Decisions in Paradise Part 3 Essay

Decisions in Paradise: Part III Over the past few months, teams discussed the growth of the company in Kava. Assigned teams as well as I, defined problems and arrived at solutions for the causes and effects. We analyzed and evaluated important information needed and alternative solutions to make the growth successful. As we launch growth in Kava, we must further identify the rationale and plans for the proposed solutions to strengthen our existence.

We must determine factors affecting the decisions implemented and the proposed solutions; evaluate resources and actions required to implement the solutions; and evaluate the ethical implications of the solutions from the stakeholder’s perspectives. Factors Involved The decisions to expand the facility and implement cleanup efforts around the community may be a lengthy process but the affects will benefit the company in the long-run as well as strengthen ties within the community.

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Decisions in Paradise Part 3 Essay
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I suggest an area wide cleanup effort to start immediately, which will build morale, loyalty, and commitment to the community and invite tourists, families, and businesses back into the area. Because of circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters and terrorism, foundation and building improvements are a necessary. The company cannot influence or predict the disaster threats present, but we can improve conditions for a better chance of survival during such threats.

Restructuring of the building will strengthen the facility and incorporate a safe structure during disasters, and supply adequate shelter for citizens of the area. We must also consider implementing a safe and secure evacuation plan and improve security for employees and the citizens of Kava when disasters of all types are imminent. Kava’s wide variety of products and services reach and benefit people all around the world. We must not discount the future, which means we must consider long-term costs and benefits instead of dwelling on the short-term costs and benefits (Bateman & Snell, 2007).

The company must keep up with the fast paced business environment and welcome changes. Other factors to consider is advertising, marketing, and timing. We must focus on the weather and growth of resources and availability of products and make these resources marketable within a reasonable timeframe. Educating the community with up-to-date farming technologies and techniques will help to do this. With the vast amount of inexpensive, quality labor, costs of educating and new equipment should balance within a few years making the effort well worth the benefits.

Considering the tropical atmosphere, most crops can produce year round, but we must incorporate for unpredictable seasons and situations taking into account damage control resulting from disasters. The uncertainty and unpreventable disasters will tend to be a costly and continual effort for the organization and Kava but new technology will help lower these costs with improved preventative measures. Within the social realm, terrorism and disease are important influences on the community and businesses alike.

Our company has the support of Kava’s local and state government, national levels of government, and the military, which could result in a slow down on terrorism within and outside the area. Community based organizations are also backing our presence and growth on the island. Religious groups and neighboring businesses believe our culture can benefit and add to the culture, community, and environment of Kava. Resources and Actions Resources and actions required for the implementation of the proposed solutions will be costly in some areas and not so much in others.

Helping the petroleum and natural gas plants to cap of spills and leaks will save the country money. In turn, the company will set up accounts with both organizations for the use of their products with a reasonable fee, which will give back to the community. Cleanup efforts will consist of volunteers from local businesses and religious organizations, company employees, and residents. The company will donate 15% of the cost for necessary equipment needed for cleanup such as paint supplies, dumpsters, landscaping material, etc.

Expanding and improving the facility will take time and cost the company in the short-term, but will prevail in the long-run. Safer structures that will with stand hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis are inevitable. These structures must be flexible but strong. The foundation should allow room for the possibility of floods during the disasters. References Bateman, T. S. , & Snell, S. A. (2007). Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World. (7th ed. ). McGraw-Hill Irwin.


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