descriptive on volkswagon Essay

Dan Martinez Professor Wintersole ENGL 1302 05 3 sept 2012 Volkswagen Jetta A destination mostly has a conflict either before or after. Having fun does not necessarily have to be at a specific place. Going to a beach might be the best part of your trip, but what if the ride getting there is Just as good? Well the ride might not go as great unless you are in a nice vehicle. The Volkswagen Jetta is a complete car for any type of cruise, and according to the ad, it is way better with some entertainment especially with the ones you love.

First of all, the car interior has sand all over. In the back seat of the car the kids are playing as if they were already at the beach. In the front seat you can see the mom laying back as if she was tanning against the sun. The scene is extremely relaxing, especially because they give you a thought that they are on the road. The boy only has his head and feet sticking out in in the back seat as if he was buried in the sand. The description of the beach in a car makes it seem impossible to have that much fun, but it should all make sense after really thinking about the ad.

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descriptive on volkswagon Essay
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The car’s interior is extremely a huge part of the car. Without the seats being leather, suede, or sand in this case, you will have nowhere to sit. The fact that the beach is displayed in the car makes the scene somewhat awkward, but that does not make a difference when it comes to having fun. The interior plus the attraction of the family in the beach make the car look really exclusive. There is a place and time for everything, but in this case there’s nothing but time. This car must have the perfect ride for it to be displaying this much enthusiasm to the viewers.

In addition, the people in the car are the mom that is on the driver seat and the kids that are in the back seat. The mom is sitting in the front seat. The girl is somewhat teasing the boy with a Popsicle since he can’t use his hands which are buried in the sand. It is a good combination to present the car and the beach because that should be a great family vacation no matter what. Even if they are riding in an old beat up car, the family will still enjoy their pleasant ride to the beach with each other. Since the car is nice, they are promoting the kids to have the same un in there, which is nearly impossible.

It could be entertaining, but not like that. My opinion is against the advertisement because any new car is capable to have a smooth ride for the driver and family. Last but not least, the objects in the car all have to do with a beach. The magazine on the side pocket of the door represents something to keep busy while you divert yourself. There are certain beach toys such as the shovel, water goggles, a bucket, and a fish net. Those represent the material used to entertain kids while they are lowning around the sand and beach.

There are some shells around the boys neck that indicate that he is buried in the sand. Everything inside the car is used to represent a scene. inside a vehicle made by Volkswagen. Even though it does seem impossible, the gesture of the relaxation from the mom and the amusement from the children make the ride scene seem priceless. If it costs to buy a Jetta to have that much fun, I am all in. Works Cited Volkswagen. Advertisement. Web. 29 Aug. 2012. “Welcome at Volkswagen International. ” Volkswagen. 2012. Web. 5 Sept. 2012.


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