Culture and Anthropology Studies Man Essay

Lindsay Deegan Seinor year at Barnard took from Dr. franz boas in the departent of anthropology she always liked anthropology and now she knew its what she wanted to do. Anthropology studies man’s place in nature. Like in the beginings of growths and the difference between people all around the world. things people who want to be an anthropologeist can do is exavate th remains of past civilizations, study the varrying phisical characteristics of races among man kind some anthropologiests race the spread of customs or religions over the face of the earth; others work to define hundereds of languages to learn how theese tounges differ and how they are related. Marget was interested in culture althropology . Peoples culture is Music, art and ways of living together.

Anthropologiests observe patterns of life in other cultures. How marrage is arraged, a comitee organized and a funeral conducted. Also he way people cook their food young or old people get the larger portions, mushy or hewey food, whether they feast together or eat alone and no one is looking, patterns od belief which lie under the way people behave. While Marget was studying anthropology she read a book called “The Mysery of Easter Island” It’s autherMrs. Scoresby Routledge, was intersted in the statues on the island.

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Culture and Anthropology Studies Man Essay
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The auther sailed to the Island to hope a native could tell her what the statues are all about but the only man who knew was ill. He died in 2 weeks and nobody knows what the statues are. Now margret felt strong about cultures being lost. Then she decided she would have to go to Samoa. She (Marget) wrote a book called People and Places. Studing human beings is not easy because you can not treat them like animals. The one tool is that a man watching another man and if he learns his laungage he can ask questions to the greatest way to experimetn on human beings is to communicate.


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