Describe the Major Stressors in Teens' Lives. Essay

Describe the major stressors in teens’ lives. A teenager’s life is not as easy as regarded by most of us,it is indeed very stressful. childhood is a very easy phase of life and according to me also the best phase of life. As a child proceeds into teenage along with the freedom and independence there are also loads of responsibilities that are expected to be performed. most of the teenager’s today do like the independence and freedom but are not able to handle the other responsibilities.

Most teenagers are not able to handle the pressure of studies or to be more precise the homework. As a result of this they lack behind in academic studies in class. Moreover some teenagers bunk their classes and so they are unable to cope up with work done. As a result studies and homework becomes one of the major stressors in their lives. Many a times a teenager willing to study is also forced to bunk his classes as a result of peer pressure. As a teen a person is very touchy also. Even if he is slightly belittled by his colleagues he gets depressed.

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Describe the Major Stressors in Teens' Lives. Essay
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A teen is heavily stressed if he/she starts comparing himself with other teens ,tries to dress like them, tries to behave like them. But if he/she is not able to do this due to financial reason he gets very depressed. As a child turns into a teen his parents’ expectation also increase at the same pace. Parents keep a lot of expectations from their growing teenagers and if the teen is not able to fulfill these expectations he gets stressed. Some teens are expected to take up the financial responsibilities of his entire family.

So parents force teens to drop out of school once they are sixteen or parents force teens to do part time jobs as an extra source of income for the family. Hence teens have to manage academic studies along with the job. Here, lack of time management become one of the major stressors. Addiction to alcoholic substances ,drugs, cigarettes is also one other stressor in a teens life. Although all teens may not necessarily fall pray to this addiction but once a teen is addicted it is very difficult for him to get back into a normal life once again.

Teens may also get stressed if they do not have a jolly and encouraging environment at home. Violence amongst parents at home, divorce or separation of parents is also a major cause of stress in a teens life. A teen may not be able to express the anguish of his family problems but within he is heavily upset and stressed. These stressors can be overcome by self help, meditation or other mind relaxing activities. It can also be done through yoga exercises. If self help does not help the teen must consult a councilor.


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