Design and Development of a Landmark Park in Birmingham Essay


The disused elevated railroad path that runs through Digbeth in the bosom of Birmingham City Centre similar to the 1 in business district Manhattan will offer commuters and tourers likewise a quiet flight from the pandemonium on the busy metropolis streets below. Apart from luring commercial development and possible addition in touristry in the metropolis, investors would be more bucked up to buy and populate in metropolis Centre flats, Parkss have inauspicious positive affects on the local environment and will be a impulsive force in supplying a accelerator for residential development in the metropolis.

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Design and Development of a Landmark Park in Birmingham Essay
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The undertaking undertaking will tag a clear purpose to bring forth a new landmark for Birmingham. the strategy has been shaped and developed into a proposal that will lend significantly to the hereafter of Birmingham’s development and if the proposal goes in front I’m certain it will be something that Birmingham can be proud of.

Another point to see is that Digbeth besides has several listed edifices and this could impact the building of the sky park in certain countries therefore steps would hold to be put in topographic point to guarantee no harm would come to such edifices. Although clip consuming, one thought around this would be to raise stuffs onto the Sky Park at a safe ‘ country and so transport them down the Sky Park to the dedicated country and work from the furthest side of the Sky Park from the ‘safe ‘ country and work backwards, transit could integrate the paths in topographic point to assist take down the costs.

The chief proficient issue involved in constructing a sky park foremost would be how to present workers, building machinery up to certain tallness for building intent. The fact that disused railroad line are frequently built many old ages ago, hence requires cautious care/handling during the building procedure and analyze about the stableness of it ‘s foundation. Case Study could be taken from High Line & A ; Promenade Plantee. Merely building company with old sustainable or relevant sky park/garden/large graduated table rooftop undertaking should be considered. Second, it will be how to respond in the event of unfortunate or exigency given it’s tallness, where normally ambulance/police/fire engine will hold to come in deliverance.

Drain will be one of the foremost issues in seeking to construct the proposed skypark a signifier of SUDS will necessitate to be applied in order to extenuate this, on-site storm H2O detainment, with an overflow pipe that feeds into the chief cloaca system, or an even a larger armored combat vehicle below street degree can be applied in the summer when the H2O will be required. Using drinkable H2O from the brinies should be kept to bare minimal. Greenery can besides assist to command drainage as required by Part H of the edifice regs. The workss will vitally absorb the rainwater, which will decrease the extent of load on the current drainage substructure and this will help the low care of the site.

Crushed granite dust will increase the sum of minerals and micro foods in the dirt land pine bark is really goodas a mulch, It goes a long manner into doing it harder for rainwater to perforate into the roots. All paving countries should be porous, leting rainwater to filtrate into the land where it will be picked up by the undersoil drainage system.

The H2O degrees in the undersoil will be managed by a concatenation of Wellss ranged across the full length of the span. Drains and reservoirs will pull off the release of rainwater among the undersoil degrees. A zonary irrigation system will maintain the planting green during periods of drawn-out drouth. There will besides be a rainwater harvest home and a storage system, for lavatory flushing.

Initial jobs when believing of sky park design and building are the chief issue of entree. As it is basically non on land degree, would the park be adapted to provide for the demands of aged, wheelchair users. The sky park is different from any other park that wouldn’t normally have these issues.

The start and the terminal of the sky park should ease for wheelchair and baby buggy users so Lifts should be integrated into the design. Entrance should be built in Lower Trinity Street, Allock Street and Liverpool Street aside from the two sides. Lands nearby these street, rather a few shown as auto park should be purchased in order to build an entryway with both lifts and staircase entree.

LED floored spotlighting will be a good characteristic to supply lighting, and besides saves on costs these can be programmed to come on when there is motion utilizing detectors.

Even though it may be more expensive a user-friendly solid but smooth stuff should be used such as porous concrete should be used in order for a wheelchair being pushed easy. A rugged surface would impede the motion of wheelchair users doing it hard for them to utilize the park. Porous concrete will besides be good for drainage and will forestall any algae or moss from developing.

The skypark will necessitate an energy beginning for the lighting and a power beginning for the stables, an anaerobiotic digestion works either situated under theoneof the arches or resistance would be in maintaining with the green and sustainable demands of the skypark, the decaying works life and waste from local fast nutrient constitutions could be used as its chief power beginning, with the energy produced piped to the skypark. which would travel towards the care of the plant.The energy producedcould besides be used as the power beginning for the cctv cameras and for the pumps to the H2O system. So theoretically all its energy demands will be self contained. A grant from the Anaerobic Digestion Loan Fund ( ADLF ) would travel towards the initial edifice of the works. The loan is for between ?50,000 and ?1 million and is collectible over five old ages. The ensuing waste can so be used as fertilizer for the workss, and helps deviate waste from landfill.

Climate alteration is a really large factor in our day-to-day lives. The purpose is to cut down the usage of fossil fuels and to go a more sustainable state.

Vegetation and ‘greenery ‘ on the Skypark will be more worthwhile alternatively of a concreted country similar to the 1 in New York, which has assorted architectural constructions to do an attention-getting infinite without leaf.

There are no existent countries of verdure in or around the City Centre where local people and tourers can garner in safe and unafraid country, there are many unfastened concrete infinites such as St Martin ‘s Square, Victoria Square, Southside City Park, Chamberlain Square, Oozel ‘s Square, Centenery Square, New Street, High Street. But merely three or four’green ‘ countries, all of which are cemeteries and graveyards St Phillip ‘s, St Paul ‘s, Warstone Lane Cemetery, that little one by moor Street

A good thought out program of the green infinites, in uniting local wild flowers will profit and increase the biodiversity which will bring forth several benefits from doing patterned advance of holding a greener local environment, understanding and easing responses to environmental alteration, supplying ecosystem services, carry throughing ethical duties, and bettering human wellbeing.

Although green infinites will be more expensive in the long tally, I believe that they will hold inauspicious benefits and bring more tourers and do the park a more beautiful scene to walk through therefore being more value-for-money than yet another limitless bed of stonework.

Sustainable stuffs should be used at every juncture, so permeable concrete alternatively of concrete, crushed limestone, permeable pavers or asphalt should be used at the entree points. The proficient issues and the logistics of seeking to make an urbanskypark where discoverd by the City of Chicago in making the Bloomingdale Trail and Park and it should be a templet for what the City of Birminghamaspirations should be based on, instead than the Promenade Plantee which is a green infinite in isolation to any other green infinite, a green trail that leads into the City where people park their autos off fromthe metropolis Centre and a 15 minute walk before they spend all twenty-four hours behind a deskshould be an assistance to peoples good being.

The building of the park will necessitate to be done in a manner that will non hold any inauspicious impact on the surrounding edifices ( particularly any that are listed ) therefore a really clear contract program must be in topographic point before work starts and any permissions obtained from bordering proprietors if their land demands to be crossed as portion of the building procedure. A safe system of working ( particularly at tallness ) must besides be in topographic point.

there are companies within the Digbeth country that could be involved in the design and building of the park. All this helps to guarantee as low a C footmark as possible and a ‘sustainable development ‘ I besides like the thought of affecting local voluntary groups

The thought of affecting local groups and companies will non merely enable the local country to take some ‘ownership ‘ of the undertaking, but could be of benefit in assisting to cut down the over C footmark ( fewer people going potentially long distances to work on the undertaking etc. ) They would of class demand to hold the appropriate accomplishments and they will necessitate to be managed. How practical in world would this be… .. ?

Recycled stuffs and plentifulness of verdure will besides be ‘kinder ‘ to the environment.


Harmonizing to the uk offense stat database Digbeth is ranked 4th in offenses committed in and around a 5 mile radius of Birmingham City Centre. Even though the tendency has shown a little lessening over the old ages at that place still is a outstanding menace of offenses being committed in Digbeth. In the period of March 2014 to February 2015 113 robberies were committed in Digbeth.

The design of a park on top of the obsolete railroad can hold a direct impact on people’s perceptual experiences of safety and their willingness to utilize the infinite.

Accessible and easy locatable, public telephones can be installed for people that have incurred an issue from sing the Parkss possibly a handicapped user is holding jobs or an ambulance needs to be called because a jogger has fallen. Telephones are non merely a affair of convenience, but they besides act as a symbol of safety and security as bash seeable constabulary patrols and a high degree of care. The presence of parks staff plays a similar function by supplying a sense that aid is available, if required.

The design of the park and paseos shouldavoid sudden corners or blind decompression sicknesss along prosaic or cyclist routesEnsuring that seting does non turn to befog the position or supply concealment topographic points for wrongdoers. Lighting should be Use of Parkss at dark should be discouraged and merely waies that are indispensable designated paths should be lit. However illuming entirely will non do Parkss or a path safer. Lighting should be carefully considered and combined with other safety design steps. Lighting can be used to do Parkss experience safer by, Supplying illuming merely where the usage of a way is indispensable at all times.

Planting and Maintenance Planting and fencing supply an agreeableness and safety map, but attention should be taken to guarantee they do non barricade positions, or make ‘hiding places’ and entrapment musca volitanss. A ignored infinite is likely to ask for anti-social behavior and will experience insecure. Particular attention should be taken when sing the country around lavatory installations. Parks, militias and waterways can be made to experience safer by guaranting good visibleness, with lavatory doors opening straight onto public infinite and seting kept low

Guaranting that seting does non befog illuming or positions by avoiding workss or bushs that block the field of vision between 700 millimeters to 2000 millimeters above land degree. Sniping trees on a regular basis to guarantee clear short pantss and avoid befoging visibleness

Guaranting that seting does non befog illuming or positions by avoiding workss or bushs that block the field of vision between 700 millimeters to 2000 millimeters above land degree Sniping trees on a regular basis to guarantee clear short pantss and avoid befoging visibleness

Security guard base and CCTV should be installed on each entryway. Electric Doors should be installed on the entryway gap to the park, where it will automatically be locked at certain times.

Regard to unfortunate events, it would be extremely impossible to allow any exigency get through due to the breadth and entryway are n’t chiefly built for vehicle entree.

It may be good for a auto entryway in one manner for keeping an exigency vehicle, yet how to turn around and acquire back down remains an unresolved inquiry?

A golf cart may be another option to transport a patient down nevertheless a larger lift would necessitate to be built to vouch that the cart can suit into the lift. There is ever the chance to utilize West Midlands air support ambulance to be used in these fortunes.

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Planing a park for safety is based on what is by and large considered to be good design. It meets the demands of its users ; it is diverse and interesting ; it connects people with topographic point ; and it provides people with a positive image and experience. While good design will non needfully extinguish perceptual experiences of fright or chances for offense to happen, it can make the stipulations for effectual control.


There will be a figure of ongoing costs this includes holding several dedicated park keepers on site 7 yearss per hebdomad. The grass would necessitate to be cut and treated every so frequently approx. 30 times a twelvemonth. Plants will necessitate to be pruned and maintained by staff, signage should be located so that seting will non befog them from position as they grow. The care staff would besides necessitate to alter the bins pick up any litter day-to-day and clear the fallen foliages in the colder winter and autumn months. They will besides necessitate to take the litter from H2O characteristics on a day-to-day footing to maintain them from being blocked or damaged by objects falling into them. They will besides necessitate to be serviced and chemicals poured into them. Any paving countries and tracts will necessitate to be jet washed or swept and sprayed a few times a hebdomad to maintain them from acquiring slippery. There besides might be any fix on broken slabs any constructions or furniture like benches will necessitate to be maintained. Trees and other planting will necessitate to be maintained shrubs wild flowers and tree protection is obligatory. Graffiti and hooliganism may be a job with the park country as I’m sure it may be aiming by felons to label and destroy the beautiful countries. Any graffito or hooliganism will necessitate to be rectified. The electricity and lighting may besides necessitate keeping and serving a few times a twelvemonth. Replacing of broken out-of-door visible radiations etc.

Utility services:

  • Care of Central Utilities
  • Waste Water Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Energy Management
  1. Relationships with bing built and natural environments
  2. Life rhythm costs

Include maps photographs from Paris

Two elements from Paris trip that should be incoroparted provde justification


Water fountain to imbibe

Paris trip

After sing the promenade stretches In Paris which stretches for about 5 kilometres across the 12th arrondissement following the way of the retired ligne de Vincennes railroad path shows …………..


Using surface coverings which are renewable, have a low ratio of imbedded C and which encourage natural drainage of the country would besides be to the Parkss advantage


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