De Motivation And High Staff Turnover Commerce Essay

In this assignment as per inquiry I am traveling to depict the motive, three different motivational theories and I choose Ryanair which is fighting by the demotivation of his staff and the high staff turnover.

Motivation is human psychological feature which shows the degree of committedness towards a peculiar end. Motivation shows that how employee think about his occupation, if he is motivated than productiveness degree will be high. Motivation linked with morale every bit good, if the morale is high it shows employees occupation satisfaction and they are dedicated and loyal for their plants. But if morale is low it consequences low productiveness, absenteeism, and the high staff turnover. In another words public presentation chiefly depend on motive.

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De Motivation And High Staff Turnover Commerce Essay
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occupation performance= motive +ability

Contemporary positions on motive

in this subdivision we will be discuss about the three motive theories which can be a good illustration for the directors who are fighting with the low motive of staff and the high staff turnover and these theorise can assist to larn how to actuate the staff.we are now traveling to speak about three types of theorises: –

1. Necessitate theory

2 Expectancy theory

3 Reinforcement theory

Need theory

Need theory of motive was developed by Maslow which fundamentally focuses on the basic demands of a individual. It tells us that a individual foremost motivated for nutrient, rewards, and shelter. This theory besides explains that a individual is motivated when he did n’t acquire a certain degree of satisfaction in his life. For illustration: – a kid can non be motivated for his category if he did n’t take breakfast. Harmonizing to this theory when a individual fulfils his basic needs he travel to following one.

For illustration: – a individual who do n’t hold basic things for endurance like nutrient, shelter so his first precedence will be nutrient.After carry throughing the basic needs he will looks for occupation security, protection, love properties, so he actuate himself to his self-pride where he look for his position in society and in administration where he is working and populating.This theory shows us that a individual ca n’t be a incentive himself his demands did n’t coerce him to actuate.


Degree centigrades: UserssanjuDesktopMaslows_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg.png

Expectancy Theory

This theory was given by master vroom.according to this theory everybody has his ain jail and his ain set of nonsubjective.and they can actuate themselves merely when they think that there is some connexion between public presentation and efforts.if this public presentation consequences favorable for them and its satisfy the particular demands so they can do attempts worthwhile.this theory contains more practical solutions instead than other theories.

We can understand this by a A scenario that in a five star hotel tow selling agents are on publicity phase for a selling director ‘s job.mike who has a good selling consequences in whole twelvemonth and he ever gets a good assessment and good public presentation consequence.but he is small bit confuse to accepting this occupation because this occupation requires a batch travel, long hours working displacements, more emphasis, and aim force per unit area.but in another side Paul wants this occupation as well.paul is besides had a good consequences in last twelvemonth he better himself.and he think that he is a suaitable campaigner for this harmonizing to Expectancy theory Paul is a suited campaigner for this occupation because he is motivated for the publicity and in another side microphone is non motivated to acquire publicity.

This theory is contains reversiable procedure it means when you put any action different results came these results possibly positive or negative or.for illustration in any administration when people do overtime and hardwork.for this result came with salary rise, publicities, or new accomplishments but in negative attack they did n’t acquire clip to their societal life

Directors can implement this theory in a several manner.

Directors must do certain that workers should increase their public presentation degree to achive their ends.

The dedicated workers must be reward as per their public presentation

Reinforcement Theory

This theory was given by BF Skinner and his associates. this theory is based on jurisprudence and consequence.this theory says that rewarded behavior should be repeated once more and once more.but person ‘s behavior which has a negative attack should non be repeated. this theory is the strong method to command or pull off the persons behaviour.

Positive reinforce used to gave a positive response for an person who shows a appropriate behavior for illustration: – when you ask your any employee to cover some other employees switch who is non coming because of sickness.and your employee has their ain program but you ask him and he ready to work make instantly praising.or any of your employee is really nice to client merely reward him on the topographic point that you done a great occupation.

Negative reinforce or penalty is for unsuitable behavior which is non suppose to be at the work topographic point for illustration: -any of your employee was rude to the clients.he must be punished or should be issued a warning

When implement support theory directors make certain that do non honor all empoloyees in a same mode.they should state everybody that you did good this subdivision but non here.

In this subdivision I will be describe Ryanair motive job in all cabin crew and land staff members.rayanair is a inexpensive air hose in Europe.according to deputy general of Irish trade brotherhood, Ryanair has a really high staff turnover in all section like pilots cabin crews, and the land staff.its merely because that all the employees have to pay some money for company for their ain uniforms, repasts, and developing session. Alternatively of this company have to pay for them for everything and supply traning.

Because of this many of employees left the occupation and now they have to enroll the new peoples, so they recruit peoples from the bureaus, and they were non good.after that they ask pilots that pay for their retraining. A cabin crew member of Ryanair writes remark on a web site where he wrote: “ Ryanair does non care about its cabin crew and merely takes the most they perchance can squash out of us. After a 12 hr twenty-four hours without a interruption, I do n’t hold the energy to be nice to riders or look into that my nail gloss is still on. Come on Ryanair get down valuing what we do because without us you could non wing ” .

The Ryanair cabin crew member are non nice with rider, we can see why Thursdaies are non loyal with them in the statement of a crew member on web site. because the employees work hard but they are non treat as per their public presentation. they do the long displacements without any interruption because of this they become really stressed and it do them rude with their riders.because of this there is a high staff bend over and Ryanair losing more rider and its wholly depend on staff motive

Harmonizing to Taylor ‘s “ scientific direction ” theory people motivate by money in other words rewards or salary.but in Ryanair compare to their employees hard work, long displacements and the on the job enviorment, rewards and wages are non good which they deserve for.its true that Ryanair is a low cost air hose but many other low cost bearers are non confronting this type of staff turnover and their employees are acquiring good wage.

Ryanair foremans have to be understand that without any dedicated and smart employees they will be no more in this industry and without any interruption working in long displacements is cold and paying for their uniforms, nutrient and even for developing when you gaining a less is non acceptable.

For this job ryanair ‘s human resource section should follow the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands theory as I mention before that if rayanair will carry through the basic demands of the employees like good rewards, friendly working environment, and good preparation and development.the employees will be motivated to work and it will good for company ‘s repute every bit good as employees morale and after that they can function in good mode for riders.

Choice and enlisting procedure

In this subdivision I will depict that what the procedure should be follow at the clip of enrolling people.Recruitment and choice procedure should be done in a proper manner because enrolling a incorrect individual can be harmfull for orgnistion to increase cost, labour turnover, and demotivating the morale of the exiting employees

Shortlisting – when company invite applications for any occupation there are a batch application and the CV send by campaigners. the first process is shortlisting harmonizing to the demands of the occupation, instruction and accomplishments of a campaigner.

Forms of appraisals – for some occupations campaigners may inquire for a written trial or doing a presentation.its depend on the occupation profile.for example- for a applied scientist station a proficient test should be take to cognize about the campaigners knowledge.

Interview – the intent of carry oning the interview is to cognize more about the campaigner, to cognize about the ability to make the occupation and to acquire some personal information.

Mention cheques – this is the most of import portion of the choice procedure.which information you gathered from interview beside from this you can acquire information signifier mention cheque to see the suited campaigner is can besides verify the information which you got from interview Basicly effectual employment depend on the enlisting and choice procedure. If you follow the appropriate procedure and you find a suited campaigner to execute the occupation harmonizing to the demands of the occupation.

it will be a good mark for administration and for campaigner every bit good because individual will be motivated and he will make the occupation in appropriate manner.but if you choose a incorrect campaigner it be a loss for company that puting money for his preparation, high staff turnover, and low staff morale for working employees and for campaigner that he will be demotivate to acquire a another occupation.

Your choice procedure should be just plenty because when you select campaigners at that place should non be favoritism in the land of sex, age, faith or means you should supply a equal chance to all.because if discriminate people your bing may be demotivate. And in another side if you continuously taking the incorrect campaigners for the incorrect occupation, so they are go forthing the administration clip to clip

it can be bad feeling of company in your employees or may be outside as good same like Ryanair they choose the simple manner of choice, because of this they could n’t happen the good campaigners to execute the responsibilities and so staff was demotivated and staff turnover was really high.

For illustration: – A five stat hotel take a campaigner who do n’t hold any experience in hotel industry for a front office helper occupation and the hotel gave him preparation and develop his personality in one twelvemonth, now when the clip came to take back the investing which hotel invest to give preparation and development, the campaigner left the administration because he think that there is no hereafter for him in this administration. It was merely because of deficiency of motive. it cost a batch for administration in economically and its demotivate the bing staff members

Second illustration: – A air hose appoint a fresh campaigner as a cabin crew member and supply him a preparation by puting a batch of money but after sometime because of some ground air hose transportation him in land staff in a good place but because he was trained for cabin crew, he do n’t cognize anything about the land staff his morale become low and he left the occupation and because of this air hose lost a batch of money.and the other staff members demotivate.

By these two illustration we can understand that by utilizing a right method of choice, we can understate the cost of administration to choosing people. And we can offer a right occupation for right campaigner harmonizing to his accomplishments, involvement, and ability.


From the above assignment I have concluded that if any company is following the appropriate manner of enlisting and choice as I wrote earlier, there will be no motive job will be happen in the administration and the directors can implement any motive theory to actuate his staff. And to cut down the staff turnover, administration must be carry through the employees demands and give them right occupation for right individual harmonizing to their ability and the public presentation degree.Managers besides must do certain that they provide appraisal to all employees clip to clip so they can look into themselves as their public presentation footing.


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