Description of incident between Black BMW and white Lexus Essay

Description of incident


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Description of incident between Black BMW and white Lexus Essay
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At 9 a. m. Sunday forenoon. I was on my manner to run into a client for a 10:15 a. m. assignment. I was driving northbound on the figure two lane of the Northbound I- 110 expressway. at a velocity of 70 stat mis per hr. The expressway was smooth without traffic that forenoon. While I was driving. a 2005 Black BMW all of a sudden attempted to travel from the figure one lane into the figure two lane. As a consequence. I lost control of the vehicle and collided with the 2005 Black BMW on its rear ( Doctor Who Online – YaWHO Group – Yahoo! Groups. ) . The impact caused the 2005 Black BMW to whirl and hitting another auto. a 2009 white Lexus. which received minor impact. We noticed that the rider of the BMW was stuck in his vehicle. and his auto was leaking fluids. Fortunately. we were able to acquire the rider out with minor hurts.

At 9:20 a. m. . I called 911 and the Highway Patrol officer arrived 5 proceedingss subsequently. He interviewed all the people who were involved in the accident and informants every bit good. After 10 proceedingss. the Fire Department came to unclutter out accident and clean the main road. Merely minor hurts were reported ; hence no 1 was taken to infirmary.

Follow up actions

After the incident. I interacted with the people involved in the accident. I besides took exposure of the amendss to the auto. At 9:30 a. m. . I called my supervisor. Cesar Serrano. to take attention of the insurance company. I called the client to inform him that I will non be able to run into with him because of the happening. Tomorrow. I plan to subject for check-up on any farther hurts.


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