Day Cares in School; Promotes a Better Opportunity for Essay

Day Cares in School; Promotes a Better Opportunity for Teen Mothers to Continue Their Education Day cares all around the country today either cost too much for teen mothers or don’t fit into the mother’s schedule. For this reason, high schools that have high teen birth percentage rates should be permitted to have day cares in their high schools. By implementing day cares in school, teen mothers would have a safe environment for their babies during the school day.

This would give the young mother the time to apply themselves and stay focused on their studies and not have to worry about if their babies are being taking care of while they are at school. Many teen girls actually choose to get pregnant, but only a handful of girls have no say so. Parents around the world use the excuse: “If you would have use a condom, you would have never gotten pregnant, or if we would have put you on birth control this would have been prevented. What people need to understand is that the cause of teen pregnancy in most cases is a more serious problem of what some girls have been exposed to at such a young age. Pregnancy today is becoming another form of segregation in all high schools around the world. When young girls in school see teen mothers, they always have something negative to say about them. “A lot of the girls come from dysfunctional households, and having a baby is the least of their problems”, Ms. Cannon said, “There may be substances abuse in the home; a lot of their own mothers are young, they are living in housing projects. Some of those pregnant teens are pregnant from sexual abuse, and they might not believe in giving the baby up for adoption or she might not believe in abortions. Society should not take away a teen mother’s opportunities to continue her education if she wants to pursue it. By allowing teen mothers the opportunity to finish their education, this would give them a better chance to provide for her child. It has been proven that school programs have helped teen parents stay in school and graduate. For example, in New York City the (LYFE) Living for the Young Family through Education some teens had this to say, “I can ersonally attest to the success of this program since I graduated high school as a participant of the LYFE program at the age of seventeen with an eight month old baby. ” “Teen mothers who are able to remain connected to their high schools have few subsequent births during adolescence, better long-term economic outcomes for their family, and better behavioral, social and academic development of their children said Stephens, Wolfe and Batter. ” “Families are broken”, says school superintendent Christopher Farmer. “Many of our young people are growing up directionless. Do we really stop for a second to think about how these teen mothers feel . . .? Or do we even think that we should give these young ladies the chance to drop out? While some think that putting day cares in these high schools are provoking the rise of teen pregnancy others believe that it is preventing the growth of unstable and unfit mothers. Now for those schools that don’t have a high percentage of teen pregnancy, they should not have to place child care in their school. Every high school should have a parenting class for the young women and even young men.

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Day Cares in School; Promotes a Better Opportunity for Essay
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There are so many things that we and the community can do to keep our young lady from getting pregnant starting from condoms, birth control, to absences classes and our parenting skills. The United States as a society have to face the fact of reality that our young teens will have sex when they are ready regardless of what morals they learned from their parents or guardians. ” In some of these families, a girl reaches 13 or 14 and never receives recognition for doing anything good until she has a baby,” Ms. Cannon said. “In some communities it’s like a rite of passage. Many girls believe that teen birth is the only way to fit in, but when the community pushes them away from school, then they begin to believe that they will never fit in. For those schools that don’t believe in placing child care programs in their schools should think about their own children dropping out school for reasons that the school could have controlled. “We cannot afford to have that many girls drop out school and spend the rest of their lives on welfare,” Ms. Hibma said. “Teen mother programs are probably the most cost-effective programs we have. ” High schools have done a great job mbracing teen mothers with sex-ed classes, prep for parenting, free condoms, and even birth control for those young ladies who want it. “Therefore, some leaders assert that public school day care programs can help decrease the propensity for some teen parents to not reach graduation. ” While other arguments believe that day care only encourage irresponsible sexual choices for these young ladies. If society would like to lower the drop-out rate for teen mothers they should be pushing the fact of placing day cares in those high schools around the country with high teen pregnancy percentages.


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