Developing Investigations

Question Answer
Brylie wanted to grow two plants and see which plant would grow faster. She placed one by a window and one in the shade. IV: location
DV: growth rate
We have four different types of pencils. We want to know which pencils sharpen the fastest. IV: types of pencils
DV: time
Jadyn bought two different types of bread. She left both pieces on the counter to see which would mold faster. IV: types of bread
DV: mold observation
The variable that we change in an experiment. Independent
The variable that we measure in an experiment. Dependent
IV, I _____. Change
Dependent variable is what we _____. measure, observe, etc.
Three balloons are filled with helium. One balloon is placed in the freezer; another balloon is placed in a hot room. The third balloon is left in the garage. IV: location/temperature of balloons
DV: time of balloon in air
Mrs. Goff bought two different types of phone chargers. She want to know which one will charge her phone the fastest. IV: type of phone charger
DV: speed of charging
Carole wants a long lasting air freshener. She purchases three types and times how long they last. IV: types of air fresheners
DV: how long the smell lasts

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