Developing an international marketing plan Essay

Working in squads of 4 – 5 pupils you will analyse a country’s cultural and economic environment in order to develop a selling plan for a specific merchandise or service. The intent of this assignment is to ease cross-cultural apprehension and measure a country’s market potency. You should work as if you represent a company planning to spread out operations to several new states. Your occupation is to analyse and tentatively suggest a selling plan for the company’s merchandise in one of the states. The undertaking includes a paper ( 15 pages plus as many appendixes. tabular arraies. etc. as needed ) and a presentation ( each group will hold 15 proceedingss to show their work to the category ) . Please see The Country Notebook ( p. 586 ) in International Marketing by Cateora and Graham.

Undertaking Components

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Developing an international marketing plan Essay
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1 ) Identify state
2 ) Identify merchandise and develop merchandise fact sheet
3 ) Economic analysis
4 ) Cultural analysis
5 ) Market audit and competitory analysis
6 ) Selling program

1 ) Choosing a State

Please take a state that you have some involvement in and would wish to develop in-depth cognition. There are merely three limitations in the choice of a state: 1 ) you must analyze a state other than your ain. 2 ) two groups can non choose the same state. and 3 ) you can non analyze the United States. You can choose states runing from the most economically developed to most recent developing states. You must hold a state selected by hebdomad 3.

2 ) Choosing a Merchandise

The focal point of this undertaking is entirely consumer merchandises. You may take any consumer merchandise. You must besides bring forth a 1 page merchandise fact sheet placing the merchandise and merchandise characteristics ( e. g. . trade name name. description. use. intent. benefits. unit size. cost. contents or other relevant characteristics ) . The merchandise fact sheet is due in hebdomad 4. Besides include your merchandise fact sheet as an appendix in your concluding undertaking.

3 ) Economic Analysis

Entire books have been written on the subjects in this subdivision. nevertheless I want you to show an apprehension of the economic information and high spot points of peculiar significance from a selling planning position. Potential classs of information include population. economic statistics and activity. developments in scientific discipline and engineering. distribution systems. and media. Adapt and modify these classs as necessary. In add-on. supply a 1-page sum-up of the major economic points. The 1-page sum-up is due in hebdomad 6. Besides place the sum-up in the appendix of your concluding undertaking.

4 ) Cultural Analysis

You will necessitate to describe cultural facts that you have identified and analyze these facts in footings of likely selling deductions. Relevant cultural information includes geographical scene. societal establishments ( household. instruction. political. legal. etc. ) . faith. life conditions. and linguistic communication. In add-on to describing facts. it is of import to construe this information. You must reply the inquiry “What does this cultural information have to make with selling? ”

You will besides hold to finish a 2-page essay on “what it is like to be a citizen of” the state that you choose to analyze. The “what it is like…” essay is due in hebdomad 6. Besides include your essay as an appendix in your concluding undertaking.

5 ) Market audit and competitory analysis

This subdivision is used to find competitory market conditions and market potency. This information is so used to find the extent of version of the company’s selling mix. See the merchandise and the market ( e. g. . see the conditions where the merchandise will be sold. rivals. authorities engagement. market size. etc. ) .

6 ) Selling program

The information that you have developed should function as a footing for your selling program. You need to place the most effectual agencies of marketing your merchandise or service in the state identified. Classs include aims. merchandise. publicity. distribution. and monetary value. Please indicate if you think that this is a profitable market chance for your merchandise or service. Be certain to include your recommendations. You have the option of urging to market or non to market the merchandise in the state. Make certain your determination is supported with equal information.


• Be concise. The concluding merchandise should be no more than 15 pages in length ( non including appendices and mentions ) . The paper should be easy read and understood. o It should be written in concise business-style English O Use bullet-point statements with short explanatory paragraphs when appropriate. o Include charts and figures to depict numerical informations. o Include images if appropriate.

• Form affairs. The expression of this papers is of import. It should look as if it has been professionally prepared.
Use double-spacing with 12-point fount.
All tabular arraies. figures and appendices should be separately labeled and titled ( e. g. . Table 1: Descriptive Statisticss of … ; Appendix A: Graphic Representation of … ) .

• Writing affairs. I expect you to compose clearly. utilizing linguistic communication that conveys what you mean. All members of the group should carefully inspect the papers for grammatical and spelling mistakes. O You do non acquire recognition for right grammar. punctuation and spelling. However. you WILL MOST CERTAINLY lose points if there are jobs in this country.


• Each group should subject three exam inquiries ( and replies ) to the teacher prior to the presentation. One of these inquiries may be placed on the test.

• History suggests that non every member of a group will actively take part in the undertaking. In order to get the better of this inclination. I will inquire each group member to finish a equal rating for this undertaking. This rating is intended to coerce you to face ( as a group ) at the start what outlooks each of you has for the others in your group relation to this undertaking.

• Each group is required to run into with the teacher during the term to do certain that the group is on the right path with the undertaking. Be prepared to discourse what you will be making. how you will be making it. and how you will show this information in category.

• Rather than dividing the undertaking up among group members and so seting it together at the terminal. I strongly urge you to near it as a entire entity. This will assist with the flow of the authorship and apprehension of how each component relates to the others. o Your class will be reduced if it appears that you slapped together four different parts written by four different people.

• Cite all of your beginnings.


• Each group is required to do a presentation to the category.

• Each group member must show. but the sum of clip does non hold to be shared every bit across all members.

• Practice. pattern. pattern! It is the lone manner to do certain that the timing is right and the lone manner to guarantee that the passages between talkers are smooth.

• It is of import to prosecute the audience. Make the presentation merriment and interesting. Ask inquiries. show enthusiasm. and include ocular AIDSs and props when appropriate.

• Make an attempt to confront the category when you’re speech production. Peoples frequently have a inclination to speak to the screen. Besides. make non stand in forepart of the screen. Remember. you want your audience to see it.

• Speak clearly and intentionally. Students frequently rush through the presentation. Remember. even though you are truly familiar with the content. others are non.

• Presentation slides should include adequate information to pass on the cardinal points to the category.

• Attendance is compulsory for ALL pupils. whether showing or non. It is the duty of the audience to listen attentively and to prosecute the talkers where appropriate.


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