Democratic Reform and Activism Sample Essay

1. What did Britain go in the late 1600?
2. What does Parliament consist of and how are the members selected in each house? 3. In the early 1800s. what per centum of people had the right to vote? Who ran the authorities and why? 4. Why did Parliament base on balls the Reform Bill of 1832? What changes did it do? 5. What changes did the People’s Charter of 1838 request for? 6. Who presided over all this historic alteration?

7. By 1890. several industrial states had cosmopolitan male right to vote. when did adult females derive the right to vote in Great Britain and the United States? 8. Which organisation became the most hawkish organisation for women’s rights? Who was the leader of this organisation? What did they do when they jailed to maintain their cause in the populace oculus? 9. The France’s National Assembly eventually agreed on a new authorities in 1875? What was the name of this new authorities? 10. Explain the Dreyfus Affair. What did this instance or dirt show about France and most parts of Western Europe? 11. What are pogroms?

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Democratic Reform and Activism Sample Essay
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12. What did these events in Europe convince the Jews to work towards? What is the name of the motion to accomplish that end? Who was the leader of that motion? What was the terminal consequence of the attempts of that motion?

Section 2 – Self Rule for British Colonies
1. What did it intend to be a rule?
2. What lands did Captain Cook claim for Britain? And when? 3. Where did Great Britain set up a penal settlement and why did they? 4. What state was the first to give full vote rights to adult females and the lone state to let adult females to vote before the 1900s? 5. Who are the Maori people?

6. What was the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829?
7. What was the Great Famine? Where did most Irish immigrants go during the Great Famine?

Section 3 – War and Expansion in the United States
1. When did the United States win independency from Great Britain? What marked the western boundary of the new democracy? What two major issues caused tenseness between the northern and southern provinces? 2. Who bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803?

3. What was “manifest destiny” ?
4. What was the Indian Removal Act of 1830? What major event did this jurisprudence cause to go on? Explain what happened. 5. When did Mexico derive its independency from Spain? When did the Texans rebellion against the Mexicans? 6. What did Mexico see as an act of war? Between May 1846 and February 1848. war raged between the two states. What was this war known every bit? As portion of the colony of the war. what did Mexico make? What was the name of the district and what provinces came from that land? Who did we buy the Gadsden Purchase from? 7. What raised inquiries about what Torahs and imposts should be followed in the West? 8. What was the direct cause of the eruption of the Civil War? 9. What happened on April 12. 1861 that began the Civil War? When did the South resignation? 10. What was issued in 1863 that declared that all slaves in the Confederate States were free? 11. Explain the Thirteenth ; Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. 12. What the period called Reconstruction?

13. After the military personnel left the South. what did white Southerners do to African Americans? 14. How did the Civil War help rush industrialisation?
Section 4 – Nineteenth Century Progress
1. What were two new signifiers of energy in the 1800s?
2. Who patented the innovation of the light bulb. record player and created a research research lab? 3. Who invented the telephone and who invented the wireless? 4. Who invented the assembly line?

5. What did Louis Pasteur learn about bacteriums? What became clear to Pasteur and others about bacteriums? 6. What thought did Charles Darwin challenge? What was Charles Darwin’s new thought ( explicate ) and what did it come to be called? 7. Who discovered radiation and won a Nobel Prize?


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