Definition of Nursing Sample Essay

Nurses have been described as “lacking professional committedness and motive. low in hazard pickings and change-making. holding a ‘blue-collar outlook. ’ being cautious and conservative. and enduring from deficiency of coherence and collegiality” ( as cited in Chandler. 1986. p. 1 ) . With this definition of what a nurse has been professed as. there is a cardinal duty to redefine and understand the intent and word picture of todays nurse. Without a true lucidity. regard and coherence of equals and community can non be stipulated. Gastmans ( 1998 ) provinces. “For nurses ( both as persons and as a professional group ) it should be considered an ethical challenge to alter the context of nursing pattern from a faltering block into a drive force” ( p. 244 ) . Making a new individuality ensures professional acknowledgment and the grasp of nursing competency and committedness to the patient’s good being ( Gastmans ) . Description of Footings

Health can be described as the absence of physical disease or hurting. The etymology of the word ‘health’ besides references prosperity. felicity. public assistance. protection. and safety. True wellness is hence holistic. including more than the freedom from disease or hurting. Health is holding a personal contentment. peace of head and the ability to protect one’s ain public assistance. Environment

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Definition of Nursing Sample Essay
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The word environment can hold multiple illations and yet all contexts describe a topographic point where an single lives or maps ; a safe topographic point. In the nursing kingdom. an environment that promotes mending and wellbeing is indispensable for a patient to experience safe. It can be suggested that nurses themselves can go a curative environment for the patient.

The term patient is used to depict an person who is sick or injured and having attention from a doctor. However. for a nurse. the definition of a patient is more than merely an single seeking medical attending. A patient includes all persons. households and communities who may be healthy or ill. seeking instruction. encouragement. direction or support. Nurse

Merely 30 old ages ago. Chandler ( 1981 ) wrote that nurses have a “lack of cultural individuality [ which ] leads nurses to devaluate their ain accomplishments. to take few hazards. and to hold small religion in their ain ability” ( p. 14 ) . Today. nurses can be defined as those who. without favoritism of any difference. attention for persons. households and communities who are both healthy and ill in a holistic mode based on their specific demands. Nurses combine scientific discipline. nursing theory. and engineering in caring for those patients. Critical thought and clinical judgement are cardinal to their decision-making. The independency and assurance of the nurse. every bit good as the perceptual experience of authorization. back up the collegial facets of nursing ( Begat. 2005 ) . Statement of Nurses personal and professional values

It may look that personal and professional values are two separate classs. It can be argued. nevertheless. that these are two entities in the same kingdom. One could propose that personal values are mentioning to one’s scruples while professional values refer to professional duties. In any instance. the selfless footing of nursing can connote that they are one in the same. with professional values being more defined.

Personal values
Valuess are cardinal to one’s believing. decision-making and finally. actions and behaviour. Core values are the things that are the most of import facets of what one believes and. therefore how others are treated. Honesty and unity are personal nucleus values that can non be negotiated. Integrity is unconditioned and absolute. Without it. no existent success is possible. Self-attitude is the one thing that can be controlled in any circumstance. The apprehension that another person’s behaviour can non be changed allows for personal obligatory control over the state of affairs to be liberated. Attitude straight affects others. and a hapless attitude cripples advancement. Committedness is one of the individual most of import values in going successful. Personal outlooks are set high. It is important that outlooks be elevated even higher when anticipated achievement draws near. Excuses can non be accepted. Professional values

Personal nucleus values merge into professional values. They drive perceptual experiences and positions of people and how they should be treated. This will impact how nurses dainty patients twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Honesty and unity are indispensable in the nursing profession. Honesty expresses both self-respect and regard for others. Integrity requires the right pick to be made for the greater good of others. puting aside any personal addition or docket.

A hapless attitude straight affects others. including patients. and so in every circumstance it is necessary to transport an attitude of compassion. Professional nurses recognize that every twenty-four hours their occupation might be emotionally. physically and mentally taxing. They accept that as an affiliate of the nursing profession they are expected to believe clear. move fast and work hard. Acknowledging that they are a portion of this profession by pick. and to the full understanding the criterions of the occupation. they will ever seek to continue the prestigiousness. award and morale of the nursing profession.

Nurses recognize the value of committedness. They are committed to superior public presentation in patient attention. practising with unity. making and furthering a medical place for each patient and their households.

Integrity is the province of being one. Nurses are unified toward one common end: viz. the wellness and public assistance of the patients and communities served. It is this integrity that makes making a tract to let something extraordinary to go on. possible. Practice examples that support nursing values

Recently. an 84 twelvemonth old male patient was seen in the clinic for a non-healing lesion to his right pes. The lesion. covering the full dorsal. sidelong and median facets every bit good as three of his toes. was so extended that sinews were evident in countries. The lesion had a disgusting olfactory property and the patient was sing impossible hurting. His girl who accompanied him was distraught with the trouble her male parent was sing. She explained to the nurse that the patient was presently shacking in a rehabilitation centre to guarantee proper lesion attention. They had both reluctantly agreed to this determination after the lesion became excessively large for either of them to care for. The sorrow on the daughter’s face was evident and they were both experiencing helpless. The nurse spent 2 hours educating them. cleaning the lesion and dressing the lesion suitably. Before the patient and the girl left. the nurse called the rehabilitation centre to talk to the nurse caring for this patient. The rehabilitation nurse was unavailable and relayed a message that they were making the “best occupation they could under the circumstances” .

The clinic nurse could non accept this reply. A determination was made between the patient. the girl of the patient and the nurse that they would come see the clinic nurse three times a hebdomad at 7:30 in the forenoon before the clinic opened to hold his lesion evaluated. cleaned and re-dressed ; after 6 months of dressing alterations three times hebdomadally. the lesion healed. This nurse demonstrated committedness and was invested in the result and wellbeing of the patient. Aside from supplying a safe environment for the patient and his girl. the nurse encouraged. supported. counseled. educated and exuded an attitude of compassion. Nursing values in relationship to the Regis Mission

The Registered Nurse who graduates from Regis University has been given the gift of a value-centered instruction. They will graduate with professional self-respect and an apprehension for the importance and committedness for community service. They will be competent in their profession and be able to believe logically. critically and creatively while being able to appreciate the impact of nursing as a whole. They will be confident in seeking for cognition and to happen greater truth and a more ethical being for the wellness and good being of society. They will be strong in their personal values. socially responsible. and excel in nursing pattern and leading. Decision

It is a contradiction to hold a profession in which 1 is a subservient servant and a critical mind able to set judgement into action. The professional image of nursing does non alter the nurturing facets of patient attention ( Choen. 1981 ) . Alternatively. nurses learn to asseverate their cognition and recommendations while going and built-in portion of a healing squad. In the last decennary nurses have efficaciously altered the public perceptual experience of whom a nurse is and what it is they represent. They have been warriors in the battle against a prejudice within the health care system turn outing that nurses can believe critically. logically and move consequently with an independent attack. They provide a nonpareil part to patients. households and society. This is a applaudable effort ; nonetheless there remains a long journey in front. As nurses continue to drive toward this end of set uping a new individuality for the nursing profession. extraordinary things will go on to go on.


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