Cultural Artifact Essay

Joann Harris Professor Morales Sociology 101 10 July 2010 Cultural Artifact Essay Cultural Artifacts are found all over from generation to generation. The cultural artifact that has stood out in my life is the Holy Bible. The Bible has been a cultural artifact in my family since before I was born. My choice of the Bible is because of how I was raised and what I was taught while I was growing up, and it was to live my life according to the words of the bible.

It has taught me to have faith in god, forgiveness, patience, and most of all love for others. However, according to the reading, “A symbol is something that stands for, represents, or takes the place of something else. Anything-any object, event, or word-can serve as a symbol. ” (Sullivan, 2009, pg-14-15). I can totally relate to this statement, because the teachings of the bible are stating for you to live righteous in god’s eyesight. Christians would state that it is not an easy walk and not one to be done alone.

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In the Apostolic faith the bible is a symbol of The Divine Trinity, Repentance towards god, Salvation (Justification), Sanctification (Holiness), The Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Divine Healing, and many more. The Bible can be defined as “the sacred scriptures of Christians compromising the Old Testament and the New Testament. (Webster 1996). The bible signifies renewing of the mind, forgiveness, patience, love, faith, and above all wisdom.

My family’s belief’s fall under Subcultures. Subculture can best be defined as a group within a culture that shares some of the beliefs, values, and norms of the larger culture but also has some that are distinctly its own. (Sullivan, 2009, P. 46). The norms of the ghetto are light years away from those of the middle class suburb, the values of the young have little meaning for the elderly, and thr beliefs of the well-to-do are largely foreign to the poor. Harris,


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