demott Essay

DeMott is a writer that believe that movies shows a fake impression of blacks and whites relationship. I do not agree with DeMott impression on black and white movies, film. The movies “Remember the Titans”, based on a true story, shows how blacks and whites did not get along but grows to like and cares for one another more then they expected. DeMott is showed to be proving wrong the this movies, thats why i do not agree with DeMott think about black and white movies. DeMott and the movie “Remember the Titans”, shows to different points the explain why blacks and hites relationship is real.

Demott was proved wrong once in the movie “Remember the Titans” the black and white football players did not like one another that they had to separate them on the bus. That shows in all movies black and white relationships not always not in the movies. They showed some black and white relationship is in always good and friendly. They also had a scene where one of the white players did not want to block for the black. That scene showed how DeMott was wrong about black and white relationship being over shaped to be having a good relationship.

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In the movie “Remember the Titans” the player started to get alone through the coaches help. Even though the same white player did not block for the black players as the whites and blacks players relationship grow, the white player friend stood up and kick the white player that was not blocking. This was something that really happen in movies and in real life. There was always a scene one the team got back to the school and the showed how they get alone now but all the whites family and friend did not want to change because the team change.

Showing whites and blacks etting alone and not getting alone. Throughout this movie you was showed how whites and blacks relationship was good and bad all through the movie. “Remember the Titans” showed how getting whites and blacks to work together can help to create and great and maybe unbeatable team. It was show how all races can be equal in the movies and in the real world. DeMott belief in black and white relationship in movie was right to a certain extents. Like, as in whites and blacks getting alone so good it look like they are having a fantasy relationship.

I have came to a conclusion that DeMott was wrong about blacks and whites relationship in movie not being the same compares to real life communities. Some movies shows things that is going on in life between black and whites, to show they viewer how the world was in the past, present, and future society. DeMott also believe whites and blackes had a great relationship that do not happen, but it is a relationship that do happen in today society. I also came to a point that blacks and whites relationship grow better throughout the years, that help the society became better as a whole. demott By dawain39


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