Dangerous Habits of Drivers

Dangerous Habits of Drivers Drivers with bad driving habits are most likely to have accidents. Accidents could lead to serious injuries or even death. To prevent accidents, drivers need to have a responsible attitude and a level of maturity, when given this privilege. These accidents occur when the driver’s concentrating less on the vehicle and more on the things around them. Driving is a major part of life, but some habits like using cell phones, over speeding, and drinking and driving could be known as abusing the right of driving.

Firstly, talking and texting while driving is a major addiction that could lead to accidents. When talking on the phone one could certainly lose the concentration needed for driving. It’s definitely hard to be aware of two things at a time, but some people don’t realize this, because of over confidence. Texting while driving could also lead to loss of control on car. This most likely happens when one is using both hands to text and is also looking down on the phone. If there is no control of the steering wheel by the driver, the consequences could lead to death.

Fortunately, the solution for talking on phone has been found! The use of Bluetooth could help save lives. It is considered good because you don’t have to hold the phone, and so it saves many lives. Secondly, another bad habit is when a person drives the car over the speed limit. This is considered a bad habit because there will be less control on the vehicle, since it’s going at such a fast speed. When driving at faster speed, there is more chance of collisions with other cars. If the cars collide with fast speed there will be more destruction and injuries since they collided with more force.

By driving faster than the speed limit, there is more chance of a person’s life being at risk. Their life would be at risk for two reasons: there could be an accident and the police could bust them. Lastly, drinking and driving is the worst habit, in my opinion. Drinking and driving is a deadly combination because alcohol reduces the ability to concentrate and to control one’s self. When someone just lost their capability to control themselves, they will certainly not be able to control a vehicle.

Making decisions about drinking and driving could have a great impact on other people’s lives. If one chooses to drink and drive, they could have an accident with an innocent one and could ruin their lives. Also, this habit could be very expensive to the driver. This is because when an accident would take place, the police would charge the driver a large amount for drinking and driving and also for if there’s any destruction done. The driver could even lose their driver’s license and could go to jail, if an innocent life is killed.

Careless driving due to any bad habit, especially the ones stated above, could be dangerous and could lead to injuries and death. Driving safely is a good practice because it could be a life saver and even a money saver! If there are no accidents, one’s life wouldn’t be in danger. If one doesn’t do bad driving, then they won’t get caught by the cops, so therefore they will save money. Drivers should also maintain the right attitude while driving so that they don’t lose their concentration. Drivers should try to get rid of their bad habits to maintain a happy life


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