polite and knows how to deal with people. She has the heart of a real mother. Rossan is a very kind person. He is very helpful and he is not selfish.

He is willing what he has, he is a real giver. He sympathize those who are in need. He is very gentle and understanding. He is also frank and he knows what he wants. He is very true to his self and knows what he wants. He is very contented and sensitive. IV. Vocabulary * Cinch [sinch] noun (plural cinch·es) 1. | something easily done: something that can be done or achieved with very little effort (informal)| 2. | something certain: something that is absolutely certain to happen (informal)| 3. | riding strong girth: a girth for a saddle, consisting of a thick strap secured by passing the end through two metal rings| 4. firm grip: a firm grip (archaic)| (Page 53) * fjord [fyawrd](plural fjords) or fiord [fyawrd] (plural fiords) noun | narrow inlet of the sea: a long narrow coastal inlet with steep sides, often formed by glacial action, especially along the western coast of Norway| [Late 17th century. Via Norwegian < Old Norse fjor? r](Page 119)| * Mush [mush] noun 1. | pulp: a soft pulpy mass| 2. | sentimental words or ideas: overly romantic and sentimental words or ideas, e. g. in a book or movie| 3. | food cooked cereal: a thick mixture made from cornmeal and milk or water| (Page 63) Rabble [rabb’l] 1. | unruly crowd: a noisy and unruly crowd of people| 2. | offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults people lacking in wealth and status (insult) (takes a singular or plural verb)| 3. | offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults the abilities or significance of a group of people (insult)(Page 74) * Vicinity [v? sinn? tee](plural vi·cin·i·ties) noun (formal) 1. | surrounding region: a neighborhood, or the area surrounding a particular place ? The fire threatened to spread, and all the houses in the vicinity had to be evacuated. | 2. proximity: the fact of being close either in space or relationship| [Mid-16th century. ; Latin vicinitas ; vicinus “neighbor” ; vicus “village, homestead”](page 82) * Wend [wend(past and past participle wend·ed, present participle wend·ing, 3rd person present singular wends) transitive and intransitive verb | travel along route: to proceed along a course or route ? The boat wended its way through the reefs. | [ Old English wendan “turn, proceed” ; Germanic, “turn”](Page 27) V. EvaluationThe part of the book that illustrated human behavior is:“You will find two kinds of people in the world.

Some says that there are the bad and the good. But it isn’t like that. Since what is good for one may be bad for another. No, that doesn’t work. You have to depend on your intuition. “Then there is the third and most important rule. It’s about a person’s need to continue wishing and hoping, for then, at last, you will get what you was wished and hoped for-even if it is in a completely different way from what you have imagined. ”VI. Metaphor ; SimileThe door to the hearts person’s heart can only be opened from within. If there is someone who will not let you in, it’s no use hammering and kicking and lamenting and complaining.

For what if the door is ajar and you push it shut? With some people we can never be open again”(Page 17)The comparison here is the person’s heart as a door. You can never force someone to love you. You have to respect that person because the. “Like what they say the only person that can heal ones heart is the one who broke it. ”VII. SummaryThe story tells about a girl who lives together with her grandmother near the cove. She lives happily with her grandmother in a cove far from any neighbors. They have a house, dine on sea kale and mussels and sand snails, and build fires from driftwood.

But the grandmother is very old and died, when the time comes that the girl must bury the woman, she makes up a funeral song about the birds she is watching: Two crows never fly alone, and death is never, ever past. The next day the same crows seem to beckon her, and so the Crow-Girl begins her journey. The loneliness and isolation is hard for her to bear and it is not long before she allows a pair of crows to guide her, to lead her to a new place and a new life. At times it is as if the crows are able to speak to her, to tell her what she must do. She leaves to make her way in the world.

One in which she will meet people warm and cold, hurt and hurtful. She doesn’t know her real name and instead she uses the name “Crow girl”. The girl’s first stop is in a small village where a woman takes her in, seemingly out of kindness. It is this woman, with her sugary words who gives the girl a name, “Crow-Girl. ” Crow-girl soon discovers that kindness does not lie in the heart of the woman and fearing the all she cares for will be taken from her, the girl flees. As she continues her journey, guided by the crows, the girl encounters several people. There is a little boy, Doup, whom she adopts and takes with her.

There is a woman and her daughter who are fleeing a cruel man who beats them. There two also join Crow-Girl on her journey. The four ill-treated and somewhat lost souls come together to form a sort of family of their own. Despite their own sad state the four have kindness in their hearts and they offer what little they have to another whom they meet on the road. This man, Rossan, offers them shelter and help and later he gives them some of the things that they will need to build a new life for themselves, for they plan to live together back in Crow-Girl’s little house by the sea.

Touching, powerful in its simplicity, and quite impossible to put down once started, this is a book which celebrates the courage which lies in the human spirit, and the kindness that can be found there. Crow-girl embodies much of what we would like to see in ourselves, and in her story we can find a message of both hope and peace. VII. ConnectionsThis book really showed a lot of things about human behavior. Each character shows different characteristics. Each of them has the sense of Openness to change; they know their direction in life.

They also have the Conservation in regard with their traditions, they act the way they use to be they show how they where raise and they exemplify the wisdom of their family. They have the Values of the importance of a family. Even though they have different Personalities still they prove with understanding and love nothing is impossible. IX. Questions for the AuthorWhy did you use “The Crow-Girl as the title of the book”? Why did you make the book simple yet very touching? How did you come up with such a wonderful place of the story? X.

RecommendationThis is a must read book. Everybody should read it to understand how a young girl made it to her real happiness. With this book you will keep on dreaming and aim higher. This really shows how to be contented to what you have in life. People would realize how fortunate they are to have a family and a home. This will surely give hope, encouragement, acceptance and faith to those who will read it. You doesn’t have to became rich just be happy and achieve your dreams. We just have to believe in our selves and follow what our hearts says. | | | | | | | | | | |


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