Cultural Diversity In Your Workplace Exxon Chemical Case Commerce Essay

Cultural diverseness can be opposed to monoculture. Indeed, holding a cultural diverseness means holding plentifulness of different civilizations among a group, a company, a house. Having diverse civilizations is an of import quality point.

Cultural diverseness is sometimes misused to intend the assortment of human societies or civilizations in a specific part, or in the universe as a whole ; but these phenomena are multiculturalism instead than cultural diverseness.

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Cultural Diversity In Your Workplace Exxon Chemical Case Commerce Essay
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This assignment will demo how of import cultural diverseness is in the company and several survey instances will demo how companies try to utilize the best of cultural diverseness. The American group EXXON CHEMICAL pointed out the jobs of monoculture among its offices. We will see how can this group alteration and convey cultural diverseness as one of its nucleus value.

I. What is cultural diverseness?

a ) Cultural diverseness in your workplace

Globalization is the chief point that we must take into history in a company in order to win with cultural diverseness. Indeed, globalisation brings people to travel so that ‘s why people, images, symbols, information, capital, goods and so on progressively move from one corner of the universe to another and people communicate with other people many stat mis off. As a effect, single people are progressively facing different influences and thoughts from other parts of the universe. Peoples with a different faith, different thoughts, talking whether French or Chinese meet with other people from all around of the universe talking swiss-german and Lusitanian. Over more Medias such as the cyberspace and agencies of rapid transit facilitate such brushs. These points explain how and why do transnational houses expand globally and is composed of many different civilizations in their work force. Today working in a monoculture company hardly exists.

Therefore, globalisation and cultural diverseness brings organisations to go really dynamic topographic points where single experiences must n’t be forgotten. Social Fieldss, organisations and single people are challenged by their colleagues talking different linguistic communications, holding different norms and values and believing different faiths. All these points must be known and must be encountered during exchanges and besides confrontations and hard minutes and treatments. Cultural diverseness is rather a new point for many companies and states but it has to be today one of the chief point of the company to supply its success and its long life clip. Today many of us will hold to cover with different state of affairss and inquiries such as:

What does it intend to a infirmary when patients with assorted spiritual beliefs need bespoke attention?

How are production and service bringing affected when people from all parts of the universe come together to pass on and work in a company?

What are the effects when citizens stand foring different individualities, traditions, linguistic communications and beliefs send their kids to blend schools?

Do people with different cultural backgrounds get equal chances in the labour market?

Cultural diverseness faces both hazards and chances.

Hazards: working with different civilizations can take to jobs of communicating ; there can be some struggles of thoughts and even some exclusion.

Opportunities: but holding plentifulness of civilizations among a squad is besides a great point. Indeed, people holding different points of positions, ways of making and believing conveying up really introducing thoughts, the squad is more originative and production and service bringing is renewed.

In effect to utilize the best of cultural diverseness, we need some policy, possibly sometimes a leader to border the meeting and the squad work and to respond in instance of struggles. Pull offing the differences of linguistic communications, civilizations, faiths and traditions under one “ umbrella ” are some of the chief obstructions faced by the international concerns. Peoples coming holding assorted and different backgrounds non merely have differences of societal apparatus, but besides needs to confront the cultural impact and all the influences it can hold on the psychological side.

Furthermore, “ the job of general acceptableness of other civilizations and faiths has been an issue of all time since. It is so a fact that human existences experience more at easiness with those of their ain like and are non excessively enthusiastic to work in diverse squads ” . Every one shows and uses his societal and cultural norms in concern universe. International concern schemes must embrace all the societal and cultural facets of the native states. When a company wants to spread out its concern to other states all its programs of actions need to be customized ; because what might be suited in a certain civilization may non work for another. The restraint of English linguistic communication as the manner of communicating in the western concern universe is besides an imperative issue.

Globalization must be seen as a positive consequence for groups, persons and companies. Exchanges are more intense and the chances of concern success are much higher and good around the Earth. The international concern schemes should be realistic and free of all prejudices based on faith, civilization, race or ethnicity. With the most constructive and realistic attack we must hold, houses can present international markets and extend their domain. The most of import point is to do people experience “ one ” . Companies must take into history the regard of all faiths, ethnicities and races in preparation workshops, by holding just company policies, by utilizing a standard scene by the senior direction, holding societal assemblages and events where employees from diverse ethnicities may acquire the chance to interchange, experience of import and seen as an added value for the company.

B ) Exxon chemical instance

The EXXON CHEMICAL group is an American company that made a study to inquire to the workers of the European offices to give their point of position about civilization and diverseness in the company. This study was of import for the workers but besides for the head-quarter because it sorted out that there was a immense job of cultural diverseness in the company. Indeed, harmonizing to the workers who answered the study, monoculture was the vision that they had of their company. Belonging from a different state and so civilization was hard in this American group. Most of the workers did n’t experience at easiness working all the clip in English, non holding adult females at executive topographic points etcaˆ¦

Therefore, EXXON knew that diverseness and internationalism was an of import key to a full success. To make so, of import alterations had to be done such as altering demographics and values and holding a existent effectivity of multicultural squads. The major points that had to be solved were ( all these points will be discussed below ) :






Of class, the consequences of the study were dismaying and there besides was a menace for the company. Indeed this could take to a demotivated work force, jobs of communicating, a limited part, a immense loss of productiveness and capacity of invention. In order to work out these chief jobs the headquarter of Exxon Chemical decided to pass on much more and to of class give a feedback of the consequences of the study so that they could demo that they have full understood the jobs within the company and the squad members. Exxon Chemical besides decided to alter its policy and alter its recruiting procedure. For now on, adult females and minorities would be advantaged. The working contracts and conditions would be more flexible. The working clime will be an of import point and must be really good so that all the workers feel comfy in their company. Finally Exxon Chemical wants more support for employees and their households involved in international calling moves. Training and development will hold a important function in the American group.

All these points that the central offices wanted to utilize will likely be really utile for the effectivity of the company, and will evidently better productiveness and invention in all the squads around the universe.


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III. Valuing the “ Group Dynamics ”

“ Never doubt that a little group of thoughtful citizens can

alter the universe. Indeed, it is the lone thing that of all time has. ”

Margaret Mead.

An account of the impression behind “ Group Dynamics ”

Basically, Group dynamics refers to a system of behaviors and psychological procedures happening within a societal group, or between societal groups. Adapted to our specific context, it deals with the manner that how companies are seting every agency in topographic point to better quality of work between members of a multicultural group. Here, we are speaking about interaction of persons within a comparatively little group. The figure is, in fact, predominant to allow societal interactions develop themselves. In a larger group, pull offing the cultural differences becomes impossible because of the distance created by the figure.

When we are speaking about multicultural, we face the barrier of comprehension, which is non merely based on the differences of linguistic communication. A different civilization drives some different behavior: the manner to believe about something, the mode to respond to an thought, and so on. Actually, the chief aim for companies is to make a healthy environment in order to better efficiency.

That ‘s why the impression of “ Group Dynamics ” ask evidently some cardinal and basic inquiries:

Is the relationship between persons conducive to accomplishing the groups ends?

How is formal and informal power used to construct consensus or make decisionsA ?

Is the construction and size of the group an plus in prosecuting both the undertaking and care maps of the group?

Does the combination of persons produce the right civilization?

Group Structure & A ; Size

The public presentation of an effectual group can be linked for a first attack, on its size and, by extension, on his composing. The scope of a group can be at least of two people. It ‘s the lower limit to compose what we can name a “ group ” . On the other manus, a group can be composed at upper limit by several hundred people, to pull off larger undertakings. As we said before, the best manner to pull off a undertaking is to cut down every bit much as possible the size of a group assigned to it. The authoritative combination is a figure about 10 people, but be careful to non jeopardize the work load and the end ( s ) ! Of class the figure should be kept to a lower limit, but do n’t bury to analyze the importance of the undertaking ( s ) ! Larger groups can so see appear some jobs:

The rise of some struggles, because of the plurality of point of views.

The deficiency of the development for societal relationships

A lessening of the engagement for some members

An single acknowledgment which can be embedded

For a 2nd portion, we should inquire ourselves about the necessity of accomplishments and public presentation in a group. We have to mensurate the measure of accomplishments to win in a undertaking, which are needed to engage the right figure of people. Pre-tests are necessary excessively, in order to avoid a possible hapless performing artist, who will decelerate down the patterned advance of the group. At the terminal, and this last point is chiefly due to guess, we should pray for holding the good combination of leaders, and followings, to avoid involvement struggles, or member competitions. Indeed, even if a company make diagnostic trials to measure the leaders and followings, some things are needfully losing. In world, some followings are possibly leaders, and some leaders can be overwhelmed by the undertakings, which are assigned to them.

Diversification is the chief factor in group development and accomplishments demand. Even if a multicultural group may take longer to make public presentation, ( because of the differences of civilizations, linguistic communications, and reading ) , one time they found their balance, they are at least every bit productive as a group composed of similar people. In fact, a multicultural group is more originative than a “ normal ” group, because of the possible multiple thoughts coming from each civilization nowadays in this group.

Group Development

Find the good combination in order to pull off a undertaking does non guarantee win in it. Actually, every member of multicultural group, and in a larger extend, every member of a group, have such different personalities, linked with different reactions, demands, characteristicsaˆ¦ It is of class more pronounced in a multicultural group.

That ‘s why people have to acclimatize themselves, and there are several stages:

FORMING: Members have to familiarise themselves with the aims of the undertaking and, of class, other members, who may come from different skylines. An exterior individual has to attach to the members in counsel, occupation definition and undertakings analysis.

STORMING: Besides known as “ counterdependent phase ” , it deals with the searching of individuality in each member. The group encounter some troubles linked to the different ways each individual sees the mode to work out a undertaking. Everybody wants to originate, and needs some acknowledgment for his/her accomplishments. This phase is delicate, and can last for a long clip if there is a deficiency of comprehension.

NORMING: This stage is besides known as the “ peace ” stage. Members start to decide their issues, and get down developing their societal understandings. They are constructing coherence and holding on the group norms, which will govern their work.

Acting: This stage is related to adulthood. Members understand them and cognize their manner in order to work. The common aid and the creativeness are really of import here, in order to travel toward carry throughing the undertakings.

ADJOURNING: When the undertaking is done, and because of the close relationships built during its realization, members may go emotional due to the terminal of it.

Group Functions

Three maps have an influence on effectivity and productiveness of a group:

Undertaking Functions

First, the group have to originate the undertaking, by suggesting ides, mode to specifying jobs, puting ends and tasksaˆ¦ Then, he has to seek for relevant informations in relation with the different ends, which have been set up. Asking for suggestions and/or for thoughts is a good manner to run the planetary advanced of the group. Giving them during insights of the group let some members to travel further in their achievement. Summarize and repeating the different ways initiated by researches allows the group to hold a better planetary vision, more man-made. Finally, the stage of trials is running: it consists in look intoing if the way of reflection plants in pattern.

Maintenance Behaviour

To guarantee that the group will be preforming good, societal and emotional support is really of import. Knowing each other, his/her feelings, is cardinal.

First, by promoting other members, you improve their will to make better, and value their part. It besides improves group ambiance, and to go on in that manner, showing group feelings and feeling tempers and relationships will assist excessively. But, there will needfully hold some tensenesss, that ‘s why harmonising different jobs created between members is really of import. In the same clip, it ‘s of import to retrieve the regulations, norms and functions of each member, to avoid any jobs linked to this. Do n’t waver to acknowledge your error in such a group like this, it will be more efficient than prevailing in a incorrect manner. Finally, maintain open the Gatess of communicating is the best manner to maintain exchanges fluid and efficient. Never let an thought without a response!

Self-Interest Behaviour

This 3rd portion trades with each behavior that influences negatively the efficiency of the group work.

Be cognizant! Do non listen and repeat propositions, displays a deficiency of regard are some dominating and commanding attitudes, which clearly handicap the whole group. Sing things with his/her ain involvement trades with the same job, do n’t bury that you are portion of a group! In extension, pull stringsing to make a end is n’t constructive. Talking about end, a good behavior will be to concentrate on the of import undertakings, do non seek for insignificant inside informations that will decelerate down the patterned advance!

Group Norms

At the beginning of the group development, a high sum of clip is used to cognize each other, and puting societal criterions, including the definition of a right behavior. These criterions are straight linked to the norms put in topographic point by the group ‘s development. So a “ good behavior ” can be really different, because of the societal environment, which is needfully non the same from a squad to another.

The acknowledgment of these norms is really of import, and a new member who joins the squad may be lost at first, until he finds how to respond decently. In fact, it is true that for a squad leader director, norms are more purely executed, in order to better the efficiency of work. But rearranging a spot the personal infinite for a member is indispensable, because of every individual unrecorded different.

Group norms include:

Loyalty norms: proving that a member can be loyal to a company by, for illustration, working difficult ( during vacations, or weekendaˆ¦ ) .

Dress norms: Very fluctuant depends of the company.

Reward norms: wages given for benefits, or countenance taken for fringe benefits.


Even if there are official functions in a group ( secretary, director, squad leaderaˆ¦ ) , there are some emergent functions in a group, in touch with how a individual is. For illustration, you may hold in a group the confident one, the buffoon who ever laughs, the chitchat and so onaˆ¦

These functions have an influence on relationships, as two people may be opposite, and have struggles. Besides, non delegating clearly an official function, can decelerate down the patterned advance.


Coherence is the chief factor that will assist the group win. Several facets reinforce the group coherence: internal successes, high societal and emotional behavior, and some external menaces. Group size may act upon the coherence, if there are two many people, we can confront the formation of subgroups, non clearly set, and who will causes members to retreat input.


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