Descriptive statistic Essay

Table 1 shows the descriptive statistics about the 74 theoretical accounts of cars released in the twelvemonth 1978. these include the automobiles’ monetary value. milage. fix record. headway. trunk infinite. weight. length. turn circle. supplanting and the gear ratio with its corresponding consequences. In footings of automobiles’ monetary value. it ranges to $ 3. 291. 00 up to $ 15. 906. 00 for the period of the said twelvemonth. Its mean monetary value is $ 6. 165. 26 with a standard divergence of $ 2. 949. 50. It can be seen that monetary values are non near by to one another. With respects to mileage. the bulk of the cars runs 41 stat mis for every gallon of gasolene. while the least runs merely for 12 stat mis. The mean of milage has resulted to 21. 30 mpg. with a standard divergence of 5. 79 mpg. As to the variable fix record it can be seen that merely 69 were observed out of the 74 cars. The highest happening of fixs made is five times. whereas the least occurs merely one clip. The mean fix recorded is 3. 41 times while its standard divergence is merely. 98. It is besides seen the informations about the part of automobiles’ headway in inches.

The car recorded with the largest headway has 5 inches size nevertheless the smallest merely got 1. 5 inches. Further. the mean headway is 2. 99 inches. altering at a standard divergence of. 85. Respectively. the bole of cars is given measured in three-dimensional pess. The largest bole noted has a 23 copper. ft. of infinite. on the other manus the least has a size of 5 copper. foot. The average size of the bole got a 13. 76 copper. ft. holding a standard divergence of 4. 28 copper. foot. The automobiles’ weight resulted with the heaviest theoretical account got a 4. 840 pound. while the lightest among them weighs 1. 760 pound. The mean weight of cars recorded is 3. 019. 46 pound. A standard divergence of 777. 19. While the measuring of automobiles’ length got a longest and shortest step of 233 inches and 142 inches. severally.

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The mean length of the cars is 187. 93 inches with a standard divergence of 22. 27 inches. The highest step of bend circles gathered is 51 ft. while. the lowest collected step is 31 foot. The mean measuring of bend circles is 39. 65 ft. changing at a standard divergence of 4. 40 ft. As to the measuring of the supplanting. the highest got a size of 425 copper. in. and the least got a size of 79 copper. in. The mean measuring is 197. 30 copper. in. and a standard divergence of 91. 84 in. copper. The cogwheel ratio shows a consequence that its average/mean is 3. 01. It ranges to 2. 19 up to 3. 89 with a standard divergence of. 46.


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