Design and Plan for the Bridge House Refurbishment Essay

Executive Summary

A strategy has late been approved for the change and renovation of the Bridge House financed to the full by a household Trust. The undertaking, which involves among others destruction of bing constructions and transition of the edifice into flats, is expected to be completed in one twelvemonth and will be around ?1000000. The contract has been awarded to Lam Co.Ltd.

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A programme of plants in the signifier of a Gantt chart demoing the continuance of each activity, cardinal mileposts and the critical way of the undertaking has been drawn up. Through this programme of plants contractor’s advancement can be monitored.

A hard currency flow analysis besides has been prepared to supply the client with an indicant of the sum of financess to be disbursed at each phase of the undertaking. An S-curve demoing the cumulative costs to be incurred during the life of the undertaking has besides been drawn.

  1. Introduction
  1. Aim and aim

The intent of this undertaking is to change and renovate the Bridge House to supply flats and basement storage without impacting the street scene on the corner of the site, to urge betterments to the proposed strategy, better the edifice aesthetics, to supply a new and modern span house which is more environment-friendly, and to upgrade the services of the Bridge House.

  1. Detailss of writing

The undertaking has been entrusted to Lam Co.Ltd a duly registered company specialized in redevelopment and building plants. It has its place at 24 Salisbury Road, Leeds. It has been active in building undertakings for the last 24 old ages. The chief purpose of this company is to fulfill the demands of clients by supplying the best possible solution. Lam Co.Ltd provides a epicurean life to its clients at a sensible monetary value.

  1. Client’s inside informations

The client is a household Trust and the freeholder of 2-8 Gas Works Lane Oswaldham in the bosom of industrial Lancashire.

  1. Undertaking specifics

The Bridge House is a vacant edifice and managed by a household Trust. A strategy has been late approved by the Planning Authority for the change and renovation of the Bridge House which will be to the full financed by the household trust. The site is near to the Centre of the town and merely within the cardinal preservation country.

The undertaking will affect destruction of portion of bing constructions, transition of land floor, 1stfloor and 2neodymiumfloor into flats, reparation of gaps and picture of external walls, landscaping and site plants, fixs or replacing of damaged lumber ceilings and floors, fixs of roofs, cleansing and picture of internal walls and dividers and reinstallation of edifice services.

The estimated continuance of the undertaking is about one twelvemonth and will be around ?1000000. All these descriptions are written in the contract and signed by both parties.

  1. Context

The change and renovation of the Bridge House is being undertaken by the household Trust so every bit to supply low cost lodging for local people.

2.2Conditionss of battle

For this undertaking a contract has been signed between the household Trust and the Chief Executive Officer of Lam Co.Ltd. In this contract the continuance, cost program, undertaking program and procurance program, fluctuations and changes, extension clip, care period, dealingss between the contractor and proprietor and payment agendas are clearly laid down.

2.3Restrictions and exclusions

The company will make its degree best to finish the undertaking on specified clip without compromising quality. However, the contractor will non be responsible for any hold caused due to natural catastrophes and any other “force majeure” .

  1. Method

The cost program has been prepared on footing of measuring taken from the proposed edifice program. Furthermore, a site visit has been carried out to inspect the edifice and measure the range of plants.

Samples of the construction of the edifice have been collected and tested harmonizing to relevant British Standards to find the strength and lastingness of the constructions.


4.1Definition and intent of programme of plants

One of the cardinal elements in commanding the advancement of the undertaking is the preparation of a undertaking programme. From the start of the undertaking this papers measures the advancement of the undertaking against marks. The programme of plants includes subcontractor activities, stuff bringings and other relevant activities required to present the undertaking on clip. During the building stage this programme is used to supervise contractor’s advancement and supply the proprietor with regular advancement studies.


Milestones are of import events during a project’s life at which specific reappraisals of clip, cost and quality are made. They are the important points in the undertaking which indicate whether it is on agenda. In this undertaking three mileposts have been identified as follows:

Milestone 1: Behavior rough-in HVAC review.

Milestone 2: Deliver and fix external doors and Windowss.

Milestone 3: Varnish, Polish and topographic point rug for lumber floors.

4.3Critical way

Critical way is the way which has the longest sequence of activities. It is called the critical way because any hold in any other activities on this way will detain the whole undertaking.

The critical activities in the undertaking are viz. destruction and hauling off, frame and internal walls and dividers. These activities are considered to be critical because they need to be completed first before other plants could get down.

The activity sequences, continuances and agenda restraints have been analysed and a Gantt chart has been produced at Appendix A.

4.4Undertaking agenda

Each activity from site set up to handover has been listed and given a clip graduated table. Approximate activity continuances are based on edifice size and past experience.

Harmonizing to the Gantt chart the undertaking will get down on 3rdJuly 2014 and stop on 7ThursdaySeptember 2015. On hebdomad yearss working hours start from 8.00am – 5.00pm and on Saturdays work starts at 8.00am and terminals at 12.00pm. The continuance of the different activities are illustrated in table 4.4.

Table 4.4: Activity agenda.

Main Tasks


Preliminary plants on site

3rdJuly 2014 – 9ThursdayJuly 2014

( 5 yearss )

Facilitating plants

9ThursdayJuly 1995 – 12ThursdayAugust 2014

( 26 yearss )


12ThursdayAugust 2014 – 5ThursdaySeptember 2014 ( 20 yearss )

Roof fixs and coatings

5ThursdaySeptember 2014 – 16ThursdaySeptember 2014 ( 8 yearss )

Roof drainage

16ThursdaySeptember 2014– 25ThursdaySeptember 2014 ( 7 yearss )

Internal walls and dividers

25ThursdaySeptember 2014 – 10ThursdayDecember 2014 ( 60 yearss )

Floor fixs

10ThursdayDecember 2014 – 23ThursdayDecember 2014 ( 10 yearss )

Ceiling fixs

23ThursdayDecember 2014 – 5ThursdayJanuary 2015 ( 10 yearss )


5ThursdayJanuary 2015 – 13ThursdayJanuary 2015

( 7 yearss )

Rough in public-service corporations

5ThursdayJanuary 2015 – 28ThursdayJanuary 2015

( 19 yearss )

External drainage installings

19ThursdayJanuary 2015 – 6ThursdayFebruary 2015 ( 15 yearss )

Finish plumbing

6ThursdayFebruary 2015 – 12ThursdayMarch 2015

( 27 yearss )

Finish electrical plants

12ThursdayMarch 2015 – 9ThursdayApril 2015

( 22 yearss )

Main Tasks


Finish HVAC

9ThursdayApril 2015 – 18ThursdayApril 2015

( 7 yearss )

Deliver and fix external doors

and Windowss

17ThursdayApril 2015 – 6ThursdayMay 2015

( 15 yearss )

Sound cogent evidence intervention

6ThursdayMay 2015 – 15ThursdayMay 2015

( 7 yearss )

Wall coatings

6ThursdayMay 2015 – 28ThursdayJuly 2015

( 65 yearss )

Ceiling coatings

28ThursdayJuly 2015 – 6ThursdayAugust 2015

( 7 yearss )

Floor coatings

6ThursdayAugust 2015 – 14ThursdayAugust 2015

( 7 yearss )

Deliver and repair internal doors

14ThursdayAugust 2015 – 3rdSeptember 2015 ( 15 yearss )

Furniture/joinery plants

14ThursdayAugust 2015 – 19ThursdayAugust 2015

( 3 yearss )

Landscaping and site plants

19ThursdayAugust 2015 – 31ThursdayAugust 2015

( 9.5 yearss )

Concluding clean up and tenancy

31ThursdayAugust 2015 – 7ThursdaySeptember 2015 ( 5 yearss )

  • Preliminary plants on site will take 5 yearss because at the beginning there is a skeleton staff and processs for H2O and electricity will take at least 2 yearss to be completed.
  • Facilitating plants will necessitate 26 yearss because necessary safeguards should be taken to protect and seal off gaps that will be retained. Furthermore, destruction plants will hold to be carried out on land floor, first floor and 2nd floor.
  • Sing internal walls and dividers it has been estimated that the plants will be carried out in 60 yearss because it is the nucleus activity of the undertaking and besides because the plants are complex. The continuances depend on the range and extent of internal walls and dividers. The default continuance per floor is assumed to take 20 yearss.
  • The range of work involved in frame ( structural work, braces, etc. ) is extended and will justify at least 20 yearss. Frame hard-on is based on gross internal floor country which is 1031 m? .
  • The building and installing of stairwaies will take at least 7 yearss because it is made in lumber which has to be polished and varnished. The work will necessitate to be carried out with attention at joists. The work will be carried out at the same time with roof fixs and coatings.
  • 8 yearss will be required for roof fixs and coatings activity which involves replacing of broken slates, screed and coating every bit good as fix of dormer and roof infinite.
  • Roof drainage is preceded by roof fixs and will justify one hebdomad as it includes replacing of downpipes, troughs and roof mercantile establishments and installing of new 1s.
  • Allocated continuance for rough-in public-service corporations which involve incasing of H2O pipes, electrical conduits and gas pipes is about 19 yearss. The plants will be performed by a figure of crews that in turn progress through each floor.
  • 15 yearss have been allocated to external drainage activity because works include connexion of solid and waste pipes to cloacas every bit good as building of new manholes where necessary.
  • Refering floor fixs 10 yearss have been assumed because interventions must be provided to timber upper floors and particular attention must be taken when replacing/repairing damaged countries of lumber floors. Works besides include cleaning of cellar floor.
  • Ceiling fixs will take at least 10 yearss because interventions need to be provided to timber ceilings and particular attention must be taken when replacing/repairing damaged countries of lumber ceilings.
  • Approximately 27 yearss have been earmarked for finish plumbing plants which include installing of healthful contraptions on land floor, first floor and 2nd floor.
  • Finish electrical plants will necessitate at least 22 yearss because works include installing and expiration of electrical devices on land floor, first floor and 2nd floor.
  • Finish HVAC plants will affect installing of Air conditioners, heating system and ventilating system which require at least one hebdomad.
  • Deliveries and repair of external doors and Windowss will take 15 yearss because there are rather a batch of gaps.
  • 15 yearss have been assumed for bringings and repair of internal doors because many internal doors have to be installed.
  • Wall coatings will necessitate about 65 yearss because works include rendering, cleansing and picture of walls and besides because of high extent of internal walls and dividers following the transition of the span house into flats.
  • Estimated clip for floor coatings is about one hebdomad because lumber floors need to be polished and varnished and tiles need to be placed for cellar floor. Ground floor coatings will be performed last in the floor coatings sequence because crews enter and issue through land floor and could accordingly damage coatings already in topographic point.
  • Assumed clip for ceiling coatings is about 7 yearss because works include stick oning and picture of ceilings and soffits.
  • Landscaping and site plants will take about 9.5 yearss because parking infinites need to be provided, rage demands to be constructed and new gate demands to be delivered and fixed. Soft landscape gardening and planting besides need to be carried out.

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The ternary restraint constitute clip, range and cost. One of the chief aims of this undertaking is to accomplish the ternary restraint. The first focal point of Lam Co.Ltd is to finish the change and renovation of the Bridge House within one twelvemonth as mentioned in the contract.

The 2nd focal point is to accomplish the mark within the proposed budget and for this intent the cost of different stuffs have been estimated.

The 3rd of import factor is scope designation. The range of this undertaking is to change and renovate the Bridge House within the estimated clip and budget.

(, 2014 )


An analysis of hard currency flow is of import for proper planning. The hard currency flow sets out when outgo would be incurred and the sum that will hold to be disbursed during the life of the undertaking. Predicting hard currency flow is of import to guarantee that sufficient financess are available in clip.

Pull offing and calculating the hard currency influxs and escapes are important for the success of the undertaking. Mismanagement of hard currency flow can detain the undertaking and consequence in cost overproduction and even in bankruptcy for the contractor.

The undertaking budget and jutting hard currency flow are really of import because they serve as the baseline for supervising existent disbursals and placing overproductions which can impact the undertaking.

Cash flow projections may be affected by the demand for the early purchase of long lead clip points or points that are outside of the chief contract which the client may wish to buy.

A projection of hard currency flow for the undertaking has been prepared on the footing of elemental cost analysis at appendix B as follows:

Table 6.0: Cash flow projection.

A graphical representation of the hard currency flow analysis has besides been produced at Appendix C. The graph shows the cumulative costs to be incurred during the life of the undertaking.

Both the elemental cost analysis and the hard currency flow projection would supply the client with an overview of the entire undertaking cost and could be used for negociating banking installations, expecting hard currency deficit, proper monitoring of overall undertaking cost and for avoiding overtrading.

( Brighthub Project Management, 2014 )

(, 2014 )


This study has highlighted the intent and importance of a programme of plants for both the undertaking director and the proprietor. It can be used to accomplish value for money and to pull off the ternary restraints ( i.e. clip, range and cost ) . The hard currency flow analysis ensures that financess are made available for the undertaking in clip and place overproductions which can impact the undertaking.

Both the programme of plants and hard currency flow analysis can be used as a tool by the client for supervising advancement of work and undertaking cost to avoid cost overproduction and hold in project execution.

The undertaking director, on the other manus, can utilize the work programme to guarantee that the undertaking progresses every bit scheduled. The hard currency flow analysis will assist to break program procurance of stuffs and guarantee profitableness.


It is considered that the change and renovation of Bridge House undertaking is against the doctrine of low cost lodging strategy on history of the fact that the undertaking cost is above ?1000000 and the lease to be charged to the prospective renters will be excessively high.

In the visible radiation of the above it is recommended that the proposed strategy be reviewed and supply lodging installations for the in-between category or the proposed undertaking program be amended to accommodate the aims of the strategy.


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