Customer Interview Research Report- Tvs Scooty Pep+ Essay

TVS Scooty-Pep+ is targeted towards the school/college going urban girls of age between 16 & 20. Currently it is losing out the market share to competitors like Suzuki Access & Honda Activa. Power of Scooty-pep+ (90CC) is on lower side compared to competitors and this is the main reason behind losing the market share as per the marketing managers of TVS. Purchase of the first two-wheeler is high involvement purchase (Appendix 2: Decision making process).

After the depth interview of 5 customers we found out the following major attributes which made them to buy the product. – Sleek, easy to negotiate, light, better colors, convenience & price. (Appendix1: Value Map using Laddering). We analyzed the consumer satisfaction based upon these attributes using expanded attribute based satisfaction model. (Appendix 3) There is a crossover effect between attribute states and affect states. The attribute dissatisfaction of Power (negative attribute effect) it has positive affect in easy to drive/handle, sleek and girly looks.

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Customer Interview Research Report- Tvs Scooty Pep+ Essay
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Positive events of accomplishment, self fulfillment, command respect and sense of liberty tend to mitigate the occurrence of negative effect of lower power. We also took interview of two Honda Activa customers whose second preference was Scooty-Pep+. For them the attribute dissatisfaction from Power (of Scooty-pep+) had strong negative effects which subsequently lead to negative effect from attribute satisfaction (from easy to drive, sleek and light weight) too. This resulted in overall dissatisfaction and disconfirmation of choice. We feel that this is the major reason behind the loss of market share.


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