Design a Flowchart for a Process Essay

Design a Flowchart for a process Billy W. Graham Jr. OPS/571 August 9, 2010 Wayne Moore Design a Flowchart for a process The process I selected for analysis and flowchart design is the daily operation of the laundry plant I supervise at work. From the time I took over as supervisor my goal has been to change the manner in which we utilize our washing machines in an attempt to keep our operation continuous without the start-stop bottleneck plagued runs of my predecessor. What I am attempting is the creation of a buffer by using washing machine#3 to take up the slack of the other four machines and keep linen moving in a consistent manner.

This entails calculating run times and the type of linen being washed. So far the results have been poor because of the difficulty teaching machine operators the importance of calculating run times and load balancing with all five machines in mind. As a laundry inputs are dirty linen and outputs are clean linen that has been dried, pressed, folded and sorted for storage. Our operation is a multiple-stage process that utilizes a product layout facility with a continuous operation on most days. Laundry Plant Machine Information Washing machine#1 Capacity: 560lbs Cycle time: 56 minutes Washing machine#2

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Design a Flowchart for a Process Essay
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Capacity: 275lbs Cycle time: 48 minutes Washing machine#3 Capacity: 240lbs Cycle time: 55minutes Washing machine#4 Capacity: 55lbs Cycle time: 41 minutes Washing machine#5 Capacity: 35lbs Cycle time: 35 minutes Dryers#1-4 Capacity: 45lbs Cycle time: variable Press#1 Capacity: variable Speed: variable Daily wash poundage at full capacity: 5. 5 tons Average daily wash poundage on monthly basis: 3. 25 tons Factors Affecting Process Design The following factors have an effect on the process design: 1. After laundry is washed will it be dried or pressed? 2. If pressed is it stored right after pressing? . When dried it is first folded and then stored Flowchart [pic] Measurement Metric The measurement metric employed by our company for the laundry process is partial factor productivity. This measurement calculates how much laundry each employee is processing per hour during an eight hour shift. We keep load sheets on all washers and are able to calculate how many pounds of wash is finished during a normal eight hour shift. We then use the below formula to reach a productivity figure: (Total lbs of laundry washed per shift/8 hours) Number of employees working during shift

Marriott International uses a benchmark figure of 110 lbs of laundry processed per employee per hour as their standard productivity protocol. Conclusion The laundry I supervise routinely operates at 104% capacity. We do this amount of work even though we have been short staffed for over a year. Reference Chase, R. B. , Jacobs, F. , & Aquilano, N. J. (2006). Operations Management for competitive Advantage (11th ed. ). [University of Phoenix custom e-text]. New York: McGraw/Hill/ Irwin. Retrieved July 12, 2010 from University of Phoenix, OPS/571 Operations Management course website.


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