Developing a common conceptual framework for financial reporting Essay

A conceptual model is system of construct and rule in which determined the readying and presentation of fiscal statement. This is reflected by Foulk Lynch as he defined conceptual model as “ A coherent system of inter-related aims and basicss that should take to consistent criterions that prescribe the nature, map and bounds of fiscal accounting and fiscal statements. ” The thought of conceptual model is to organize a common criterion so that fiscal coverage is consistent and comparable to one another. However, this is non possible to accomplish in different capital market where different accounting standard exist where fiscal statement are prepared based on their regulated criterion.

To cut down the differences among the accounting rule used in the different capital market the procedure of harmonization introduced by International Accounting Standard Board by late 1970s which so in the 1990s replaced by the construct of convergence ; the development of a individual set of high quality international accounting criterion which is now known as International Financial Reporting Standard ( IFRS ) that would be used in all states. Harmonizing to IASB/IFRS the convergence of accounting criterion is non a new phenomenon. The construct of convergence first came into exist in the late fiftiess in response to post World War II when economic integrating and related addition in transverse boundary line capitalisation.

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Developing a common conceptual framework for financial reporting Essay
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In recent twelvemonth, the convergence of accounting criterion is in much of a focal point due to the increasing demand and force per unit area from fiscal capital market. As the concern gets globalise, the dealing gets complex and investors requires high quality fiscal information to do capital resource allotment determination. As a consequence increased demand of high quality fiscal information by supplying much more dependable and consistent information and that has led to major restructuring of IASB an organisation that responsible for convergence of planetary accounting criterion.

Recently jointly convergence by the FASB and IASB as portion of a joint undertaking to develop a common conceptual model for fiscal coverage is the.

The primary aim of this international convergence programme is to develop a common conceptual model for fiscal coverage by cut downing any differences among accounting criterion. The chief intent of making a common conceptual model is to protect the public involvement by supplying high quality fiscal coverage which is comprehensive, comparable and consistent with one another. So, that user of fiscal coverage can do economic determination based on it. It will besides profit planetary economic system as a whole as it will win investor and market assurance every bit good as cut down the disposal cost paid to acquire entree to capital markets.

To accomplish converged conceptual model is non straightforward as there are many jobs and barriers faced by IASB.

The major job of IASB to accomplish convergence accounting criterion is that difference in rules of accounting criterion in different states. The job of accomplishing converged conceptual model will be till all the disparities between different criterion have been eliminated. The one of the job that highlight accomplishing international convergence is the argument environing whether fiscal coverage should be regulations or rule based. The rules based attack of fiscal coverage supply a conceptual footing for comptrollers to follow when coverage and regulations based attack requires preparers of fiscal statement to follow elaborate regulations. The IASB and IFRS prefers principle based attack as puting their criterion where as US accounting standard FASB are instead based on regulations approach. IASB believes rules based attack is best for puting criterion as it provide wide guidelines to comptrollers and reduces complexness where fiscal statement are drawn-out, irrelevant and non clear, which does non run into the demands of fiscal statement users. This is reflected by many positions that rules based attack as preferable and normally used attack for puting standard as guideline. This is supported by ACCA as ”the rule based attack be the manner forward ” which besides supported by many others that principle based attack will restrict complexness. ( Doherty, 2008 ) . This is farther supported by FRC in their study ‘Louder than words ‘ saying “ our research has convinced us that best path to better coverage and ordinance of describing accents rules instead than regulations.

The regulations based attack received much of a unfavorable judgment after Enron and WorldCom dirt and US accounting standard realize that it is due to the excessively much regulation driven and complexness which opens the room for originative accounting and use. The US displacement from regulations based to principle was supported by bulk of people and organisation. Therefore, US should do move toward rules based attack in puting their accounting criterion as without powerful states engagement in convergence procedure it is hard to accomplish the end.

Another job that IASB highlighted in their exposure bill of exchange that there is different position sing aim of the fiscal coverage. As IASB clearly province in their exposure bill of exchange that the primary aim of fiscal coverage is to fix fiscal study in respect meeting demands of the all fiscal users. But this is argued by the some people that the fiscal coverage should be prepared in the position of stewardship of the endeavor instead than position of stockholder. This is reflected in the ACCA survey that the purpose of fiscal coverage should non merely concentrate on capital suppliers and supply a study of the direction ‘s stewardship of the endeavor and a record of the public presentation and place for them. However, this is argued by Ernst & A ; Young in their remark missive that the fiscal coverage should be prepared from the position of the equity instead than the stewardship direction position and they request FASB model on their fiscal statement that they should pay more attending on entity ‘s public presentation as users ever looks for income statement. Therefore, to run into the aim of fiscal coverage as mentioned in IASB model, an entity should fix their fiscal study in position of all external users and pay more attending to determination utility on entity position instead than direction of endeavor.

There is besides have some job sing bring forthing high quality fiscal coverage as there is differences in the exposure bill of exchange of conceptual model and many accounting houses and boards remarks missive sing qualititative features. The qualititative charateristics are properties of fiscal coverage to do fiscal information useful. It determines the utility of information that are relevant and relevant which can be distinguishes as cardinal and heightening qualititative features. The jobs arise due to the some of the qualitative feature are non explained suitably in the ED. This high spots in the AJ Mugford study where he believe that it is non fruitful to utilize qualititative features in order to choose what to include and except in fiscal coverage to do it more utile as it does non province clearly in ED. He besides believes that there are jobs in the tradeoff as the ED does non give us inside informations counsel about the state of affairs where tradeoff between one qualititative features to one other occurs. Therefore he suggests that it is merely a professional opinion to be included in the ED with clear counsel and account about the utility of trade off. To better qualititative feature of fiscal coverage there is some suggestion of importance of comprehensibility sing cardinal and heightening qualitative features. As Ernst & A ; Young comment missive provinces that comprehensibility is one of the of import factor stated in model that users have duty to understand the information and in order to make so they have a sensible grade of fiscal cognition. They believe that the fiscal is non utile if it is non understood by the users and hence they believe that it should be move from heightening characteristic to cardinal features in order to be utile. It is besides suggested by ACCA survey that another importance characteristic substance over signifier is non depicted in ED and they believe that it should be included in the ED as separate characteristic to reflect the changing state of affairss.

Another jobs faced by IASB to accomplish convergence accounting standard globally is that the measuring and acknowledgment jobs where there is argument environing whether to utilize just value alternatively of historic cost to mensurate balance sheet points like assets and liabilities. The jobs has arise due to the different method can be used such as historic cost, just value, replacing cost as they reflect different position of fiscal statement. The just value accounting requires assets and liabilities to mensurate at their current market monetary value to reflect current market status and benefits determination utility for investors ; whereas historic cost requires points to be measured based on their original cost which serves benefits to the stewardship for doing future determinations. The just value and historic cost is criticised by many people but just value seen as preferable method by IASB as the footing for measuring and which has been widely accepted by many corporations.

Although just value is dependable to fiscal assets and meets the aim of determination utility for fiscal statement user but it has been criticised by some people as Ryan 2008, suggested that the just value is less dependable and relevant in footings of mensurating non-financial assets as it uses price reduction hard currency flow which is more based on opinion and estimations, so it can take to use. This is reflected by the Ronen 2008, that during rising prices many fiscal establishments found it hard to utilize just value to gauge plus and therefore it proves undependable.

The historic cost accounting besides been criticised by many people as historic cost serves the benefits to the stewardship and therefore it does non run into the aim of fiscal coverage that fiscal statement should run into demands of all external users. Although historic cost more dependable than just value as it uses existent cost but it is non relevant as Whittington 2008 suggested as historic cost uses original cost when mensurating assets and liabilities which may be out of day of the month and merely relevant in measuring determination utility for stewardship in foretelling future hard currency flows. This is supported by just value position that historic cost merely has involvement in past minutess and ignores the current market conditions in which assets value may higher and lower than it suggest. CFA institute has stated the just value is the most relevant information for fiscal determination devising ( CFA, 2007 ) ; this is farther supported by Bradbury 2008, that just value is most relevant and dependable measuring aim for traded fiscal instruments.

Another job that have impact on accomplishing planetary converged accounting criterion is non engagement of certain powerful states that are more developed and have more influential economic power as their actions influence others. For e.g. likes of US following international accounting criterion will act upon those of others to follow international accounting criterion. If these powerful states adopt international criterion ; everyone in globally would wish to accept it and so it would be much easy to accomplish converged accounting criterion.

After Enron dirt everyone thought that US FASB will travel towards convergence and will follow IAS but this did non go on as they alternatively tried to better GAAP

The convergence of accounting criterion is really of import in planetary but there should be appropriate action should be in topographic point to do certain the execution of the criterion. It is non merely puting a common accounting criterion and so there is no actions taken whether it is followed by everyone. To guarantee that convergence accounting criterion are effectual and used by administrations there should be equal administration pattern and disciplinary processs in topographic point to do certain there is appropriate execution and effectual controls of these accounting criterion. There should besides be demand for effectual and efficient audit to supply external dependability for the information prepared by the companies. Besides there should be supervising and quality control to do certain companies prepares fiscal information conformity with the criterion and eventually it is of import that everyone who involves in fixing fiscal information must move ethically and independently in the best involvement of investors.

Achieving of International convergence of accounting criterion is besides restricted by some of the barriers. Main barrier is the interlingual rendition of the criterion to the different linguistic communication is an issue that may hold an impact on accomplishing converged accounting criterion. As convergence of conceptual model requires create an common linguistic communication for criterion which fiscal coverage should be based on, as different state prepares their criterion on their ain linguistic communication and there might be some job of interpreting the criterion which may take to complexness and will non demo the true and just position of the accounting study.

Political factor of different states can be barriers in accomplishing conceptual model as determinations of states can take to state of affairs whether to use convergence accounting criterion

However, they are go oning working towards accomplishing international convergence of accounting standard although it is non easy due to all these jobs and barriers the altering environment. However the advancement of accomplishing convergence accounting criterion is high but the aim has non yet been achieved and there is still a long manner to travel.

Over the past few old ages IASBs work towards convergence of international accounting criterion has been successful as a consequence today we have a comprehensive, consistent and high quality set of criterion but it can be improved farther if all these jobs and barriers are eliminated its non long before we will hold convergence of conceptual model which will supply common model and guidelines for all capital states accounting criterion and this will hold positive impact on our planetary economic system.

There is many barriers that IASB faced in accomplishing convergence of accounting criterion. The barriers that there is large difference in patterns of accounting among different states. If there sone thing that makes accounting standard difference among assorted states, so it would be rather simple to intereprete and understood the study of different states ( Mednick, 1991 ) . But the fact is that the differences in both economic and cultural are so large that it is non doing reading simple at all even if they comply with the same accounting rules. Accounting criterions in assorted states specify different demands harmonizing to the states themselves. “ Nationalism besides generate a menace to harmonisation as states are wary of yielding control of their accounting ordinance to foreigners, particularly if it is perceived as replacing their ain accounting ordinances with those of other states ” ( Saudagaran, 2001 ) .A In add-on, the barriers besides appear in the state of affairs when the authoritiess of different states trade with organize their ain accounting policy to foreign states ‘ constabularies, so as to cut down the negative consequence from foreign and enlarge the positiveA outwardnesss. Finally, there besides large sum cost involves to set the international accounting criterion, so some states are against the convergences due to all these barriers.


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