DCH School of Radiology Procedures final(ch 19)

outer,glandular tissue
-contains ovarian follicles
-each follicle contains one ovum
Fully developed ovarian follicle.
Graffian Follicle.
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DCH School of Radiology Procedures final(ch 19)
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Extrusion of an ovum by ruture of a follicle
-Arise from the lateral angle of the uterus on either side.
-Open into the peritoneal cavity.
-Collect ova and convey them to the uterine cavity
-3″to 5″ long.
Uterine Tubes (Fallopian tubes)
Anatomy of uterine(fallopian) tubes
Short segment near the uterus
Majority of fallopian tube
Terminal(end), lateral portion of the fallopian tube, appears flared, and ends in a series of irregular prolonged processes called fimbriae.
Lies posterior to urinary bladder, situated in the center of the pelvic cavity.
Uterus location
Anatomy of uterus
-Blunt,rounded superior portion of uterus
-Narrows from fundus to isthmus
-Superior part of cervix; constricted area between body and cervix (The top of the cervix, while its own part, makes up the lower portion of the isthmus.)
-Cylindric vaginal end of the uterus.
2 weeks.
How long after fertilization of an ovum does an embryo appear?
9 weeks.
How long after fertilization does the ombry become a fetus?
Male anatomy section
-Vas deferens
-Ejaculatory ducts
-Seminal vesicles
-Blulboeruthral gland
What are the internal reproductive structure of the male?
Oblong structure attatched to superior and laterposterior aspects of the testis.
16″-18″ long. Extends from tail of epididymis to posteroinferior surface of the bladder.
-The ampulla end holds seminal fluid.
Vas(Ductus) Deferens
Formed by vas deferens and ducts of the seminal vescicle.
-Sits behind the neck of the bladder.
-enters the base of the prostate.
Ejaculatory Ducts

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