Current Issues That Affect Communication in Health Care Essay

What current issues that affect communication in health care organization? There are several issues that affect communication. One of the most major issues are race and ethnic , sometimes these issues does not just revolve around patient and provider encounter, but the entire health care organization. When it comes down to cultural differences it has a lot to deal with language barriers, belief, and practices.

Some cultural backgrounds have different opinions on illnesses, their symptoms and what are their expectations on how certain illness should be treated. Most people from different cultural need to understand that the better the communication the better the treatment. This type of communication can lead to all sorts of errors, in test, appointment, and most important medical errors. Physicians in some clinics base their staff and treatment on the community in which the clinic is established, the culture, race.

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Current Issues That Affect Communication in Health Care Essay
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We have our federally funded hospitals and clinics. The law says that every federally funded medical facility must have an interpreter, most of them do not. They have someone take down all the right information; this should tell whether or not an translator is needed. And have the right one on duty. This is also the data that is needed to deliver the right health care. There ia also racism, the current health care system, public or fee for service are not meeting the needs of people with color.

With health cost getting higher and higher, while access and quality of health care is steady declining. Most doctors are located in areas that are inaccessible to low income families and urban neighborhoods where people of color live. Most people of color do not have health insurance or access to medical insurance coverage. People of color mostly go without health care , because of the closing of some public hospitals and clinics. Are there other health care impacts in communication?


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