Designation Of Right Nature Of The Job Commerce Essay

This assignment is based on the instance survey of Arun Intercontinental bargainers ( AIT ) , the administration I worked before. It discusses some of the cardinal issues on HRM policies followed by the proposal that could assist the company to get the better of those booby traps and benefits associated while following those alterations.

Arun Intercontinental Traders

AIT, an automotive wing of Chaudhary Group of organisation in Nepal, is providing its greatest car merchandises and services for about three decennaries and is exclusive authorised distributer of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan and Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India. The company dominates Nepali car market with about 50 % market portion and put up a benchmark in several industry, until late, started losing its gross revenues to its rivals. Where, on one manus, it has the advantage of highest merchandise scope, on the other, it is losing its gross revenues to rivals. Despite the strength of widest web, equal cognition of market, integrated engineering and organizational scheme, company failed to increase coveted gross revenues volume and client satisfaction in recent old ages and lost much of its gross revenues to the rivals.

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Designation Of Right Nature Of The Job Commerce Essay
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Background Information on the Issue

One of the cardinal grounds for AIT in losing its gross revenues is the “ high rate of employee turnover ” , which means quality employees go forthing company for better chances. There are several issues to employee ‘s turnover in AIT ‘s instance.

One of that is AIT ‘s work civilization and concern pattern. AIT, is likely the first sole car distributer registered in Nepal, started with a limited resources and limited staffs. Unlike today, concern operation was instead simple with limited clients and limited service criterions. One good point of that clip was freedom in determination devising and monopoly market. The work civilization and environment set by the monopoly market is deep rooted and could still be seen in organisational behavior. Decision devising and scheme planning is extremely influenced by finance and history divisions. The aim of the company is to bring forth maximal gross by making maximal gross revenues. HRM patterns are frequently looked after by senior members of the company within the fiscal limitations. There are frequently employee ‘s ailments about wages and wages, favoritism, work loads, benefit programmes etc.

“ Employees leave an administration because they become disgruntled, underpaid or unmotivated ” ( Sigler, K. 1999 )[ 1 ].

Second, it ‘s the function of competitory market and rivals to pull star employees with better wages and benefits. In fact, this has been a common issue in Nepal in every industrial sector. The deficiency of experient employee and pattern of offering high values to those are actuating factor for employees to exchange between organizations..

“ Retention of the current work force is the most economic solution to an administration ” ( Hacker, C.A. 1996 )[ 2 ]. Organizations suffer both tangibly and intangibly with the turnover of their cardinal employees. A major job is infliction of costs. There will be cost of go forthing, replacing, preparation and indirect.

In AIT ‘s instance, go forthing costs are the paysheet and go forthing benefits in the signifier of 3 months corporate wage and life insurance etc. Next is replacement cost that will be spent on enrolling possible employees. This involves concealed costs like advertisement, clip spent on showing and interviewing. Training costs include Six month probation period, unproductive clip learning new employee to larn needed accomplishments. The indirect cost of AIT is the possible loss of gross because of reduced degree of client service. With employee ‘s going, there is loss of cognition, the cognition of puting work criterions in client ‘s demands and outlooks. Besides, possible Public Relation i.e. client base is besides transferred. Apparently, the high hazard of transportation is the strategic information of the company.

Employee Retention, a Solution.

“ The relationship between occupation satisfaction and employee turnover has been one of the most widely studied but least understood relationship in the organisational behavior literature ” . ( Spencer, D.G. 1986 )[ 3 ]. “ Non-productive and productive workers end up having the same or about the same compensation and bundle of fringe benefits because of direction ‘s inability to separate talented employees from the remainder of the labour force in the administration ” Sigler, K. , ( op cit ) . The organisation ‘s best pattern is to retain productive employees and promote hapless performing artists to go forth.

Right employee keeping is critical in sustainable growing of a concern. Best employee keeping besides ensures better client satisfaction, more gross revenues, satisfied colleagues, effectual planning and quality cognition. Further, sourcing new employees is really dearly-won and these costs are ne’er recorded in the books of history.

Best HRM pattern within the company is the cardinal solution to it. As stated by Noe et Al ( 2010 )[ 4 ], “ Effective HRM patterns are strategic as it has been shown to heighten company public presentation by lending to employee and client satisfaction, invention, productiveness and development of favorable environment in the house ‘s community ” .

AIT must take duty for their employee keeping to avoid running into a state of affairs of losing good employees. The thought is to recognize the power of skilled employees who can do or interrupt company ‘s repute. It requires more attending to employees ‘ demands and manage each issue more sensitively. Following are the nucleus countries where betterments are needed for AIT to retain its employees.

Fairness in directors function and their supervising

Argued and complained largely, the function of immediate higher-up was non really supportive in employee ‘s outlooks. The one-year assessments were done on the footing of favoritism. The employees felt unappreciated and deprived from the general information. Directors have to be good liked individual and transparent and equal chance supplier. More significantly, they have to be fair in their opinion.

Employee ‘s freedom to talk freely

Another issue is the employee ‘s equal chance to talk and supply feedback.

Management function should guarantee skilled employees to hold right assignments and liberty in doing determination given on their countries of expertness. In add-on, “ supplying employees with equal preparations to larn farther accomplishments will besides increase satisfaction degree within the administration ” Sigler, ( op cit ) . Favorable and pleasant work environment where the employee ‘s determinations are valued and appreciated would lure them to remain longer.

Appellation of right nature of occupation to compensate individual

“ Motivation is the willingness to exercise high degrees of attempt toward organizational ends, conditioned by the attempt ‘s ability to fulfill some single demand ” Ramlall, S ( op cit ) .

Ironically, many of the employees are still positioned in countries where they are constrained to show their accomplishment, endowment and experience. Motivation reciprocated in footings of their work assignment is really hapless. The consequence is work emphasis and irresistible impulse province of thought towards the designated work.

“ Employees at all degrees on occasion find themselves faced with inordinate work demands, and will go forth it if is the lone class of action ” ( Gallic and Caplan 1973 )[ 5 ].

Given a right shuffling in occupation i.e. making more chance to an single employee to research extent of their endowment and to show in the best manner in their comparative country would give the highest motive and productiveness.

Growth Opportunities

Particularly the best employees within the organisation ever seek chances to larn more and lift in their callings, cognition and accomplishments. “ The administrations civilization needs to let an environment of personal growing ” ( Thomas, K. 2000 )[ 6 ]. AIT should follow growing oriented programmes to promote possible employees.

Employees Existence Feeling

“ It is frequently ill-defined to what the employee and employer, really owe each other, therefore this makes carry throughing the duties hard ( Pate, J. et al 2003 )[ 7 ].

The physiological thought behavior of Employees in AIT ‘s instance is that they feel they do n’t be in CEO ‘s and MD ‘s head as they barely get to run into them. There should be frequent interactions with caput members to hike employee ‘s motive.


This is the concluding but most of import issue to be considered in employee keeping procedure of AIT. Reward system is one of the cardinal policies within strategic HRM which could be considered as an effectual tool to seek employee ‘s committedness and competency. Employee must acquire rewarded, appreciated and recognized often. Even by stating thank you and good done by the seniors may convey a alteration in employee ‘s perceptual experience.

A motivational theory bases effectual on the status where there is an equal end product i.e. just return to the input provided i.e. parts to the occupation. “ The challenge therefore for administrations is to develop reward systems that are perceived

to be just and just and administering the wages in conformity with employee beliefs about their ain value to the administration ” Ramlall, S. ( 2004 )[ 8 ].

Monetary wagess, inducements, fillips and gifts are another attack to get staffs devotedness and dedication. Besides out-of-door preparation programme, one time a twelvemonth out-of-door recreational travel fillips for the outstanding performing artist is another attack. Similarly, a image of best employee of the month inside the organisation ‘s board sounds effectual in keeping of sincere employee.


To retain current employees, it is really of import for AIT to place the grounds of employee ‘s displacement. This will foreground good HRM pattern to reexamine on the issue for farther wastage of quality employee.

The employee displacement form includes most likely both high and low performing artists than the mean performing artists. AIT can afford to lose hapless employee but at the same clip it will be losing its star performing artists. “ Therefore administrations need to supervise their turnover of employees ” ( Sturman, M 2003 )[ 9 ].

As stated by Armstrong ( 2001 )[ 10 ], “ The analysis of the figure of departers and the grounds why they leave provides information which will bespeak whether any action is required to better keeping rates ” .

Hence, by tracking down the go forthing form and with the best HRM attack, AIT, will hold an extra benefit of excess quality employees. Much significantly, it will hold its advantage of retaining the best staffs. This will assist AIT to increase satisfaction amongst the work force and the squad as a whole as a consequence increased end product and productiveness of work. Finally, accomplishing its strategic mission i.e. “ increasing its gross by increasing clients and employee ‘s satisfaction ” .





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