Describe the Processes Involved in Breaking a Bad Habit. Essay

Bad habit is a wrong-doing that someone depends on it to carry out their daily life. Due to the stress and competitive environment, as well as the growing of information technologies, people nowadays are easily addicted to a particular bad habit but usually, it is hard to break it. Most people are aware of their addiction to a bad habit and they are willing to get rid of it. However, they will fall back to the same habits again when they face problems. An example of bad habits that most teenagers nowadays adopted is smoking. Smoking will cause cancer. Besides that, it will make the person who surrounding cause cancer too.

It was always happening nowadays, even the new born baby also unhealthy because their parents smoking. To break this bad habit, the method is control them. The family and lover is important for them now, they need their encourage and caring. Stop giving them smoking a box in a day, let them slowly use to. In the other hand, we have to have an intention and high motivation. This is because when a person is young, it is hard for them to distinguish the difference between right and wrong because of their inexperience. Second, we have to tell them the negative of smoking. Show them the video of the cancer cause by cigarette.

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Describe the Processes Involved in Breaking a Bad Habit. Essay
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Beside that, parents have to notice their children what their action although they dy growing up. Parents also must want have a good image in front of them. The other way, find the problem of what their stress and solve it together. Parents must want responsible to take good care of them, and make sure them din’t make the bad friends outside. Parents have to teach their children since they still young. Tell them the bad effect of smoking or don’t bring them go the smoking area. In the other hand, government also must want responsible to block the cigarette import to our country.

The other way is increase the selling price of cigarette so that they will be feel expansive and think of it before buying. Government also can use the money to make some advertisement or poster to raise attention to people no smoking. Beside that, government can spend the money of increase price to held a campaign to awareness the smoker. In conclusion of breaking the bad habit is cooperation from different parties like government , family member, school and media are require to break the bad habits. So that, we shall breaking the bad habit together. ?


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