Current and future trends Essay

Report on Current and Future Trends

Challenges faced during designing of an e-commerce web site

These yearss it has been seen that in instance there are more than 10 % of users who reject or protest against the new characteristic added within the 24 hours. Normally, most of the web sites at some phase have to cover with the serviceability challenges every bit shortly as they are rolled out to the users. Therefore, usability challenges take the highest precedence whenever design squad is imagining an interface or GUI alteration in the web application ( Jack, 2003 ) .

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Current and future trends Essay
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Some of the serviceability challenges are:

Scalability:Normally, Scale issues can be seen in the myriad of ways. This can be explained better with an illustration. There is an on-line film shop known as Netflix. The users of this shop can put their pick of films in the waiting line designated for them. It was found that a waiting line with a length of 10 was easier to pull off. But, when the size of waiting line additions so in that instance direction sometimes becomes really hard and this needs to be dealt in the different mode. There are many e-commerce web sites that give their users an option for the storage of their transportation every bit good as charge information. It is of import for the Designers to measure the system boundary in footings of the user base and the ensuing informations within an history. This design consideration needs to be combined with the effectual and efficient execution of the web based application. The thought is to plan and implement the alteration with minimal incommodiousness to the users of the system ( Rich, 2008 ) .

Ocular Design:Normally, Web applications live half in the signifier of an application and half in the web site. The trouble arises when a individual needs to make up one’s mind between the bid button and a link list execution. For illustration, in instance a individual has to supply an option of “ Advanced Search ” . There are many instances where each and every pel affairs. Ocular design creates a immense impact on the manner through which all the applications communicate with the users.

Comprehension:It is of import for a web site to do its point clear. There are many instances where good developed web sites make the simple information extremely proficient which makes the understanding worse. Ideally, the information on the web sites should be easy to understand and lucid plenty to maintain the involvement alive for any layperson. In some instances, the web sites come up with aces to do things easier but, ironically, aces make the procedure much complex than earlier ( Suhail, 2008 ) .

Evaluation study

Critical assessment of Rapid larning

Evaluation methods for a web site

CARS checklist provides the 4 basic rating methods for measuring web sites. The checklist evaluates web sites on credibleness, truth, rationality and support. In add-on to the four standards mentioned, the web sites can besides be evaluated on design and engineering ( Harris, 2007 ) .

This web site has been developed specially to publicize the Rapid Learning Centre. Rapid larning Centre can be considered as the taking suppliers of the solutions that are related to the rapid e-learning in topics like chemical science, natural philosophies, biological science, statistics, math and other nucleus classs at the high schools, colleges or degrees beyond that. Packages that are offered by Rapid larning Centres have been mentioned clearly.

The rating of this web site on truth and support seems to be the most appropriate method as the topic of the site trades with instruction where truth of the informations and unrecorded support is really of import ( Measuring Web sites, 2003 ) .

A description of the overall end of the system

The overall purpose of making this web site is to present the complete system really comprehensibly. This site has been divided in different subdivisions that are categorized as: Home, Courses, Preview, Parents, Teachers, about us, Contact and clients. All these subdivisions have been designed in such a manner that they can supply information to the users. Home subdivision is the chief page. The classs subdivision high spots all the classs available along with the faculties and chapters. Parents subdivision has been designed particularly for parents so that parents can acquire replies to all their questions. Teachers subdivision provides inside informations about all the inside informations about modules that put in their difficult work for the pupils. About us subdivision is merely a brief description about what precisely are the Rapid Learning Centre and the services provided by it.

Basic features & A ; demands for the interaction constituent of the synergistic system

The chief purpose of the complete system is to foreground Rapid Learning Centre as the chief pick of among the major instruction establishments that are present in US and are at that place around the universe.

There are some chief constituents that are provided on the web site in the signifier of:

24x Web based flash films: These are used chiefly in the signifier of nucleus Concept Tutorials. In these tutorials each subject has been introduced every bit good as explained with the aid of related construct that can map to the illustration every bit good as lifes.

24x web based games in flash: these are sort of a Problem-Solving Drill and comprises of the job sets that are really similar to the tests and prep.

24x individual sheet printable: these are present in the signifier of Review Cheat sheets.

24x PDF files: these are a sort of the Printable Tutorials that are used to change over videos into written affair. They can be used chiefly for the intent of offline reading.

24x MP3 Audio Tutorials: they are truly really helpful in can assist you in using your iPods, iPhone and Smartphone in an effectual mode.


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