Decreasing paper-based systems with IT Essay

1. Introduction and Problem Domain

The application and enrolment procedure used by Thomas Tallis 6Thursdaysignifier should take to treat each using student’s application rapidly and expeditiously so that the clip it takes to treat an application is decreased. The procedure of using for the 6Thursdaysignifier should be improved for clip efficiency in the disposal office and for the applying pupils, but should besides be consecutive frontward plenty so it can easy be understood by the applying pupils.

However, Thomas Tallis 6Thursdayform’s current application system is an inefficient usage of the disposal staffs clip and resources. By the current system holding so many manual procedures for the disposal staff to finish, the current application system is doing at that place to be a slow application procedure where disposal staff have non got clip to prioritise their current function as they have to bit in with work on the new 6Thursdaysignifier consumptions.

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Thomas Tallis School should follow with authorities statute law informations protection act 1998 to guarantee that none of the information is available to interlopers or people who should non hold entree information. To turn to this issue the school will necessitate a secure computerised application system to guarantee the confidentiality, unity and handiness of the informations.

At present the school uses a mixture of computerised and paper-based procedures. The current application system has late introduced a Google Doc signifier on their 6Thursdaysignifier web site where the information goes into a Google Doc dispersed sheet. The disposal squad wastes a batch of clip when seeking to filtrate the pupil informations as applying pupils manually type the topics in which they want to analyze, which could hold spelling errors. A big sum of clip is consumed by holding to manually direct electronic mail updates of the student’s application, interviews, accepted topographic points via station and reexamining an application.

There are some credence criteria’s that the disposal demand to follow when reexamining an application. For illustration the pupil must hold 5 A to C grades a GCSE and 95 % and above attending to be offered an interview. If a pupil doesn’t rather have 5 A to C classs but does have over 95 % attending their application will be reviewed by a senior member of staff for an interview. The school besides tries to accept those pupils to the 6Thursdaysignifier with 5 A to B classs to hold the best pupils available. At present the procedure includes the disposal staff reexamining the application and either accepting or worsening based on the credence standards, if they accept an application a senior member of staff so besides reviews the application to do a pick on whether to accept or worsen and application. Once the pick is made they notify the pupil via electronic mail and station.

The last job is the high sum of calls the disposal staff receive sing a student’s current application position. This once more eats up a batch of clip off from their intended occupations.

The current procedure at the school is non environmentally friendly, as a batch of paper is used to direct information, moreover the usage of the paper makes it hard to recover relevant paperss such as mentions as the paperss are filed in a cabinet and screening through these consumes clip. As all employees have entree to the filing cabinets, it is difficult to keep an employee responsible if paperss go losing and to guarantee that merely authorized staff members have entree to these paperss.

The application procedure takes an norm of 1 month to finish. It could perchance take more clip if a member of the disposal staff is on holiday or ailment and until the procedures are complete the pupil will non be provided with the information they require to finish registration with the school.

Introducing a modified application system is important as the disposal squad could cut down the application procedure clip and pull off informations more expeditiously.

1.1. Stakeholder and User Descriptions

Stakeholder Summary




Data Manager

The stakeholder that works with the analyst to right interpret petitions into demands that can be used for the design.

Specifies the inside informations of one or more parts of the systems functionality by depicting the facets of the demands. These will include functional and non-functional demands.

Administration Staff

Senior Staff Member

Undertaking Manager ( Myself )

The stakeholder that is in charge of taking the undertaking.

Plans, manages, lineations precedences, organises interactions with clients and users and keeps the undertaking squad focused.

Systems Analysis ( Myself )

The stakeholder that works with all other stakeholders to garner and understand their demands.

Takes charge of the concern procedure redesign modeling, demands assemblage, use-case modeling, usage instance descriptions and Entity relationship diagrams.

Software Architect ( Myself )

The stakeholder that takes the lead in development of the system.

Responsible for proficient determinations that concern the overall design of the paradigm.

User Summary




Using Students

Primary terminal user of the system

Brands an application, tracks the application advancement, uploads mentions and answers to messages.

Administration Staff

Primary terminal user of the system

Monitor and update the position of the using student’s application and sends messages to the pupils.

Senior Members of Staff

Secondary terminal user of the system

Review a student’s application and provides suggestions.

( Updated from Appendix 1, Figure 1 )

1.2. Undertaking Aims

Objective ID

School Aims


To increase the population of the 6th signifier from 525 pupil to 590 pupils.

Undertaking Aims


To look into into bettering the efficiency in the disposal office by cutting the application procedure clip graduated table from 1 month to 3 hebdomads.


To better the handiness of old pupil applications data back to at least 10 old ages.


To analyze into the decrease of the sum of interviews down by at least 20 % by automatically offering infinites to those pupils with the most As in there five A to Cs, a place in the 6Thursdaysignifier.


To make out to those pupils who have an A or above in Arts topics by offering them a guaranteed interview for the 6Thursdaysignifier.


To look into into the decrease the figure of calls to the admin office sing an application position by at least 15 % by leting pupils to see their advancement online.

Academic Aims


To larn how to associate a web site and a database.


To research and larn about different types of paradigms.


To research and larn how to utilize different prototyping tools.


To research and larn how to carry on a concern procedure redesign.

Personal Aims


To pull off the undertaking successfully


To be good organized and motivated throughout the undertaking.

( Updated from Interim Progress Report )

2. Research and Analysis of Solutions

2.1. Analysis of Possible Solutions

Many administrations are seeking to detect ways in which they can increase the efficiency of their mundane procedures and lessening operating costs of paper-based or manual maps. “New research commissioned by UK-based IT and concern procedure mechanization specializerRedwood Software,found that 99 per centum of organisations spend considerable clip making insistent manual undertakings, with about two-thirds of respondents – 64 per centum– reported disbursement over a one-fourth of their clip making so ( Schelmetic, 2012 )” . The current application/enrolment procedure, in the illustration of Thomas Tallis School, besides experiences this job.

Information Systems are being used more frequently than non in administrations today. The mechanization of concern procedures can assist an administration better their clip that is wasted on paper-based and manual operations and dressed ore on other more of import functions. Thomas Tallis School could profit from the usage of machine-controlled procedures within an information system“to aid accomplish greater efficiency, accommodating to altering concern demands, cut downing human mistake and clear uping occupation functions and duties ( Rouse, 2011 ) ” .

Increasingly, administrations worldwide are now choosing to outsource some of their procedures that are normally provided in-house to other 3rd portion companies. Outsourcing is a turning tendency that is more common with information engineering services that are cardinal to pull offing a concern successfully.

Cloud computer science is an outsourcing engineering tendency that can offer great potency for bettering the educational sectors cost and efficiency.The Vanson Bourne one-year survey, conducted in June 2014 on behalf of cloud industry organic structure CIF, found that UK cloud acceptance has grown by 61.5 % since 2010. The acceptance rate among the populace sector administrations is about 68 % ( Venkatraman, 2014 ) ” .Many educational organisations have begun motion towards utilizing and hosting cloud calculating learning direction systems such as Blackboard. Using such services and applications in the cloud offers instructors and pupils to accomplish better mobility as their associated applications are available via cyberspace connected devise and portable computing machines.

Thomas Tallis School could profit from following a cloud based solution as it can offer rapid snap which will let the concern to react to alterations rapidly and easy, hence doing the concern more agile. It will besides cut the upfront costs that are normally spent when holding waiters in-house, which in bend will supply the school with excess money and nest eggs. A cloud based solution will dramatically shorten clip graduated table of when a service can be offered, which is cardinal to accomplishing nonsubjective 1, cutting down the application procedure from 1 month to 3 hebdomads. This will so let members of Thomas Tallis School to concentrate on the chief concern procedures. However, outsourcing such sensitive and confidential information can expose Thomas Tallis School to a high hazard of informations breaches. “Harmonizing to the 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report on 450 planetary informations breach probes, 63 % werelinked to a third-party constituentof IT system disposal ( Ashford, 2013 ) ” .

2.2. Legalizations

When sing any possible solutions for Thomas Tallis School, it is of import that it will follow with the Data Protection Act 1998. The act will command how the personal information of pupils is used by the school. Any member of staff that will be responsible for utilizing the pupil information has to follow the information protection rules. Thomas Tallis School must conform to the demands of the Data Protection Act ( 1998 ) . In peculiar this requires the school to officially advise the Office of the Information Commissioner of:

  • The intents for which the school holds personal informations
  • What data it holds
  • The beginning of the informations
  • To whom the information is disclosed
  • To which states the information may be transferred.

( Becta, 2004 )

“The Secretary of Statemay by order exempt from the capable information commissariats, or modify those commissariats in relation to personal informations in regard of which the information accountant is the owner of, or a instructor at, a school, and which consist of information associating to individuals who are or have been students at the school (, 2015 ) ” .

2.3. Related Work

Is there any other solutions available already? Why non utilize them? What makes you solution different?

2.4. Solution Choice

To assist understand what jobs exist in the research sphere, I conducted an interview with the Data Manager of the school to understand the current procedures of an application (See Appendix 2, Figure 1) . As described in the debut, it was evident that the current application system was an inefficient usage of staff member’s clip will many manual procedures that consumes and wastes a batch of valuable clip. Once finishing the interview a current concern procedure theoretical account was created to“model procedures and so utilize this theoretical account to analyze and introduce the procedure ( Boddy, 2008 ) ”(See Appendix 2, Figure 2) .

Once the theoretical account was complete another interview was arranged with the Data Manager to discourse the proposed concern procedure theoretical account (See Appendix 2, Figure 3) , to garner demands and do notes of design eyeglasses. It was obvious that the new system should take to cut down the sum of clip spent on manual undertakings and replying phone calls. In add-on to the interview, a questionnaire was created in order to understand the current jobs the school faces and what employees think of suggestions made for the proposed solution as discussed in the interview with the informations director (See Appendix 2, Figure 4) .

The consequences of the questionnaire and the interviews conducted with Thomas Tallis School employees indicate that there is room to better the current application procedure, from these jobs that are identified the user demands can be conveyed. Below is a tabular array that shows a sum-up of findings collected from a questionnaire.

Figure One: Consequences of Application Process Questionnaire



  1. How would you rate your current 6Thursdaysignifier application system?

Excellent = 0 Good = 3 Average = 6 Poor = 1

  1. Do you believe there is a demand for a new application system?

Yes = 8 No = 0 Maybe = 2

  1. Do you believe that by holding a system that could automatically accept or worsen an application would be good?

Yes = 9 No = 0 Maybe = 1

  1. Would you like the system to let using pupils to make an history?

Yes = 7 No = 0 Maybe = 3

  1. Would you wish to be able to direct letters to the using pupil via a system?

Yes = 10 No = 0 Maybe =

  1. Would you like the pupil to be able to answer to missive or messages via the system?

Yes = 10 No = 0 Maybe = 0

  1. Do you believe it would be good to let the applying pupils to upload their mentions online?

Yes = 8 No = 0 Maybe = 2

  1. Do you believe it would be good for there to be a subdivision on the web site to let the pupil to track their application advancement?

Yes = 7 No = 0 Maybe = 3

  1. How frequently do you believe you would utilize the new system?

Every twenty-four hours = 2 Up to 3 yearss a hebdomad = 4 Once a hebdomad = 4 Once every two hebdomads = 0 Once a month = 0 Other = 0

In respects to the educational sector, there is a equilibrating act between security outlooks and run intoing conformity, while maintaining the administration functional. The application procedure is a cardinal procedure to accomplishing the concern aims and should be completed in respects to follow with governmental statute laws as mentioned above in subdivision 2.2. Legalizations.

From analyzing the decisions of subdivision 2. Research and Analysis of Solutions, the determination to utilize information systems to work out the jobs of the current application procedure for Thomas Tallis School has been made.

3. Undertaking Methodology

For this undertaking the pick of methodological analysis had to co-occur with the squads expertise and trifle and be able to react efficaciously to alter. The usage of the RUP was considered due to the usage of UML, nevertheless the high degree of trifle that is required and the sum of certification presented as a immense disadvantage as the undertaking is merely due to last for around 6 months and will merely be completed up to the paradigm. From uninterrupted research and admiting that administrations are more often utilizing Agile methods, an attack that allows for effectual alteration and is really people oriented, the Agile methodological analysis OpenUP was deliberated and used.

An of import benefit of OpenUP, that is important for this undertaking,“is that it is an agile and iterative procedure concentrating on the demands of little collocated squads. It provides a simplified set of artifacts comparative to RUP and a much smaller set of functions, undertakings, and guidelines ( Kroll andMacIsaac, 2006 )” .Using OpenUP will heighten Thomas Tallis School’s velocity in presenting a new package solution that will help betterment of their concern procedure efficiency, through the usage of reduced but sharp logical designs. As a derived methodological analysis, importance is placed on“working package over comprehensive certification ( Cockburn, 2006 ) ” ,hence emphasis is placed extremely on the bringing of more physical designs. Thomas Tallis School could profit from the usage of chip but condensed logical designs that will assist to better the velocity in presenting a package solution that will better concern procedure expeditiously.

The OpenUP lifecycle is made up of the origin, amplification, building and passage stages.

In this undertaking merely the origin, amplification and portion of the building stage will be completed in respects to the undertaking in inquiry, nevertheless recommendations will be at the terminal of this study that could be used to finish the building and passage stages.


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