Death in Space Essay

The rocket was getting fuel. As we put on our space outfits I wondered would this new space shuttle work. Would it reach the planet Mars. But then I thought of all the fame I would get if the shuttle did reach Mars and we came back safely. I will be appearing in the books, T. V front page of the newspaper and I knew I was ready to take the risk. As the my partners told me that the space shuttle was ready to go. I leaped In excitement. I climbed into the space shuttle. Took the driving seat and strapped on my seat belt.

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Death in Space Essay
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As my the countdown went I felt the heat below me as the engine roared to life and as the flames came out of the exhaust. The count down started as each number was said the adrenaline over took me. As the word blast off came to my ears. The rocket fired up Into the alarm I saw myself following the same footsteps as Nell Armstrong. After 20 minutes which seemed Like 2 hours we were out of the earth atmosphere and Into Space. I saw the earth and wondered would I ever be able to get back there. As we now made our self towards Mars.

As the crew and I started singing enjoying our self knowing that we would make it. Then there was something which shook me a meteor was traveling in the direction we were going in. I pushed myself up and then heard the space control telling us that move there is a meteor coming I took the steering wheel and started turning it to the left. It was stuck. I then forgot about the lock which I put on so that the steering wheel wont moved. I got the key out of my pocket as I panicked the key dropped onto the floor. I grabbed it again and then put it into the key hole.

I turned the key and took the steering wheel and started turning it o the left. The meteor was approaching us as I watched in horror as we managed to turn away from it missing it by meters. My hearth stopped pounding I was so relieved that we missed the meteor. Me and the crew took a deep breath before we started resting in such relief As the days pass on there was not much thing which happened. There were no meteors. It was only one more day before we reached Mars. I was so excited, I was going to be the first person to step on Mars. My crew started opening Champaign.

The day came when we finally reached Mars. As we got out of the rocket and Into a small shuttle. We landed on Mars. The door creaked open as I felt the atmosphere around Mars and the beautiful scenery. I slowly put my foot down and touch the surface of Mars. The first thing which came to my mind was that one small step Is equal to one big step for mankind. The feeling of stepping on Mars was so great. I looked around explored and took some rocks. We found out that there was no life. As we made back to the space craft I took a glance and wondered how much fame would I get when I went back to earth.

We took the small space shuttle and went to the rocket. We made ourselves back to Earth. As I saw Mars getting smaller and smaller I wondered would I ever come back here. The day came when we would be going through the earth’s atmosphere. As we came as I felt the heat overtake my coldness. The heat was extraordinary and what I saw through the window was nothing but red and yellow. And then something happened which shook me the glass broke and the heat came inside as I burned to death I wondered, we made it this far why did we have to die.


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