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Job satisfaction as a construct describes how satisfied a individual is with his or her present occupation. Job satisfaction is non similar to inspiration, although it is clearly connected. This Job program aims to better occupation satisfaction and public presentation methods contain occupation rotary motion, occupation betterment and work enrichment. Other factors for satisfaction include the disposal manner and civilization, worker engagement, authorization and autonomous work groups.

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Job satisfaction is a most of import feature which is usually measured by administrations. Very common manner of measuring is the use of evaluation graduated tables where staff reports their reactions to their occupations. The inquiries relate to scale of wage, work duties, diverseness in mundane occupations, promotional chances the business itself and colleagues.

Job satisfaction is the mental sentiments which favorableness a individual has about his occupation.DA Brinn has defined occupation satisfaction in footings of enjoyment and contentment when he says that “ occupation satisfaction is the measure of pleasance or contentment connected with occupation if you like your occupation passion. You will see high occupation satisfaction.It dislikes your occupation concentration, you will experience occupation letdown. ”

Job satisfaction ( Meaning and construct )

Job satisfaction is a general pleasurable or positive emotional province of an person which can be said to ensue from a ego assessment of assorted dimensions of his or her occupation. As a affair of fact, by working on a occupation, most people qualify many of their demands. So in this respect to desire is a powerful beginning of necessitate, satisfaction of all types such as physical, security, societal and ego demand etc.,

Job satisfaction can be described as a procedure in which the employees feel themselves contended or satisfied with their work which they do informally organized sectors to carry through the intent of the administration. This is the terminal feeling of an person after executing a occupation. The feeling would be positive or negative depending on whether the demand is satisfied or non. If a individual ‘s occupation fulfills his/her basic demands and is consistent with his or her outlook and ethical motives, the occupation will be fulfilling.

Job satisfaction besides relates to working conditions like good substructure and working conditions, proper working hours, illuming, airing, imbibing H2O and urinal installations, healthy relationship with seniors, subsidiaries and peer group and salary bundles. All these installations motivate the employees to make better work for his association. As if the employee is satisfied it develops a right type of attitude, high morale and enthusiasm for work

Job satisfaction is a generalised attitude ensuing from many specific attitudes in three countries

Specific occupation factor

Individual accommodation

Group relationship

Job satisfaction is a favourableness or unfavourableness with which employees view their work. It consequences when there is congruity between occupation demand and wants and outlook of the employees.

Job satisfaction is an emotional affectional personal response as a consequence of his appraisal of grade to which some fact of occupation world is congruous or in congruent with his values harmonizing to ( EJIOGU, 1985 )

Harmonizing to Kocher is the whole matrix of occupation factor that makes a individual like his work state of affairs and willing to caput for it without antipathy at the beginning of his work twenty-four hours.

This meant the occupation satisfaction include two facets

Populating and basking the occupation

Traveling to 1s occupation erect with smiling

Factors lending occupation satisfaction

The best treatment on factors associating to occupation satisfaction has been provided by Thomas Wiliared Harrell ( 1958 ) in his expression industrial, psychological science. Harmonizing to Harrell it ‘s non one factor entirely which influences occupation satisfaction. He believes that occupation satisfaction depends upon three major classs of factors of occupation satisfaction.

Personal factors: sex, age, instruction etc.

Factors inherit in occupation: type of work, accomplishment required

Fact enrolled by direction: security, wage, colleagues


The existent formal survey of occupation satisfaction did non happen until the 1930, but the survey of workers attitude began much earlier. In 1912, Mayo started a series of surveies known as the Hawthorne surveies. Focus of these surveies was employee production and efficiency ; it laid an of import foundation for future surveies.

The Hawthorne surveies were the first research undertaking to try to quantify employee attitudes and correlative attitude with overall work efficiency. In the mid-1930, merely two old ages after the Hawthorne surveies were completed ; Hoppock ( 1935 ) published the first intensive survey about occupation satisfaction. This watershed survey addressed occupation satisfaction from a much more complex. Hoppock saw occupation satisfaction as being impacted by the undermentioned independent variables: a ) weariness B ) humdrum degree Celsius ) working conditions d ) supervising, and vitamin E ) accomplishment.

The last variable, -achievement is the most of import of these new factors because of its professional relevancy to research in modern twenty-four hours occupation satisfaction research achievement impact a individual ‘s thrust to win. Achievement as a dependant variable is slightly how hard to wholly codify, but Hoppock attempted to build inquiry that could mensurate a individual ‘s motive to accomplish prescribed ends.

Following the Hawthorne surveies of the late 1920s to the Hoppock ( 1935 ) intensive survey of occupation satisfaction other twentieth century research workers discovered the complexness of human nature. Work production should be tied to the complexness of human nature. Work production should be tied to the complex inter-correlation of many different variable and non simply physical factors such as work intermissions.

The Hawthorne Studies, in big portion, shaped the tendency for the “ human dealingss “ motion in industrial sociology that would engender the work of Likert ( 1961 ), Whyte ( 1995 ), and Homans ( 1950 ) to early 1960 because research began to travel towards researching other facets of motive instead than human component. The authoritative illustration of this displacement was seen in Herzberg, Mausner and Snyder adult male ‘s ( 1959 ).

Monograph that refocused the attending of research on the occupation itself. During this period Herzberg developed his Motivation Hygiene Theory. Herzberg et Al. ( 1959 ) proposed this two factor theory while analyzing a sample of 200 applied scientists and comptrollers asked to depict a clip in which they felt particularly dissatisfied with their occupations. The reply obtained through his qualitative survey seemed to group together in a manner that established pattern.According to the survey acknowledgment and duties were often mentioned as satisfiers. The research workers labeled this variable as “ incentives ”. Incidents classified as affecting supervisors, interpersonal relation, working conditions, company constabularies and wage was often mentioned as dissatisfies.

Herzberg Etal. ( 1995 ) labeled this group “ Hygiene ‘s ”. The Herzberg Theory hinges upon the principal that occupation satisfaction and dissatisfaction consequence from really different cause, satisfaction depends on “ incentives ” and dissatisfaction depends on “ Hygiene “ factors.

The Hoppock and Herzberg theories served as a conceptual frame work for many future occupation satisfaction studies. These surveies, coupled with anterior research, assisted Locke ( 1976 ) in separating the undermentioned cardinal factors as most of import when analyzing occupation satisfaction: a ) work B ) wage degree Celsius ) publicity vitamin D ) verbal acknowledgment, and vitamin E ) working conditions.

The existent formal survey of occupation satisfaction did non materialized until 1930, sbut the survey if worker ‘s attitude began much earlier in 1912.mayo started series of survey known as Hawthorne surveies. Although the focal point of their surveies was employer production and efficiency it laid an of import foundation for future surveies.

The Hawthorne surveies were the first research undertaking to try to quantify employer attitude and correlative attitudes with overall work efficiency in the mid -1930 just two old ages after the Hawthorne surveies were completed, Hoppock ( 1935 ) published the first intensive survey about occupation satisfaction.this watershed survey from a much more complex attack. Hoppock say occupation satisfaction as being impacted by the undermentioned independent variables.

1. Fatique

2. Monotony

3. Working conditions

4. Supervision

And accomplishment

The last variable, accomplishment is the most of import of these new factors because of its professional relevancy to research in modern twenty-four hours occupation satisfaction research accomplishment impacts a individual ‘s thrust to win. Achievement as a dependant variable is slightly hard to wholly codify but Hoppock attempted to build inquiry that could mensurate a individual ‘s motive to accomplish prescribed end.

The 3 variable found in the multivariate analysis explained approximately the same per centum of discrepancy for employees in the private and public sector employer. The most of import suggestion may be that no affair your occupation is, there are some attention variables that have important impact on satisfaction.

Resource: Job Satisfaction of International Educators-A By DeWayne P. Frazier-google books

Measuring occupation satisfaction

Most surveies of occupation satisfaction have been concerned with operational sing it instead than specifying it. Harmonizing to Locke ( 1969 ) such as attack describe that a certain relationship plants but nil as to purchase it works. This seems to be instance with occupation satisfaction. Research workers have been found to be more interested in taking the unit of measuring from the several available but small ways to definition of a occupation satisfaction as a precursor for the pick of the unit of the measuring.

However, despite these legion attempted in the yesteryear, assorted others will be made in future to mensurate occupation satisfaction. Possibly, the earliest of the known graduated table of mensurating work fulfilment is that by Hoppock ( 1935 ). He developed basically four points, each one with seven alternate response. If a individual chooses the ‘ least satisfied ‘ of the seven options, he gets a mark of 100, and 700 if he chooses ‘more satisfied ‘ options for each thing. Other options stand for a 100 point add-on to old alternative.100, if a individual chooses foremost alternate for all four points his entire mark is 400. Similarly, if he chooses 2nd option he gets a mark of 800 and so on. Maximum sum is 2800 provided all four 7th options are chosen. But Hoppack takes norm of four points ( run 100-700 ) for lifting the satisfaction usher, although in its original construction occupation satisfaction index by Hoppack is by and large non used now but its fluctuation can be spotted in the literature.

Hoppock index is possibly the lone direct buttocks of occupation satisfaction. Others have index occupation contentment in footings of responses to a assortment of inquiries which trades with factors that are consecutive or indirectly connected to occupations. These responses normally measured on diverseness of graduated tables runing from simple Yes or no to 7 points or 5 points agree – disagree type of graduated table.

Resource: human resource direction -Saiyadain-google books

Company profile

There is no uncertainty in stating that Ludhiana is the taking hose house of north India. Ludhiana did non go the prima hose house of north India in a twenty-four hours ; it has taken decennaries. From the clip of the Mughals or state before them, the people of this part engaged in weaving apparels. Today every type of agents, ladies and childs garments is manufactured in Ludhiana. The garments are found in up-to-date in manner and sunglassess.

Business enquiries over Rs. 600 Millions were generated utilizing Garment-tech international Expo-2003 which is a mark for the altering national state of affairs in position of the forthcoming dismantlement of the proportion government by the twelvemonth 2004. The exporters & A ; garment production ‘s have realized that the lone path for continued being in the unfastened market place is the engineering up step or an mixture of the latest machinery. Ludhiana was the focal point town. To confront the worldwide menace, the domestic garment trade should demo a united face and utilize this passage period for the up grad. Therefore, we can name Ludhiana as the bosom of hose in the north Indian region.

Launched in 1973, as a really little graduated table knitwear fabricating company, the Osters Group of companies established Osters in the market place. Just because of earnestness, honestness, difficult work every bit good as with positive point of position shortly Oster became a esteemed trade name.

Turning in celebrity each twelvemonth, the group entered the worldwide Market by 1986 and established Osters in CIS Countries. Osters proved a successful trade name one time once more. Here is the snapshot of Osters Group which started as new-fangled and today is as a successful company., Resources: hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: // +asp


Osters incorporated in 1973.

In 1980, the chief family presence recorded.

In 1986, it started concern with other CIS Countries.

In 1993, it was awarded as the best exporter of the twelvemonth.

In 1997, it installed all to the full automatic knitted machines.

In 2001, export tilting unit is to the full introduced.

In 2004, it ‘s awarded by IKEA, Sweden as provided of the twelvemonth.

In 2004, a new Titles subdivision introduced.

In 2004, Knitwear nine Ludhiana appointed as Vice President.

In 2005, latest printing and deceasing unit established.

In 2006, it started independently weaving and whirling unit.

In 2007, Mink cover and quilting unit introduced.

In 2008, abroad oriented unit introduced.

In 2010, a really big place trappings investing done.

In 2011, latest undertaking like whirling works done.

In 2011, latest planned weaving works done.

Referee: hypertext transfer protocol: //

What do they bring forth?

Sweaters for work forces and adult females. Domestic place trappings includes Bedcovers, Blankets, Duvet Covers and Quilts. Export place supplying consists of Throws, Bedcovers, Blankets, Cushions, Duvet Cover, Fabric Material and Men ‘ Trousers and shirts.

What is their substructure?

To bring forth a successful trade name, they have unusually advanced machines of worldwide celebrated Administrations like Universal, Stoll and Aries. In add-on the universe ‘s most sophisticated machines, they have all this in-house production ability of computerized Flat Bed, Knitting Machines, and Circular Knitting Machines, Manual, Quilting and Automatic Printing, Embroidery, Shearing, Raising, Stunter, Azer, Linking and Industrial Dry Cleaning Machine aboard so many others. These production services are available in five mills.

Their royal market & A ; clients

They are pleased to inform us that among our high profile clients one of Target Corporation and Spring of U.S.A., Mother Care and Tesco of United Kingdom, Carrefour of France, Metro of Europe, CIS Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Khyrghistan, Turkmenistan, UAE and of class their really ain Indian Market.

Strategic approach

This group ‘s chief strategic attack is trade name centric and strategically they defined to accomplish the mark to make divergent markets in India and all around the universe like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Canada, and U.S.A. This all happens with the aid of advertisement and promotional run. Their merchandise catalogue got success in positioning their trade name like a top echelons for value of money and a quality.

Their market webs are excessively strong and over 70 sole salesrooms and over 2500 multibrand mercantile establishments are wining around the major metropoliss of the India.

Their ain sale proctors make it easy for webs to increase gross revenues and construct positive relationship and do it easy to understand market sections and other altering demands.

This national trade name has international criterions. Their multilevel selling and all rounded attack incorporates a broad mixture client interaction plans and image direction.

This company believes that the clients must acquire the quality of the merchandise. Quality should non be less than the wage but even more than they spent for the point.

Oster group of companies have strong policies to do good quality merchandises. Quality, proving and precise regulative public presentation ensures that they can direct their merchandise at right topographic point in right clip. They proper attention about labeling, colour fasting, comfort and functionality.

Osters Knit Pvt. Ltd. Continues to do merchandises that are value for money and have created loyal clients who will settle for nil else.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Their expertness

At Osters they have maintained really high quality criterions through in house check and metal free zone. Dedicated R & A ; D block serves as the imaginative engine of the company for which we even focus on client ‘s feedback. Their dedicated staff is good equipped to look after the unflawed production procedure and on clip bringing.

hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

At Oster, they believe in Teamwork, and as Managing Director, They have been opportune and thankful worked with an inordinately talented, proficient, enormously trained, difficult working and advanced squad that is determined to stay traveling on the tract towards supplying their stakeholders with superior value & A ; a better merchandise than any of their rival in the market place. Training, promoting and developing human assets has been at the front place of Oster Limited patterned advance. It is because of this investing that they have full-grown from power to power and being able to win the concealed trust of all their clients ; because for them every piece and every client are highly of import.

In merely 40 old ages, they have a really strong market presence and consequence in all 28 provinces of India & A ; twenty five states in 4 different continents universe widely. As they carry on this trailblazing expedition, every member of the Osters Team rhenium affirms the thought that serves as the organisation ‘s foundation- top of the line excellence and affordability produce in full fulfilment fabricating comfortss backed by expert and efficient client service, because Osters Ltd. in ‘the manner of smart beginning of gross ‘.

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Environment friendly

Salvaging Water.

Modern rinsing machine helps to rinse up the toxic chemicals with H2O.

Rain H2O gets harvested to acquire natural resource.

They encourage green belt country and deep-rooted 3000 trees in 5 acre of land for healthy hereafter of approaching coevalss.

Recycling and H2O intervention.

Use environment friendly chemicals, installing of modern E.T.P

Team is dedicated to stay all criterions and norms of the province.

Well installed fire safety system, manual attention points, fire dismaies, detector etc.

To forestall catastrophe fire brigade is placed in unit.

Provide safety preparation to the workers.

Provide forces protective equipments.

24*7 ambulance services are provided to the unit.

Organizational construction







Military officers



Design and Structure of the research


Chapter one is fundamentally the debut of the research survey. In this chapter I have included background and the intent of the survey.

The 2nd chapter is of literature reappraisal in which I have included definitions and findings from different writers along with the relevant information from assorted articles, diaries and books to back up the relevance of the all treatment.

Chapter three is about design and methodological analysis of the research.

Chapter four is about informations aggregation methods and the analysis of this information. In this chapter I have described the significance of primary, secondary and explorative informations research techniques.

Chapter five consists in-depth analysis of research findings based on the discussed issues.

Chapter six includes the decision of the research, recommendations for the state of affairs along with valid mentions and commendation.

A Aims of the survey

To happen out staff occupation satisfaction degree in Oster knit Ltd.

To analyze the staff perceptual experience towards the Oster company.

To happen out the attitude of the employees towards their occupation.

To acknowledge the factors that motivates the employees.

To give some suggestion for the growing and mentality of the company.

Scope of the survey

Job satisfaction is a of import end product that workers work for the administration.

It comprises of extrinsic and natural factors and helps maintainable and agreeable work forces.

It is a really electrifying and of import country for carry oning research.

The survey made on the subject of occupation satisfaction will expose the factor of feeling of the work force.

This statement is utile to the disposal of the production to cognize the understanding degree of work force and they can take steps to increase competency.

This study may be helpful for direction pupils for reading & As ; may be helpful in fixing their study on the work satisfaction “ In concern concerns, community administration etc.

Problem of the survey

The peculiar subject was “ a survey of occupation satisfaction ”

It is said that satisfied work force are a productive employee, any sort of unfavorable judgment associating to administration or individual to a greater extent force per unit area on the work.

So every company is given a higher precedence to maintain their workers with satisfaction by supplying legion installations which improves satisfaction and which reduces felicity.

Job satisfaction is measured as a cardinal affair by the baron where strivings are taken and plans are begun.

If the staff is non pleased with the business there are opportunities for low turnover, absenteeism, low productiveness, commit errors, deviating power for separate type of struggle maintaining this compulsion in position all administrations are seeking to place the country where satisfaction to be enhanced to acquire out the above danger.

In this association an scrutiny was taken topographic point on behalf of Oster to place the degree of felicity in footings of strongly agrees to strongly differ on an mixture of occupation related factors.

Reappraisal of Literature

Research Methodology

This subdivision defines the research methodological analysis, which has been adopted for the purpose of analyzing. It shows the type of samples used, the design used, all sample sizes and the procedure used for managing particular jobs during the class of survey. It includes the full description of the research design, research instruments, informations aggregation and sampling. Research refers to:

Specifying and redefining job

Explicating a hypothesis or suggested solutions

Gathering, forming and measuring information

Making tax write-offs and making decisions

At last careful testing of the decision to reason whether they fit the formulate premiss.

The chief ground of the probe is to detect replies to the inquiries which are hidden. “ Job satisfaction ” is an of import type of qualitative research.

Research design. We should take attention to guarantee that consequences are valid and dependable. We should ever be careful about the consequences and ethical issues implied by our research design.

This design can be considered as the development of research. It is the sort of “ glue ” that holds all of the rudimentss in a research undertaking jointly. We frequently explain a design by a concise notation that enables us to sum up a hard design construction professionally.

To maintain in head the aims of the survey, study was conducted harmonizing to informations collected. Datas may be obtained either from the primary beginning or the secondary resource by seeing the aims to be achieved. Primary information is the original informations which can be collected latest or first clip. The secondary informations are those sorts of informations which have antecedently been composed by person else and which have earlier been passed through statistical procedure.

In my research both sorts of informations like primary and secondary was collected.

Datas beginnings

Primary informations

Datas collected through original beginnings like interviews, studies etc.

Secondary informations

Apart from chief information collected, the informations collected trough text books, the records of Oster. Diaries from the library, academic studies and cyberspace are used for survey.


Sample population

There are entire 415 employees who are working in the administration.

Sample size

Out of entire strength the sample taken among workers. 40 workers took portion in this study.

Sampling country

The research was conducted at Osters.

Sampling Method

This acquisition was made by the probe in conformity to the easiness of the employees. So the type of the sample is convenience sampling.


A planned closed-end questionnaire is used and type of inquiry is dichotomous & A ; Likert graduated table.

Contact methods

The survey was conducted by utilizing contact instrument like questionnaire ; treatment and observation. Data analysis techniques

The informations are analyzed through simple analysis techniques. The information tool is known as per centum method.

This Percentage method is used in doing comparings between aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.both or sense of informations. This manner is used to depict the connexion.

Restrictions of the survey

The survey is conducted merely in Osters.

Due to the restraint of the clip the survey could non be made auxiliary detailed.

Some respondents were non exposed their accurate responses due to personal privateness.

Some of the replies of the participants may be biased.

Participants had marked the responses in questionnaires which may be publically wrong irrespective of their existent feelings.

Data Analysis and readings

Data Analysis & A ; reading

Worker ‘s occupation satisfaction at their work.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Ca n’t state


90 %

5 %

5 %

100 %


Largely respondents are satisfied with their present employment in the company. Few members are non satisfied. So it ‘s all clearly shown that 90 per centum of employees of the Oster Ltd are extremely contented with their present occupations.

2. Factors that control employees “ motive ”.

Good wage


Less supervising

Good working conditions

% ageof respondents

52.5 %

10 %

12.5 %

25 %

Interpretation: Greater figure of staff members is given penchants to pay. So it seems that the Osters staff is extremely inspired by good wage and good working conditions in the administration.

3. Employee ‘s response to the salary being offered at Osters.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

No Remarks


85 %

7.5 %

7.5 %

100 %

Concept: It is an attempt which is made to cognize workers occupation satisfaction towards salary offerings.


Maximal figure of staff members is pleased with salary paying by Oster Company. This is clearly shown from above information that Oster is giving proper wage to their employees.

4. Worker ‘s other beginnings of income.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Not certain


15 %

85 %

0 %

100 %


Merely seek to happen staff ‘s other beginnings of income.


From the above information it is shown that large portion of the staff ( 85 % ) are based on the wage paid by the Oster and the remainder 15 % have other beginnings of income.


Maximal figure of respondents in Osters is salary dependant.

6. The manner employees came to the present place.


Direct Appointment



45 %

52.5 %

2.5 %

100 %

Concept: merely happen out how the employees came into the present place.

Analysis: This is shown from tabular array that 45 % of the employees appointed through publicity, 52.5 % of the respondents appointed through direct assignment, and 2.5 % of the employees came through transportation.


Maximal figure of employees was placed through direct assignment. So this is shown that the maximal figure of employees of Oster got present place through direct assignment.

6. Staff satisfaction towards employment conditions predominating in the administration.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Not certain


95 %

5 %

0 %

100 %

Analysis: From the above given information, it is clear that worker ‘s point of position for the employment working conditions predominating in the administration is that 95 % of the respondents are to the full satisfied with these conditions and merely 5 % of the entire employees are non satisfied with their present occupation.


Maximal figure of respondents is to the full satisfied with their service conditions. This suggests Osters Company has really good substructure & A ; this encourage employees to work barely.

7. Participant ‘s satisfactory response to Osters company ‘s publicity and reassign policies.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Not certain


92.5 %

7.5 %

0 %

100 %


Try to look into the publicity and reassign policies predominating in the Osters from the participants. Highly satisfied respondents are 92.5 % and the remainder 7.5 % of respondents are non satisfied.


So it shows that big no. of participant ‘s are to the full satisfied with their publicity & A ; reassign policies.

8. Respondents ‘ reaction towards physical working fortunes.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Not certain


97.5 %

2.5 %

0 %

100 %

Concept: Sing the physical working fortunes predominating the administration.

Analysis: From the above information, it is shown that the physical working fortunes predominating in the company by staff members. i.e. 97.5 % of the respondents are demoing positive response, 2.5 % of respondents are non satisfied.


A large figure of respondents are satisfied with physical occupation conditions. This shows that the maximal figure of the employees in the company is to the full comfy with their working environment.

9. Satisfaction degree of staff in the Osters towards the relation bing between all subsidiaries and disposal.

Positive responses %

Negative responses


97.5 %

2.5 %

100 %

Concept: An attempt is made to cognize the degree of the employee ‘s relationship bing in between subsidiaries and higher-ups.

Analysis: From this tabular array, it is clear that the relationship between subsidiaries and direction in the company from the respondent ‘s point of position i.e. 97.5 % of the all participants are extremely satisfied and 2.5 % of participants are non really satisfied.


Maximal figure of participants is pleased with relation bing between subsidiaries and disposal. This shows that in Osters, there will be good relationship bing between the disposal, subsidiaries and higher-ups.

10. Employee ‘s response towards working hours.

Positive responses %

Negative responses


97.5 %

2.5 %

100 %

Concept: See the degree of satisfaction towards occupation clocking agenda of the company.

Analysis: From this given tabular array, this is shown that the on the job clip predominating in the company from non the participant ‘s i.e. 97.5 % of the participants are extremely satisfied and the remainder are non happy.

11. Staff ‘s satisfaction towards conflict declaration.


% age of respondents



Quite Often










Concept: To cognize the satisfaction of the employees towards conflict declaration.

Analysis: In the footings of struggle declaration 30 % of the staff ever feels satisfied.7.5 % of the staff feels satisfied rather frequently, 12.5 % staff feels pleased sometimes,15 % seldom and 35 % ne’er experience satisfied.

Interpretations: Most of the staff members are non pleased with the manner by the struggles are resolved in the company.

12. Worker ‘s satisfaction response towards canteen services.

Positive responses %

Negative responses

Not certain


87.5 %

12.5 %

0 %

100 %

Concept: Merely happen out the satisfaction degree of the staff towards canteen services.

Analysis: Food is the basic demand of the staff. 87.5 % of the staff is to the full satisfied with canteen installations and like the manner of nutrient helping that is hygienically good. 12.5 % of the staff is non satisfied with these installations.

Interpretation: Most of the staff is to the full satisfied with the nutrient and other installations provided by canteen.

13 ) Employee satisfaction towards public assistance steps.

a ) Satisfaction degree of intramural actions.

Medical installations



90 %

10 %

100 %

Concept: An attempt has been made to happen the satisfaction degree of intramural activities.

Analysis: The installations provided inside the association must be such that workers will be satisfied with their occupation. Medical installations attract 90 % of the staff. Merely 10 % of the staff is happy with compensations.

Interpretation: The largest figure of employees is non satisfied with the costs for accidents but they are willing for medical facilities.

B ) Staff satisfaction degree towards excess mural activities Measures


% age of respondents



Transportation system






Concept: An attempt has been made to happen out the satisfaction degree of excess mural behaviour.

Analysis: Not merely inside the administration installations but outside comfortss must besides be provided. From this given information this is shown that lodging adjustment installations attract 67.5 % of the entire staff.20 % of the staff happy with transit and 12.5 % is pleased with educational installations.

Interpretation: Most of the workers are non to the full contented with the educational installations but they are to the full satisfied with lodging adjustment.

14 ).Staff ‘s satisfaction degree towards fillip strategies.

Positive response

Negative response


92.5 %

7.5 %

100 %

Concept: To happen out the satisfaction degree of the staff towards the fillip commissariats.

Analysis: Provision of fillip enhances the inner skill ability of the staff.92.5 % of the staff is happy with proviso of fillip and the remainder 7.5 % of the staff is unsated.

Interpretation: Largely the staff members are satisfied by fillip provided by the company. So it can state Oster provide great attendings toward fillip strategies.

15 ) Employee satisfaction towards societal security steps.

Provident fund



75 %

17.5 %

7.5 %

Concept: Try to happen the satisfaction towards societal safety steps.

Analysis: Job safety will be provided through this step. From this given

information it is shown that most of the pleased employees belong to Provident fund, 7.5 % say positive response to pension programs and 17.5 % say positive response to Gratuity and the remainder 75 % say yes to Provident fund.


A large portion of staff members is satisfied with provident fund.

16 ) Worker ‘s satisfaction towards safety steps


% of respondents


92.5 %

Negative response

7.5 %


100 %

Concept: To happen the satisfaction of the employees towards security steps.

Analysis: Satisfaction of protection steps gives a feeling to staff that they are longer safe. 92.5 % of the employees expressed their pleasance with the accessible safety steps in the organisation.7.5 % of them are non satisfied.


Maximal Numberss of workers are contented with the safety measures taken by the administration.

17 ) Workers satisfaction towards overtime allowances.


% age of Respondents



Non satisfied




Concept: A attempt to happen the staff ‘s satisfaction towards overtime allowance.

Analysis: In any administration the overtime allowances given to staff to do them happy and increase the efficiency or productiveness of the company. From the tabular array we can see a really little portion ( 20 % ) of the staff members is satisfied with clip allowances. Other 80 % of the staff is non satisfied.


Maximal Numberss of participants are non satisfied with the overtime allowance given by the company.

Finding and Conclusion


The bulk of the workers are satisfied with present occupation.

Workers are satisfied with first-class wage as the cardinal motive factor for work efficiency.

Employees are satisfied with salary offering at OSTER KNIT LTD.

The bulk of the employees do non hold their beginning of income.

The bulk of the employees are placed by direct assignments by OSTER.

The bulk of the employees are satisfied with publicity and reassign policies.

Employees are pleased with physical working conditions.

Employees have a all right chemical science between labour groups i.e. between different categories of occupation appellations.

There is a mixture of sentiments for dissension being resolved, with maximal canvass towards dissatisfaction.

Maximum work force are satisfied with bing canteen comfortss which supplying first-class nutrients with quality to workers.

As portion of intramural comfortss, they prefer a medicative installation to accident reimbursement.

Workers feel they require lodging adjustment more than educational and conveyance installations.

Most of the workers feel that the wage is non acceptable and salary offering plays a cardinal function in worker satisfaction, in bend industrial growing.

Most Of the employees are pleased with their employment conditions.


Provision of reasonable salary dramas an of import function in bettering the criterions of life this individual factor is important for a worker than any other. So that the administration must supply equal wages to the workers.

Systematic planning reduces hurdlings at work topographic point and it ensures smooth tally of work method. So the current agencies of be aftering the occupation would be maintained as before to accomplish the end really expeditiously

Attractive strategies from Osters would trip workers and increase individualistic employment efficiency.

Additional and intramural installations are besides being boosted factor for the efficient work beginning.

Overtime allowances are sometime an imaginative factor for organizational value and its hiking factors.

7s model is more expected frequence for an efficient work administration.

Co-operation between disposal and other section is really of import to transport out the occupation.

Providing services helps to prolong hygienic safety and wellness of the employee. So employer should better these services.


From this analysis I conclude that occupation provides the chance to the work force to exert their accomplishments at occupation.

Number of workers established that at times there is a of import snap in Co coordination with employment and they are satisfied with bing interpersonal communicating in Oster Knit Ltd. They follow the organized planning and reappraisal procedure to measure the public presentation of the employee.

From the scrutiny it was checked that was there is a possibility for the expansion of working conditions of Oster limited income wrap up would mount. Finally I would wish to state or reason that employees are at Oster are satisfied with occupation and administration.


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