Developing E-Collaboration for E-Business Essay

1. Working Title

How does the development of e-collaboration provide e-businesses with a competitory advantage?

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Developing E-Collaboration for E-Business Essay
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2. Introduction

E-Collaboration, a comparatively new construct that is determining the manner we do concern. The development of this theoretical account has seen recent progresss in inter-enterprise package and communicating engineerings which are determining the manner for digitalization, mass communicating, and globalization. This emerging concern tool has the ability to alter the traditional foundations of concern relationships. This study explores the construct of developing e-collaboration for e-businesses and the competitory advantage it provides to B2B ( Business to Business ), through the agencies of secondary qualitative research, books, diaries, the cyberspace and shared company information.

3.Literature Review

3.1 Specifying E-Collaboration

Goonatilake et Al. ( 2009 ) province that ‘e-collaboration is the usage of cyberspace and related engineerings to help distant clients in interchanging information for interactions between providers and clients, and everyone in between to travel trade forward ‘. Kock ( 2002 ) supports the aforesaid definition by placing e-collaboration at an operational degree as being a coaction using electronic engineerings amongst different persons to accomplish a common end.

E-Collaboration is a tool that breaks the boundaries of activities affecting purchasing and merchandising. As cited in Samtani ( 2002, p.8 ) The Gartner Group believed that by 2005 about half of all Web-based commercialism would be collaborative. Not merely has coaction become steadfastly established within many concerns it has changed many concern theoretical accounts to integrate B2B ( Business to Business ) integratings.

The grounds for companies using e-commerce are chiefly driven by the demand to portion resources and information. Wanga, Y. ( Unknown, p.3 ) states that in join forcesing the participating companies are sharing ‘the supply concatenation… the cost decrease, JIT… procedure mechanization, increased possible chances on partnership, and the flexibleness and adaptability. ‘ Samtani ( 2002, p.9 ) concurs with the above grounds for join forcesing believing that it leads to ‘shared databases, unfastened tracking systems, enhanced inter-enterprise visibleness and cooperation, streamlined concern procedures, new cost efficiencies and an expanded client base for every collaborative spouse. ‘

3.2 B2B Model

IPC E-Business & A ; Supply concatenation commission ( 2000 ) province ‘The business-to-business ( B2B ) theoretical account is much more complex compared to the business-to commercialism ( B2C ) theoretical account, which is more prevailing today. B2B spans the full spectrum of concern procedures, from natural stuff to the consumer. ‘

IPC E-Business & A ; Supply concatenation commission ( 2000 )

The diagram visualises the cardinal elements of an e-collaborated e-business and its ability to pull off end-to-end concern minutess. As the tendency towards outsourcing in the electronics industry continues to develop it is indispensable that all the chief constituents are interlined: OEM ‘s, EMS Providers, PCB Fabricators, Raw Material Suppliers and Component Suppliers to let for machine-controlled procedures.

3.2 Extranet

Extranet is the term used for a private web within an administration and other clients/suppliers who have entree rights. Extranets have the ability to automatize procedures bettering the concern relationships. Businesss are presently more pressured into on-line ordination and stock list direction because of their attractive benefits.

Information is freely available 24/7 doing communicating easier between providers. Any alterations needed to be made are simple in comparing to the traditional slow paper signifier salvaging clip. Inventory and order processing can be easy changed without the hold of the station. Another added benefit of using an extranet is a much more effectual coaction and synchronism between clients. ( Benefits of intranets and extranets, 2009 ) Business becomes more flexible with negotiable working hours because of their ordination system being connected 24/7.

3.3 EDI and API

EDI is a tool that can be used by concern to pass on with other concerns or providers. It reduces the demand for paper certification and reduces rhythm clip dramatically., ( Accessed November 2009 ) specify it as being the ‘electronic communicating of concern minutess, such as orders, verifications and bills, between organisations. ‘

API is the application that enables EDI. It is a platform that connects the companies together and standardises the layout of the informations being transmitted so that it becomes meaningful to both parties involved.

3.4 Outsourcing

Outsourcing is defined as ‘the procedure of shifting/delegating/transferring a service/process/function to a third-parties/external service supplier which would otherwise be an in-house function/service/process. ‘ (, Accessed November 2009 ). Using outsourcing can be a important advantage to companies such as Dell, Nissan and Cummins. If the companies can beginning another company to do a constituent needed for the terminal merchandise at a monetary value that allows them to still hold a feasible net income border, so this prevents the demand to purchase in the equipment and the expertness to make so.

3.5 The usage of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 can be used as a agency of selling merchandises to clients and providers. This can be split into two classs of selling B2B or B2C. Web sites such as eBay and can be used by concerns to sell straight to clients utilizing a B2C theoretical account. Other web sites such as can be used by 3rd party companies to sell train tickets on behalf of many train suppliers such as VirginTrains and the Eurostar.

3.6 Output of developing E-Collaboration for E-Businesses

E-business coaction allows concerns to hold an active function in all facets of its client gross revenues and selling experience, from shopping and merchandise constellation to fulfillment and feedback. ‘Internet-enabled coaction is making a cardinal divide in the pattern of planetary concern and the direction structures that guides it. ‘ hypertext transfer protocol: // — _e-collaboration_674.aspx

Collaborated e-businesses pose the hazard factor for many directors of administrations who have non adopted the coaction phenomenon as old schemes do non represent a sustainable competitory advantage. The directors of e-collaborated concerns are accomplishing industry advantages by adhering to two chief features ( 1 ) take downing interaction cost with the usage of the cyberspace and ( 2 ) they are chiefly focused on the portion of the value concatenation where they have a outstanding advantage.

With the concern focused on the outstanding advantage of making an effectual demand-driven ( or client driven ) supply concatenation, e-collaboration has aided in supplying the necessary tools and procedures needed to pull off the big of sum of information being shared throughout the rhythm.

Cost Decreases


Joint merchandise development

Another strategic jussive mood for coaction is emerging from a basic transmutation in distinct fabrication. As the build-to-demand theoretical account replaces yesterday ‘s build-to-stock paradigm, the ability to join forces with clients and providers at a merchandise technology degree becomes a primary competitory tool. It is a demand that has been transforming the merchandise schemes of companies that were one time known merely for their ability to present CAD/CAM solutions.

This on-line coaction will let your active engagement in all facets of your client ‘s gross revenues and selling experience, from shopping and merchandise constellation to fulfilment and feedback. Short-run wagess include reduced costs through procedure mechanization and efficiencies. Long-run wagess include increased gross, greater client and spouse trueness, and the ability to make strong sell-side partnerships that help distinguish merchandises

E-business offers the chance for concerns to set up new competitory criterions by spread outing distribution channels, incorporating external and internal procedures, and offering a cost-efficient method of supplying merchandises and services. The Internet provides on-line concerns with the ability to make a planetary audience and to run with a minimum substructure, cut downing overhead, and supplying greater economic systems of graduated table, while supplying clients and concerns with a wide choice, increased pricing power, and alone convenience.

Impact On Key Value Drivers

These altering economic premises within the context of the electronic economic system have direct impact on economic value-add for makers. Three primary value levers are exercised through the acceptance of e-business. The associated value propositions can be rather compelling and span many of the cardinal dimensions of concern public presentation and success. In this context, e-business is clearly much more than merely an electronic gross revenues channel or an MRO procurance option, as many have defined it to be. Those who have been willing to follow an e-business position are seeing touchable economic consequences.


‘All of the new tools of coaction promote a theoretical account for fabrication in which an endeavor is no longer inhibited by size or deficiency of it. And the collapsing of clip and distance agencies that many of the old regulations for corporate construction and scheme are being rewritten ‘. Teresko, J. ( 2000 )

Aims & A ; Aims

To look into the available tools to develop e-collaboration for an e-business, in order to accomplish a competitory advantage.

In order to accomplish this purpose the following aims will be met:

  • Investigate the usage of e-collaboration for e-business
  • Investigate the tools used to join forces e-businesses
    • API
    • EDI
    • Extranet
    • Web 2.0
  • Understand the usage of e-collaboration in little B2B and big B2B
  • Explore the usage of e-collaboration for Nissan and Renault and Google and Microsoft

Case Studies

Amazon.comAA instance survey?

Alliance between companies. For illustration Microsoft and Google. Are they traveling to purchase out Google or join forces to supply a better service to their clients?

Consequence on travel and conveyance? Retailers being able to supply train times from national rail through ADI.


Successful illustration of E-Collaboration – Nissan and Renault

Nissan and Renault are one of the most formidable e-collaborations. Get downing in 1999 when Nissan UK was confronting fiscal troubles, Renault bought out 44.3 % of the portions in Nissan. Nissan bought 15 % of Renault portions but hold no vote rights. They besides created the Renault-Nissan Alliance squad, with both parties having a 50 % portion. The two companies portion their buying and information services as shown below.

This partnership is successful due to many factors. Nissan are one of the taking gasoline auto makers and Renault specialise in Diesel. The Alliance have together co-developed common engines and gear boxs. These include a six-speed manual gear box and a new V6 Diesel engine. The Alliance besides interchanges bing engines or gear boxs. For illustration, the Nissan 3.5-litre engine is used in the Renault Laguna and Renault 1.5 litre Diesel engine is used in the Nissan Qashqai. In entire, the Alliance portion eight engines that are normally used throughout the scope of Nissan and Renault autos.

Renault originally had no works in South America, nevertheless from twenty-four hours one of the amalgamation Renault have been able to use Nissan ‘s works in Aguascalientes Mexico. Renault now produces the Clio for Mexico and Latin America. The Clio can be produced along side Nissan ‘s Platina as they portion a similar architecture which drives down production and stock list costs. Nissan and Renault still nevertheless remain distinguishable recognizable trade names which entreaties to the clients.

Nissan and Renault portion their buying and information services. Within the RNIS ( Renault-Nissan Information Services ) the companies portion a WAN, service suppliers and hardware. They besides portion systems e.g. Boxing Visibility System ( PVS ) that standardises the return of returnable packaging between shared providers, therefore salvaging money.


Dell spend a minimum 1.1 % of their one-year gross on research and development, preferring to outsource assorted constituents to providers they collaborate with. They collaborate instead than vie with companies to supply clients with advanced thoughts. This is immensely different to the methodological analysis adopted by HP who invest 4.6 %.of their one-year gross in research and developing components.AA This has antecedently given Dell the competitory advantage and enabled Dell to rule the computing machine market.

Outsourcing can be good to companies who focus on other countries of production instead than research and development of specific constituents. Companies who outsource may pay a premium for purchasing in ‘ready made ‘ constituents for their end merchandise ; nevertheless they compensate for that country of outgo by guaranting they produce a really high quality terminal consequence that will pull clients.

Outsourcing saves production clip. If the concern and their providers can successfully implement JIT ( Just in Time ) and constituents are delivered as per demand for the fabrication line this will drive down merchandise clip. The increased figure of merchandises being manufactured within the same company in the same works besides increases the possibility of holds in such instances as a mainframe failures and machinery malfunctions. Out of house outsourcing can extinguish such jobs. Nissan outsources to both in-house and out of house providers. They have improved their logistics by relocating many of their providers in-house, salvaging the clip taken to acquire the constituents to the line and reduced the cost of transit.

To successfully outsource companies need to hold assurance and trust in the providers. Nissan for illustration has implemented SAIS ( Supplier Appraisal and Improvement System ). This awards the providers ‘demerits ‘ for errors such as parts mislabelled and truth per centums for bringing times. This allows Nissan remain in control over its providers and with the control reoccurring errors can be highlighted so that action can be taken.

Nokia have late published a imperativeness release in November 2009 to remember its nomadic phone coursers that are produced by a 3rd party provider. The courser has a mistake which can ensue in an electric daze. This can badly impact the client base of Nokia due to the inefficiencies of their provider, clients may lose religion in Nokia and oppugn how much of their outsourced constituents are choice assured by Nokia. Therefore finally intending Nokia lose their competitory advantage in the nomadic phone market.

hypertext transfer protocol: // q=cache: zttaNNJCJtAJ: & A ; cd=4 & A ; hl=en & A ; ct=clnk & A ; gl=uk

EDI and API – Nissan Case Study

Using EDI for communicating between collaborated companies can supply legion advantages. Sending an electronic message cross-country or globally requires merely seconds or proceedingss alternatively of yearss. It can be agreed between the companies for the informations to be sent in a certain format that can be outright uploaded on the having company ‘s system. Datas files can be often communicated throughout a twenty-four hours between a company and a provider via EDI ; this is advantageous to a company covering with a rapid stock turnover like fabricating companies.

The sending and receiving of information electronically can be of great benefit to a provider excessively. The providers of NMUK ( Nissan Manufacturing UK ) will have much earlier presentment of NMUK ‘s bringing demands. This can be used by the provider to enable them to understate their stock list retention, better their production programming and fix in progress for logistics aggregations if necessary.

NMUK besides use EDI transmittals for the Self-Invoicing System. The aim is to hold all providers who receive orders from Nissan by EDI to besides be active for self-invoicing. This is salvaging Nissan money as they are non physically directing out the bills. It is besides cut downing the possible mistakes caused by manual intercession may hold when informations demands to be input from one system onto another.

Competitive Advantage


Cost Decrease

Asset IntensityAA lit reappraisal theoretical account


The outgrowth of the electronic economic system and cardinal alterations in economic premises are driving the demand for collaborated e-businesses.

General observations


Additional survey for practical presentation

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