Description Essay

Descriptive Essay When I read the assignment I immediately thought to myself how easy it was going to be but it was not something I was looking forward to doing. So there I was sitting in the HUB cafeteria browsing around the cafeteria for a interesting person to describe. So many people were catching my eye but I was having a hard time finding someone who really captured my attention. I was about to give up and just go another route for finding a person to describe, when a black middle aged woman caught my attention. I have seen her a couple of times before around campus.

I can’t exactly say what drew me to her but I presume that some people just possess the quality to draw people in with no effort put forth by them. She looked to be around 50 years old, but she looked very nice for her age. She had a short sheek haircut and some of the prettiest gray hair I’ve ever seen. She had on very little makeup and yet her skin was still flawless. Her designer frames gave her face a classy touch. Her nails were well taken care of and neatly polished in a dark red shade. It surprised me that I did not see a wedding ring though.

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Description Essay
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It made me wonder if she was recently divorced and was going back to school because that was something she put on the back burner once she got married and had children, like so many women. Or maybe she remained a single mom and know that her kids were grown she finally had the time to do something for herself. Or maybe I had it all wrong I chuckled to myself, after all she could be a lesbian. I begin to wonder if she noticed me looking at her because we had caught eye contact a couple of times. I decided to hurry up and finish this description before this lady thought I was a psycho or something.

She was wearing simple black squirt suit, but I could tell it was a expensive one by the quality of it. She had on simple black heels to match it and a midsized coach purse. She had a slim figure and her outfit accentuated her body nice. There even was a older man who was cleaning the tables whom I noticed glancing at her and trying to get her attention. She just smiled at him warmly and held a short conversation with him before she continued to begin to eat her lunch. Huh, I thought to myself, she still has style and sex appeal at her age I bet she was a force to be reckoned with in her younger days.

Made me not feel so gloom about getting older and all the changes my body are beginning to go through, because she still had it all packaged up nicely. We then caught eye contact again and she smiled at me, it was a warm friendly smile and I noticed she had great teeth as well. She had the kind of smile that lit up the room and I could tell that she was a nice person. At the same time it was time for me to go to class so I packed up my belonging and left hoping that I got enough information to complete 2 pages. Funny thing is though a few days later I ran into her in the bathroom while we were both washing our hands.

She asked me did we know each other from somewhere because last week I saw you looking at me as if you were trying to remember me or something. I was so embarrassed but I laughed it off and told her about the assignment. She said “if you don’t mind I would love to read what I wrote? ” and we exchanged email information. I emailed her the paper and she emailed me back saying how she enjoyed reading my observations, but I got one thing dead wrong. Her suit was only $29. 99 from the clearance section at Boston Store. I smiled, it actually was great to sit and observe someone, I got a lot out of it without even knowing it.


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