Definition of Population Essay

2. 5 METHODOLOGY 2. 5. 1 Definition of population: The population of this research proposal will be those young adults studying at university that is specified into medium to high level of economical background. The target population of this research will be private university in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 2. 5. 2 Sample Plan and Size The sample size is set at XXX people to obtain a more generalised data. In order to ensure that each targeted individual in the Klang Valley area has the desired characteristics or interest, non-probability sampling, more specifically, judgmental sampling method will be utilised in the sampling selection.

Through personally administered questionnaires, judgmental sampling design is usually used when a limited number of individuals possess the trait of interest. It is the only viable sampling technique in obtaining information from a very specific group of people (Castillo, 2009). Furthermore, non-probability sampling uses human intervention (Zhao and Jin, 2006). In judgmental or purposive sampling, the researcher employs his or her own “expert” judgment about who to include in the sample frame.

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Definition of Population Essay
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This means respondents are chosen due to certain characteristics. Prior knowledge and research skill are used in selecting the respondents or elements to be sampled. However, by limiting the sample to only this group, the projections may not be reliable if the sample characteristics may vary from one another. As with all non probability sampling methods, the degree and direction of error in judgmental sampling cannot be measured and statistics that measure the precision of the estimates cannot be calculated.


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