Cultural identity Essay

Carolina Villasenor BESL september 17, 2013 Cultural Identity Paper My mothers ancestors are from Peru originated from Lima, my fathers ancestors are from Mexico originated from Guanajuato. I am Hispanic/White female born on September 9, 1991 in Houston, TX. I have two older siblings and a younger sister. We were all raised in a middle class family. We always had everything we needed to live comfortably. I am a catholic but not a practician.

My parents always fought my siblings and I to respect other and always treat everyone qual no matter social lasses or race. A couple of weeks after I was born my mother went back to Mexico where my siblings and grandparents were waiting to meet me. I was raided in Mexico. As I grew up I was always a very happy and friendly little girl, with a big heart and wanting to help the needy like my father always did and how he fought me to be.

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Cultural identity Essay
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I grew up in a very loving home. I love country and latin music, shopping, animals and volleyball. After finishing my Junior year I decided to move to the US with my grandparents to finish y last high school year, that way I could practice my english, my grammar and my writing before going to college; since I always new I wanted to attend university in Texas.

After moving to the States at the beginning of high school I had to get used to not kissing people in the cheek when I met them since in Mexico we do that all the time we say Hi to someone or we are introduced to someone new. I remember my first experience with ethnicity and race was in 5th grade when my family and I moved or a year to Houston; I had a friend from Pakistan, her english name was Ana. We would invite each other to our houses very often since we lived very close.

My family enjoyed having her over all the time; we learn a lot of her culture and believes of her family as well as she learned a lot from my family. When I would go to her house it was the same way her family loved to have me over and play with Ana. We became very good friends until she had to move to canada due to the 9/1 1 accident, they had o migrate to Canada, it was all because of race and people were been very rude and racist with them.

I believe culture plays a big role in the element of learning and education. It is important to treat everyone with the same respect and kindness as you would like to be treated. it is very interesting to learn about all cultures and beliefs now that we live in a world where people migrate and travel, you never know who you might meet tomorrow so be prepared and have an open mind to meet nee people from other cultures and ethnicities Cultural identity By cvillasenor91


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