Debate of online education Essay

Debate between pros and cons of online education In this essay I will describe the differences between online education benefits and the trouble with online education. I will also share my point of view of what I think is more convenient and more helpful from the point of view of a student and from the teacher point of view too.

Online education have some benefits which can be for example, accessibility, students are able to study from anywhere all they need is just a computer and they can access to their classes from any part of the world as long as hey have Internet. For a big obstacle to come to this college was the distance, which meant that, I had to be separated from my family to come to a campus in order for me to study, so in a way the online accessibility to study can be easier from that point of view.

Another point view can be the flexibility, online education is also more flexible than the traditional education system, this means that students are able to go on their own speed, In other words they can study whenever they want, for example we can use a scenario of a single mom that has children to take care of and at the same mime she is trying to study, there is no way that she would be able to adapt to the traditional educational system and at the same time be able to take care of her kids and all the labors that she has in the house, so online education would work better for her because she would be able to study online while the kids are sleeping and during the day be able to take care of them and not be stuck In a class room all day long. Another important point is the speed the accessibility and flexibility of online education It can help students to shave moths. Even years to their graduation date, UT here is where people struggle a lot because if the student is not motivated to study he might get lazy, and not want to study after a while because he doesn’t have that pressure upon him everyday to do all his daily work. So whenever the deadlines come they don’t have everything in and they fail because they where not motivated. The last and most dramatic and important advantage of online education is the cost. A lot of student find online education their only option because they can’t afford the tuition of a regular college, because in a college you have to pay housing, remonstration, books, and many more fees, because is always going to be cheaper to pay a teacher to be Just checking homework’s online that actually have them come to a classroom and teach a group of students. In the other hand, there can be a lot of trouble with online education.

One of the most Important thing about going to a classroom is that you get to know your teacher, so the students can know what his teacher is going to expect from him and what are the teacher guidelines and standards, and if the student is able to built a relationship with his teacher this Is going to help him even more not to feel shy to ask he teacher questions and go up to him to and ask things that the student wasn’t able to understand, and on the long run if the teacher knows well the student he will relationship with the student. When the teacher gets to know his students he learns how to work individually with them, because the teachers need to learn who the people in front of them are, they need too know where they are intellectually. Every class is like music composition.

There is always a basic melody that you work with. In this case it would be the syllabus, because if a student goes up to date with he teacher syllabus he will be able to do good in the class, another thing that is helpful from a classroom is that as a student you have the group pressure to have success in that class because no body wants to be the one that fails the class and had to retake it while their classmates and taking another class. The advantage that I find the most important form the traditional educational system is that students are actually able to get involved in their campus and, able to built friendship that there is no other place or way to built them.

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Debate of online education Essay
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