Current Issues In Human Resource Essay


The term human resource direction has been used for the last 10 to fifteen old ages nevertheless before that, the field was known as forces direction. Harmonizing to Hall.R ( 1992 ) he made no distinction between forces direction and HRM and saw that the latter as a modern expanded version of traditional forces direction due to technological alteration in the work environment and a displacement in social values. However Hackman, J R and Oldham, G R ( 1986 ) explained the differences between forces direction and HRM as to personnel direction is considered as workforce-centred piece HRM as resource-centred. Guest ( 1987 ) construct of HRM is non as an option to personnel direction but as a peculiar signifier of forces direction which stressed the strategic issues of employee committedness, flexibleness, quality and integrating.

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Ian Beardwell & A ; Len Holden ( 2001 ) defined HRM as a strategic and consistent attack to the direction of organisation ‘s most valued assets – the employees who separately and jointly lend to the accomplishment of the aims of the concern. In extra to that ( Hall, D T ( 1984 ) viewed HRM as affecting all direction determinations that affect the relationship between the organisation and its employees, furthermore Jackson, S.E & A ; Schuler ( 2003 ) considered HRM as a typical attack to employment direction which seek to obtain competitory advantage through the deployment of a extremely committed and skilled work force.

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This essay will critically measure the function human resource dramas taking into consideration the alterations in external environment factors in extra to that the essay analyse the HR patterns which will assist organisations derive sustainable competitory advantages through critical treatment and relevant illustrations will be given and eventually decision and recommendations will be made.

Functions of HRM

For the past 10 old ages organisations have more importance on human resource practicians in extra to that HR is been considered as a value added beginning within organisations. Furthermore, harmonizing to ( Ulrich, 1997 ) human resource section has been seen and viewed as major beginning for deriving competitory advantage against rivals in the market.

Understanding the Role of HR with the impact of external environment factors

Harmonizing to John Bratton & A ; Jeff Gold ( 2007 ), in the current concern environment, organisations need to be invariably measuring their internal and external environment for challenges and chances to stay competitory and to prolong growing. Changes within the society in Political, economic, societal, and even psychological alterations create important impact on organisations. However there are many factors which are driving alterations in organisations today like globalisation, restructuring of organisations, the of all time altering work force mobility equilibrating the household work issues

( Diagram 1 ) external factors impacting HR functions

Beginning ( Cyr, D.J. ( 1995 )

Organization /human resource direction

Acquisition of Employees function

Harmonizing Laurie J. Mullins ( 2007 ), In an economic system of increasing globalisation and the battle to make sustainable competitory advantages, organisations are continuously measuring their schemes to guarantee that they have the expertness needed to assist accomplish the mission of the organisation However the economic challenges due to the effects of the 9/11 terrorist onslaughts on the United States and recognition crunch which started 2007 all over the universe which continuously affects organisations on enlisting and choice schemes. However, Julie Beardwell and Tim Claydon ( 2007 ) define choice as a “ procedure of roll uping and measuring information about an person in order to widen an offer of employment. ” On the other manus harmonizing to Guest, D E, Conway, N, Briner, R and Dickman, M ( 1996 ) they mentioned ways of measurement ( cost per hire ) intending the importance of sing cost of geting employees he besides added that in current concern environment at that place regulations and ordinance which protects employees from unjust intervention by organisation during enlisting and choice procedure, hence HR plays large function in order to do certain the organisation get the right people for available stations reasonably without favoritism of any sort. ( Guilford, J P ( 1967 )


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Mc Donald ‘s corporation employ people from different backgrounds and from different parts of the universe as to follow with regulations and ordinances of the authorities and avoiding favoritism of any sort in its enlisting scheme as can be seen below.


McDonald ‘s enlisting construction. Source ( )

Acquisition of new employees

Different ethnicity


Disabled work force

Equal chance

Migrant work force

Determining demand vs. supply of labour function

Harmonizing to Laurie J Mullins ( 2002 ), HR plays a function the whole procedure developing patterns that can better employees public presentation and the procedure includes finding the figure of employees needed for the organisation to execute at is optimal, nevertheless since the 9/11 terrorists onslaughts and the recognition crunch many organisations have been forced to cut down monolithic figure of employees so as to get by with the fighting economic system. The chief challenge for HR is to do determinations on figure of employees needed to be recruited or reduced to get by with the demand of merchandises in the market without doing loss for the organisation.

Diagram 3

ddl ssl

equilibrium point.

Measure. Source ( Charman.A, 1999 )

( In diagram3 ) Harmonizing to ( Charman. A, 1999 ) HR make programs on demand versus supply of labour needed by organisation in order to run into the needed end product or measure of merchandises needed in the market nevertheless it is of import for companies to do certain they maximize net income and cut down costs of labour.

Example 2

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Virgin Media is a good illustration as it plans to cut down approximately 2200 occupations by 2012 which is 15 % of its entire employees nevertheless harmonizing to main executive ( Neil Berkett ) the company programs are due to HR prognosis on the figure of employees needed at this hard clip of recession and the altering client demands in the market. ( www.bbcnews/business )

HR function in back uping organisation scheme or corporate scheme

Harmonizing Michael, ( 2001 ) there have been change in the human resource function over the last 10 old ages as HR maps were viewed as non that of import for the organisations in extra they were subjected to simply as to administrative map nevertheless in nowadays economic system the HR patterns are considered really of import by concern spouses and HR is given critical function through inclusion of HR leader in strategic concern be aftering which involves on determinations and be aftering on how the organisation will vie its challengers.

The inquiries sing, what to bring forth? Where to bring forth? For whom to bring forth and how many to do ( measure of the merchandises ) are portion of the organisation planning procedure. However harmonizing to Michael Armstrong Forthcoming ( 2010 ) he defined concern scheme as the procedure by which organisation mission and aims are set every bit good as the procedure of which organisation exploits its resources to accomplish aims, hence HR is playing a large function in developing schemes in current concern environment which is complex and dynamic the chief purpose here is to measure the endowment pool in order to if there is appropriate expertness needed to carry through the concern schemes of the organisation

Harmonizing to Peter Boxall & A ; John Purcell ( 2003 ), incorporating HRM with the concern scheme enables human resource to back up and implement strategic program to accomplish competitory advantage for the organisation by maximising human capital and increasing labor efficiency which in bend can cut down cost and increase productiveness and eventually maximising net income for the organisation.

Example 3

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Goldman Sachs 2010 has won the 2nd place for best employer to work for ; nevertheless the frailty president of Gold Sachs MR. Michael Sherwood said that the secret to success was due to good work done by HR in back uping the corporate scheme in every possible manner and that the company could non hold won without the function performed by HR in back uping the corporate scheme. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Training and Development function

Harmonizing to Becker, Huselid.M, & A ; Ulrich.D ( 2001 ), they defined preparation and development as systematic attack of developing employees accomplishments in order to increase efficiency of employees in executing their undertakings nevertheless harmonizing to resent figures provided by ( The United Kingdom Society for Training & A ; Development ) estimates that UK organisations are passing more than 10billion yearly on employee preparation and development the chief ground for this is that companies must incorporate engineering to companies schemes nevertheless for it has been proved that companies which provide preparation and development for its employees are winning the conflict against rivals for holding better skilled work force and efficient labor which meet the demand of the clients and most significantly creates good repute for the house in the eyes of the populace.

Example 4

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Harmonizing to the director of Morrison subdivision in Stoke Newington ( MR. Terry Joseph ) said that due to the preparation HR provided at his subdivision make the subdivision best marketer among Morrison shops in 2008 since the employees have more accomplishments and cognition in executing their undertakings nevertheless he mention few advantages of preparation as seen below.

Advantages of preparation

Addition in the employee ‘s attitude towards their work.

The employees get cognition and expertness in an country that would enable him/her to execute more efficaciously on the occupation.

Addition in the employee ‘s public presentation.

Assurance. Training helps to better the assurance of an employee. It enables him to near and execute his occupation with enthusiasm.

Higher Net incomes. Trained employees can execute better and thereby by gaining more employees become more efficient.

Safety. Training helps an employee to utilize assorted safety devices. He can manage the machines safely and becomes less prone to accidents which can salvage organisations from legal actions.

Example 5

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Nando ‘s is another good illustration of companies which provide better preparation to its employees as it won the national preparation awards in the UK 2009 in five of its strategies which are

New eating house gap preparation

Working in direction squads ( squad edifice )

Nando ‘s initiation preparation

Coaching programmes

Buddies system ( brothers are staff who help to develop new staff )

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Example 6


The company offers developing plans to their employees and their providers of auto parts so as to increase efficiency and run into the quality criterions expected by clients.

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HR Role in Organization Change and Development

Harmonizing to Griffiths, D. and Williams, L. ( 1999 ), the impact of Global economic alterations, client altering demands migrators work force, HR has the function in enabling the organisation to accommodate to the external and internal issues in which house is presently confronting and besides issues that house may confront in the hereafter. The gait of recent alterations in technological development and economic tendencies like recognition crunch makes change an inevitable characteristic of organisational life, nevertheless the competence expected form the human resource professionals therefore the ability to program and implement the necessary alterations in the organisation for the intent of bettering public presentation depends upon the HR professionals.

Procedure of alteration

Harmonizing to Gupta, A. and Govindarajan, V. ( 2002 ), there are many procedures that can be used to set about alter some of the theoretical accounts include Kotler ‘s eight-step scheme for alteration direction which comprise of eight stairss

Establish a sense ofA urgency: making sense of bureau in organisation for alteration

Make the guidingA alliance: edifice strong leading for alteration

Develop aA visionA and scheme: developing clear vision for alteration

CommunicateA the alteration vision: pass on the alteration to organisation

EmpowerA employees for broad-based action: authorization of employees

GenerateA short-run wins: making wages for employees

ConsolidateA additions and bring forth more alteration: this is the clip to alter all activities that do n’t suit with alteration

AnchorA new attacks in theA civilization

Example 7

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Harley and Davison Company

New engineering in production: Using the Nipponese production methods as a design, Harley and Davidson HRM squad instituted what they termed as the productiveness three to cut down dearly-won stock list and increase consistence and quality. The new attack had three constituents ( I ) Employee engagement, ( two ) usage of just-in-time ( JIT ) stock list patterns and ( three ) statistical operator control ( SOC ) techniques nevertheless harmonizing to ( Nolan and Kotha, 2007 ) These alterations in the company encouraged workers to lend in the decision-making procedure where it was indispensable participate in quality formed circles and were made straight accountable for bettering bike quality.


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HR played large function in Ducati Company which had to alter as the organisation evolved, in 1990 after the company ‘s IPO was released, the company started to transform itself from an informal organisation to a formal 1. They emphasized single and organisational acquisition at all degrees through its leading Institute Program, it besides worked on simplifying its construction through the creative activity of squads and good defined functions. For illustration, Ducati depends on squads to bring forth and back up the merchandise. The company besides made alterations to worker occupation descriptions and production procedure and eliminated occupations that did non add value to their merchandises.

HR function in Organizational Behaviour & A ; Theory

Harmonizing to Michael Armstrong ( 2009 ) defined organisation behavior as existent survey of how people feel, what people think and do within organisations in extra to that ( Daft, 2001 ) added that the current economic conditions have led to increase in organisations turbulency and that has made it hard for foretelling the behavior of organisations in different state of affairss and good illustration is many people have lost their occupations and curtailing of many organisation due to recognition crunch and terrorist act. Today ‘s economic conditions has led organisational behavior and theory to be one of HR nucleus functions and portion of duty in which HR has to understand the demands of employees in extra in relation to the policies it makes and how any given policy or pattern may impact the behavior of the employees.

Example 9

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HR section in Argos shops have realised the importance of cognizing organisational behavior and have put scheme in topographic point which is chiefly to make supplying seminars within the organisation and enable people to larn for and be ready for any restructuring or any future alterations. Michael Armstrong ( 2009 )

Human resource patterns

Job Analysis:

Harmonizing to Guest, D E and Peccei, R ( 1994 ), in occupation analysis the chief pattern is to depict the nature of the occupation in relation to human demands like experience needed to execute the undertaking and accomplishments required. In the terminal of occupation analysis there is occupation description which is wholly to make with the responsibilities and activities involved in executing the specific undertaking by the employees nevertheless, employees, directors depend on occupation description to acquire information sine the occupation description has great influence on occupation design

Example 10

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For companies like Apple occupation analysis is of import to their efficiency in production and keeping their quality criterions and HR section ever make certain the employees know precisely their responsibilities and duty.


This is another pattern of HR which is to make with enlisting and choice of work force for the organisation staffing includes Recruiting which is to make with pulling skilled and qualified campaigners for make fulling vacancies and so choosing the most qualified appliers for engaging from among those attracted to the organisation. HR have to develop methods that can be used by directors to choose required for the given occupations. ( Guest, D E and Horwood, R ( 1981 )

Example 11

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Companies like Amazon and Starbucks, they develop budget to engage fulltime employees on one-year footing and include certain sum of fund in that budget to engage portion clip staff throughout the twelvemonth to manage the flow of the concern ( Guest, D E and Horwood, R ( 1981 )

Example 12

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At Microsoft staffing is taken really earnestly and harmonizing to the caput of great directors at Microsoft ( Gill Crowther ) everything that HR is making is geared to making a good environment to pull the best campaigners nevertheless in Microsoft they believes people are more of import than other assets of the organisation. ( )


Harmonizing to Hall, R ( 1996 ), this is another pattern of HR where its first measure is to assist freshly recruited employees to set to their new occupations and besides adjust to organisation ; it is a manner to demo new employees their new occupations facets including their working hours and company regulations and outlooks. ( Beatty, R.W. & A ; Schneider, C E. ( 1997 )

Example 13

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4Print limited: the publishing company based in greater London in UK has good repute for supplying better orientation clip to freshly recruited employees by giving employees full information on what is expected of them sing their responsibilities, company civilization, wage rate and working hours. Mr. Steve ( the director ) said that through orientation pattern his company is able to execute better than rivals since the employees are better equipped with information about their work so can execute their work expeditiously.

Performance Appraisal

Harmonizing to D E, Michie, J, Sheehan, M and Conway, N ( 2000 ), This map proctors employee public presentation to guarantee that it is at acceptable degrees in extra to that the public presentation assessment procedure involves measuring person ‘s occupation public presentation and answerability however public presentation assessment gives feedback to employees as a usher to future behaviors. Performance assessment provides footing for wage and besides disciplinary actions which might be taken against employees and it is necessary for public presentation betterments. D E, Michie, J, Sheehan, M and Conway, N ( 2000 ) D E, Michie, J, Sheehan, M and Conway, N ( 2000 )

Example 14

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This company had a job as an assessment system was introduced and they called it employee rating system to weed out old workers. It affected 18,000 Ford salaried workers around the universe in different classs and it was discriminated. This suit attracts diverseness which caused race, gender and age favoritism. ( )

Career development

Harmonizing to ( D.Fombrun, N Tichy and M.A Devenna, ( 1998 ) Career development has developed as a consequence of the desire of many employees to turn in their occupations and to progress in their calling. Career planning activities include measuring an single employee ‘s potency for growing and promotion in the administration

Example 15

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Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) they provide construction to guarantee success and flexibleness to suit the demands of employees by supplying preparation to back up employees and enable them to follow whatever way they choose in their callings ; nevertheless the company operates in more than 65 states around the universe which gives more exposure for its employees who want to confront different challenges in executing undertakings in different states around the universe.

Example 16


Arm ltd ( Architecture for digital universe limited ), the company believes that the best people are the solution for invention hence calling development has been given precedence in order to stretch employees accomplishments and assist the company to vie strongly against rivals. The company provides assortment of on the occupation and formal preparation chances which aim at developing employees ; nevertheless these are some illustrations of larning resources available for to employees. ( )




Classroom preparation

Higher instruction aid

Leadership programmes

Technical preparation

Rotation programmes


Team development Sessionss.

( Guest, D E, Michie, J, Sheehan, M and Metochi, M ( 2000b )

Labour Relationss:

Harmonizing to Dennis Nickson ( 2007 ), labour dealingss is interactions between organisation and trade brotherhoods who represent employees in negociating and discoursing issues sing employees rewards, working conditions and other employees rights in their employment contracts.HR pattern here is more to make with negociating with this trade brotherhoods and deciding differences and grudges for the improvement of both employees and organisation, ( Guzzo, R Aand Noonan, K A ( 1994 )

Example 17

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British Airways and brotherhood

In the instance of British Airways the statement manner non that strong and was non acceptable, that has led to series of work stoppages action by the employees and this development had cost British Airway to lose 1000000s of lb.


Harmonizing to ( Guion, R M ( 1993 ), this pattern is concerned with entering employees information like signifiers of applications, personal history and mentions, wellness history and most of import employment history, Other things to be recorded includes net incomes and hours of work, absences, turnover. In today ‘s working environment employees and organisations demands more in footings of their forces records therefore that makes really of import pattern of HR. ( Cyr, D.J. 1995 )

Example 18

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Marks & A ; Spencer have good repute for being the able to hold good records of its employees which enable the company to hold good apprehension of its employees and this enables them to apportion occupations better. ( )

HR as beginning of competitory advantage

Michael Porter says ”that competitory scheme aims to set up a profitable and sustainable place against the forces that determine industrial competition ” he added company can derive competitory advantage through three schemes.Haley, J ( 1999 )

Cost Leadership: is a competitory scheme where the endeavors aim to go the low-priced leader in an industry. For any administration to accomplish low cost scheme it must able to accomplish the follows: hold entree to cheap resource like labor, capital, employees ; economic of graduated table ; effectual and efficient production works ; more sophisticated operations direction techniques e.g. Just-in clip ( JIT )

HR patterns to accomplish cost leading

Most common ways to cut HRM costs is to use engineering to replace some of the more expensive HR professional-delivered services ( i.e., e-learning vs. in category preparation )

Low turnover of employees in order to hold better client keeping ( recruiting, choice, and preparation costs of a new employee )

Competence-knowledge, accomplishments, and abilities an employee has that the occupation requires

Motivation-is the employee willing to exercise the necessary attempt to execute the occupation good

Work-related attitudes-is the employee satisfied with their occupation, committed to the organisation, and act as a good corporate citizen

Example 19

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Toyota usage HRM patterns to increase the efficiency of production and thereby lower the cost. People express air hose is a similar illustration of, a cost/efficient push.

Differentiation. This is another competitory scheme. In a distinction scheme, a house seeks to be alone in its industry along dimensions that are widely valued by purchasers. Dennis Nickson ( 2007 )

Hr patterns for distinction

Management of HR is less susceptible to imitation hence competitory advantage achieved through HRM patterns is likely to be more sustainable:

Rivals seldom have entree to a house ‘s HRM patterns

Even when patterns are seeable, their impact may non be as favourable by rivals due to interconnected system ( i.e., incentive wage system may merely work when used in concurrence with choice patterns that favor engaging hazard takers.

Example 20

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Mercedes Benz emphasises dependability and quality nevertheless Mercedes Benz house can bear down premium monetary value


In the current economic conditions it is of import to see external factors when HR functions and patterns are done, nevertheless organisations with good patterns of HR can derive more advantages compared to its rivals as we have seen organisations like nandos who have won the investor in people value merely because of their good behaviors towards developing employees accomplishments and the manner they really provide their employees with equal accomplishments which intern organisations can acquire more net incomes through addition of employees efficient and productivity.HR functions like acquisition of employees, finding demand and supply of work force, the function they play in alteration of organisation are all proven to be critical for the organisation endurance in today ‘s economic conditions. In extra to that, most of the companies today have realised that in order to do more net income and be able to vie in the market there is a demand to set more investing in people instead than machines because people are the chief plus of organisation, a good illustration is companies like Toyota who have really put in topographic point schemes for cognition direction within the organisation so as to enable employees to portion their cognition and besides portion other people knowledge in order for them to derive competency in executing their undertakings expeditiously and this scheme is in the custodies of HR section of Toyota company. However other companies like Nissan have gone even further in recognizing the importance of HR function in the organisation as the company strategies must aline with HR schemes.

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Terry ( director ) Morrison Supermarkets Plc Supermarkets49A Stamford Hill

Stoke Newington


N16 5SR

Steve ( director ) 4Print closers ltd Unit 6, Northgate Industrial Park, Collier Row Rd, Romford, Essex RM5 2BG

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