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Executive sum-up

Mongolia is good known throughout the Earth for the extraction of minerals the excavation industry, therefore going the fastest of all time turning industry in the universe, conveying tonss of chances with it. The excavation industry have led to great research chances which aboard have attracted a batch of foreign direct investing from states like, Canada, China, Russia and some other states. Mongolian economic system is chiefly based on agribusiness and excavation industry has enabled to develop cashmere exports, minerals and nutrient merchandises to other state.

The Ivanhoe Mines has been working on Oyu Tolgoi undertaking and making first-class occupation for Mongolian such as heating systems have been introduced to gers to forestall air pollution ensuing in batch of chance to utilize comfy and traditional gers for a long clip. Jobs have been created for tonss of people.

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Industrialization and urbanization and improved conveyance have brought economic benefit and betterments to the occupants. Although these procedures have besides led to the environmental debasement, clime alterations, air and H2O pollution and natural resources and ecology which has been endangering the chance of future coevals. Labors are non decently trained, therefore ensuing in the harm of land and wellness jobs harmonizing to state of affairs go oning in Mongolia.


Mongolia is a landlocked state located in the nor’-east Asia which is surrounded by Russia and China with entire country of 1.59 million sq kilometer with a population of 2.7 million. 0.76 % of the land in Mongolia is cultivable, 99.24 % is used for extraction of natural resources such as oil, coal, Cu, Mo, wolfram, phosphates, Sn, Ni, Zn, fluorite, gold, Ag and Fe. The economic development of Mongolia has increasingly grown over the old ages from the period of communism to socialism. This has enabled the industrialization and growing of the economic system with increased industrial end product from the original economic base of carnal farmings and harvest production. The development of the excavation industry has led to betterments in the transit and communications systems.

The World Bank ‘s Mongolia Quarterly stated that the authorities decided to enforce a tight financial policy to take down the rising prices rate every bit good as the take downing the modesty from 5.5 % to 5.0 % . The GDP ratio is increased to $ 9.399 billion in 2008 which enables $ 3.541 per capita. Harmonizing to CIA World Factbook, unemployment rate is 3.0 % in December 2008.

Mongolia is sing a miracle in the excavation industry conveying chances and besides major effects and playing an of import function in the Mongolian economic sciences. Mining industry of Mongolia is bring forthing 20 % of the GDP, 64.0 % of Gross industrial end product, 68.5 % of export and 47.7 % of FDI entirely with add-on of the 20 per centum of the province budget income. Mongolia is good known for mineral sedimentations ; harmonizing to authorities analysis furthermore it has attracted many foreign investors during the last few old ages and 47.4 % of them are from China, 12.2 % is from Canada, Korea ( 7.3 % ), Japan ( 5.0 % ), USA ( 3.6 % ) and other foreign investors which is available in Mongolian excavation industry association official web site.

Major mineral sedimentations in Mongolia

The internal analysis of excavation industry

The analyzing method of internal environment is SWOT analysis to measure the administration strength, failing, menace and chances such as administration civilization, construction, direction, experience, staff and so on.

    1. Strength of excavation industry

Mongolia is good known for its geology and its excavation industry across the universe. It has become one of the prima developments for old ages strictly on the success of pull outing of natural stuffs, net incomes ensuing on exports and besides playing of import function for the economic development. Mining industry of Mongolia is bring forthing important and big sum of the province budget income which is from few major sedimentations in Mongolia which are pulling on non merely in Mongolia but besides in the universe. The Mongolian excavation industry mentality can be seen in the chart below.

    1. Failing

Extracting new sorts of minerals and treating concluding merchandises to export is still in dead state of affairs. The mines and sedimentations found with province budget geographic expedition 20 old ages ago are still non in usage in industrial procedures even today. The cause of this deficiency of usage is straight connected to infrastructure jobs with electricity and route. Security of the excavation industry is non in good which enables illegal ninja to pull out the resources. Mongolian excavation industry has less handiness in labor and accomplishment. Because few pupils come ining the Fieldss, deficiency of available support for the pupils support and research, deficiency of involvement on portion of university disposal.

    1. Opportunities

The figure of extractive excavation merchandises has been increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth and making great chance to develop substructure composite in that major sedimentations country. There are great chance to research and analyze the constitution of chemical industries and set uping extractive industries directed to Asian developed states. Along with the resources, Mongolia has an chance to hold technique and engineering, know-how, foreign direct investing, concern cognition and experience and direction and ready to collaborate in this industry.

The excavation companies in Mongolia are non merely concentrating on researching and pull outing the minerals but besides they support and develop the better instruction preparation plan and funded around 200 million MNT for the substructure through the Gobi desert such as they have sponsored new warming system, new kitchen machinery and new installations like auto for the functionary usage, lavatory, trash bin and backyard field for the school and kinder garden, they have provided simple cashmere preparation for the Gobi 22 adult females and it has been efficaciously deserving. The excavation companies have funded 405 million MNT for the local infirmary to better their engineering and machinery. The enterprisers and Herders has taken benefit from the excavation companies in order to development in excavation industry has given occupation chances indirectly.

    1. Menaces

Technique and engineering of excavation industry are still limited in development therefore there is danger to damaging land in the procedure of extraction of minerals. The mineral degrees of gold and coal production are high doing environmental pollution. In add-on the pull outing procedures of illegal ninja increases the hazard of hapless strategic extraction impacting the quality of minerals sold. Some of the freshly established sedimentations are utilizing non-standard toxic chemical doing harm to environment and people at the same clip, therefore the degree of unwellnesss associated with pollution are increasing among the local dwellers. Harmonizing to World Bank study, scenario analysis of air pollution in Mongolia between 2010 and 2020 designated unless the authorities demand to do attempt at certain degree, air pollution and wellness job will be important issue. There is no individual solution to cut down the emanation.

The external environment of administration

The external environment affects every work squad in the industry and besides affects the industry as a whole analysis is of the political, economical, societal, technological, legal and ecological effects on the industry.

    1. Political factors in excavation industry

Political stableness in the state has enabled the building of substructure and development of back uping industries such as oil substructure, energy systems, H2O and route that are of import for the supply of inputs and demand of the industry outputs. This stableness has attracted a batch of foreign direct investing from Canada, China and Russia which has led to greater geographic expedition of resources. However there is still a batch of political intervention of the authorities in policy devising and awarding of contracts to put in the industry.

Tax policy: Mongolian authorities has drafted a legislative amendments to extinguish the windfall excavation revenue enhancement to convey state ‘s royalties of the revenue enhancement system to include 5 % royalty, 5 % importation, 20 % keep backing revenue enhancement and 68 % extra net incomes revenue enhancement.

    1. Economic

Economy of Mongolia is strongly based on agribusiness and excavation industry which has enabled to develop cashmere exports, mineral and nutrient merchandises to the other state.

Economic growing: The Mongolian economic growing has reached 9.9 % in 2007 harmonizing to World Bank and is still expected to turn, raising the criterions of life and bring forthing wealth for Mongolians. The authorities has been concentrating on policies to reassign from assistance loan based economic mechanisms to foreign investing supported economic mechanisms.

Inflation rate: The authorities has tried its best to hold rising prices rate every bit low as possible and has seen positive consequences with rising prices cut downing from 5.7 % in April 2008 to 2.2 % in April 2009

The Mongolian authorities has preferred the 100 % foreign investing than assistance from other states during the economic system crisis which enable the Mongolia to profit from it. Following 50 old ages the excavation industry production will be grown at least by 5 % .

    1. Social and cultural factor

Presently in Ulaanbaatar fume is pouring from the chimneys in Ger territory and excavation companies are introduced heating system in Gers to forestall the air pollution and to supply better life status for the dwellers.

The Herders who are near to the sedimentations have been supported to put in new installations by the excavation companies such as traveling to the better topographic point with H2O system in waterhole, new house with heating system and even the good learned topographic point for the farm animal. And the excavation companies have given tonss of occupation chance for the state which has reduced the unemployment rate harmonizing to index has been made by authorities

    1. Technological factor

Equally far as engineering has developed potentially, every bit good as the excavation industry is really sophisticated industry with advanced engineering including mechanization, orbiter communications, smart detectors, and robotics. The computing machine and microprocessors are responsible for doing efficient and dependable machinery for extraction, operation and processing to derive new competitory environments in safe and environmentally sound mode. For illustration, remote control of transporting equipment and the usage of independent nomadic transit equipment is increasing worker safety every bit good as cut downing industry costs.

    1. Legal factor

The Environmental Protection Law 1995 of Mongolia is established and given duty to take action against its environmental effects to the excavation industry.

Changes in authorities policies can hold negative consequence on excavation. For illustration The Mongolia has imposed new windfall revenue enhancement on trade goods, the geographic expedition investing significantly felt after following this jurisprudence in 2006.

    1. Ecological factor

Mongolia has tonss of natural, societal, and cultural resources, but has a big and landlocked district, with a high and turning urbanisation and concentration rate, and faces rough conditions conditions.

Mining industry is ne’er been favorable to the environment, doing harm to the land, desertification, air and H2O pollution, or lake and watercourse pollution, deficiency of accomplishment in chemical compound causes harm to the environment every bit good as for the occupants, and back up the clime alteration in order to pull out the minerals. So the excavation industry has big public and community issue.

Porter ‘s diamond analysis of competitory environment

    1. Factor conditions

Mining industry of Mongolia is one of the taking developments of Mongolian economic system with capacity to supply immense sum of natural stuffs and to develop the heavy industry which means the capital is in good status. However due to ill trained labours with no making accomplishments, techniques and engineering used in the industry is really hapless which causes the harm of land every bit good as the poisoning the environment at the same clip people.

    1. Demand conditions

Coal and Cu demand was ever high, so Mongolia could be the important Cu providers in the universe. The value of metal and mineral exports accounted 75.7 % of the state ‘s entire exports which contributes 1.53 billion MNT to the state in 2006.

The Mongolian excavation industry is non merely attracted by domestic investors but besides the foreign major investors such as Canadian Ivanhoe mines and Rio Tinto of United Kingdom.

Demand of minerals and mineral merchandise is lifting in the worldwide, ensuing in its monetary value addition

    1. Related and Supporting Industry

The most supportive states of Mongolian excavation industry are China and Russia that they import the particular machinery and engineering which support Mongolian excavation industry to develop.

The substructure of route, H2O and energy system is hapless that requires high investing in Mongolian excavation industry.

The major related industries are authorities who impose regulations and ordinance, so the excavation industry demand to better relation with authorities and community, fiscal establishments who are implementing processs, backing policy to guarantee that the companies they finance are working to cut down and pull off environment and societal impact of their operations on the communities in which they operate. These issues have seen to detain development and attention deficit disorder to the costs of a mine.

    1. Industry construction, scheme and Competition

In 2005, mining industry was accounted 61 % by foreign investors, the taking investors is china followed by Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea and United States, this sum was estimated to increase in following few old ages.

Denationalization creates great competition among the companies and able them to derive competitory advantage. The industry scheme benefit to the states in order to set up intensive excavation industry, increase the income to the state ‘s GDP, addition importation, new technique and engineering, increase the occupation chances through to states, support professional human resource in excavation field, develop energy industry, develop substructure in towns, addition in production and services in the domestic market and better life status for the state.

The Mongolian excavation industry aims to run into the international criterion to carry through demand for domestic and planetary market with its merchandises.

Ecological factor

    1. Ecological influence to the Mongolian excavation industry

Industrialization, urbanisation and improved conveyance have brought economic benefit and betterments to the human well-being across the Earth, nevertheless these procedures have besides led to the environmental debasement, clime alteration, air and H2O pollution and natural resources and ecology which has is endangering the chances of future coevals.

Industrial development and the immense addition in human population have added a new ingredient to the mix of influences on planetary clime. In recent old ages media have contained many narratives about utmost conditions conditions frequently mentioning such events as grounds of anthropogenetic break to the clime system. The many harmful effects are localized, taking to deteriorating living conditions and natural environment of communities, air and H2O pollution doing unwellness.

The eco-environmental issues which the planet has been faced with has led to loss of species, planetary clime alteration, ozone depletion, acid rain, river and air pollution and unsafe substance from production procedures.

Harmonizing to Juniper ( 2007 ) the excavation operation besides contributes to the ecological factors that have led to the impairment of the planet and have impacted on tree screen, in many instances, H2O quality, serious pollution, desertification, land harm, toxic substances and acerb mine drainage have been linked to many mines. Last few old ages, ecosystem in Mongolia has changed significantly and caused clime alteration by human activity influence. Harmonizing to intelligence on 23rd of September 2009, desertification and natural catastrophe has increased, assortment of H2O and biological science resources has been disappeared which affect societal and economic system development in Mongolia, negatively to the people ‘s lives and increased the poorness.

Mongolia has become one of the 110 states where the desertification has affected severely.

The 40 % of the full land and 145 small towns has been deserted last few old ages in Mongolia, therefore ensuing in loss of 1.6 hectare million of trees, 100 type of flora and animate beings, 28 watercourse and lake has been polluted during the extraction procedure of minerals.

The 78 % of the river and lake in Mongolia are located near to mineral sedimentations in Mongolia ; it pollutes H2O following with the pull outing procedure of gold and Cu with unsafe substances. The release of these substances into the H2O organic structures has caused wellness jobs and serious unwellness through the Mongolian excavation territories. One of awful illustration is that during gilded extraction in Khongor small town, illegal ninjas have polluted the river which is the lone river fluxing through Khongor small town, by being accidently dispersed quicksilver used by illegal, the full occupants has been poisoned.

Furthermore after the incident, there are 52 people died, 60 abortions and 8 unnatural birth defect and occupants have had unknown haste on their organic structure. This has become an exigency call for the authorities to do proper environmental jurisprudence.

As if the depredations of excavation were non serious plenty in doing the debasement, atomization and progressive clearance of this unbelievable planetal plus, it now seems that there is a far larger menace to the Earth ‘s largest rain forest: deficiency of rain.

Holden ( 2008 ) stated that the spread of desert like conditions and land debasement in waterless and semi waterless environments is as a consequence of chiefly human influence or clime alteration. In Mongolia, the most mined countries are non returned to pre-mined signifier which is doing ruinous environmental alterations in signifier of desertification, deficiency of rain and hurricane.

The sedimentation Zaamar and Ultii have faced unstable state of affairs non rehabilitating the mined country where the most illegal ninjas extract minerals.

In October 2006, universe excavation leader Rio Tinto approved to organize a strategic partnership by puting in Ivanhoe and, through an Ivanhoe-Rio Tinto Technical Committee, will jointly engineer, concept and run Ivanhoe ‘s Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold excavation composite in Mongolia ‘s South Gobi part Umnugobi that the undertaking will convey important development to the Mongolia for a decennaries, but harmonizing to the Mongolian journalist and native citizen, Umnugovi of Mongolia has had serious clime alteration and natural catastrophe every twenty-four hours such as aureate hurricane and deficiency of rain. If the Ivanhoe mines operate until 2012, the native citizens need to travel and go forth their provinces everlastingly.

Harmonizing to Brown ( 2006 ) the Mongolian villagers migrate across their huge state in hunt of of all time diminishing grassland parts to feed their stock and flight from the of all time distributing comeuppances. Particularly between 1999 and 2002, Mongolia has hit by three zud ( highly heavy and white winter ) , lost 11 million farm animal.

    1. Effectiveness of the industry response

Harmonizing to Evans ( 1997 ) , the growing without harm is ‘sustainable development ‘ a matrimony of economic system and ecology, as the lone practical solution. So In 1989 James Stevenson of Rio Tinto Corporation ( the universe ‘s largest excavation company ) admitted that sustainable growing is awkward construct for the extractive industry- ‘How does mining suit in? How can you see a Cu mine as a sustainable development? ‘ -remembering that all mines have finite life, some of 20 old ages or even less.

As Munro, a prima conservationist, has written the best mineworkers can make is to demo environmental duty and return the mined country every bit about as possible to its pre-mining signifier or supply some other usage for the devastation that might hold resulted from his work, such as turning an opencast cavity into sailing lake and waste tonss into stuff for the building industry.

Causing environmental impact, the excavation industry would proactively back up the public involvement by promoting community growing and development, and voluntarily extinguishing patterns that harm the populace sphere, in malice of legitimacy. Basically, corporate societal duty is of import facet in excavation sector to demo public that they honor people, planet, and net income.

Mongolian excavation industry stated that the industry policy is to accomplish the high criterion of environmental attention to lend to the society ‘s stuff demands. The excavation companies are non merely to follow the legislative demands but besides to use proven and expeditiously executable steps to protect the environment throughout geographic expedition, excavation, processing and recovery activities.

The policy is to run into the footings with all applicable Torahs, ordinances and criterions ; keep the spirit of the jurisprudence ; and where Torahs do non efficaciously protect the environment, use criterions that minimize any inauspicious environmental impacts ensuing from the operations, secondly to pass on openly with authorities and community on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, statute law and ordinances that may impact excavation companies and to guarantee that all employees and providers of goods and services are cognizant of their environmental duties in relation to Mongolian excavation companies activities.

In add-on to guarantee that the excavation companies in Mongolia have direction systems to place, control and proctor environmental hazards originating from the operations ; to make research and put up plans to protect resources, cut down wastes, better procedures and protect the environment.

Harmonizing to Health, Safety and Environment study of the Mongolian excavation industry, the industry has been developed the environment direction plan to command the environmental issues, the plan is being actively monitored for possible environmental impacts.

The excavation industry has been evaluated efficaciously in a manner the elaborate environmental control processs have been developed and implemented and besides an Environmental exigency response program has been established and practiced, all the preparation has been given to the employees, in order to lend for the new undertaking, mining companies have done the preliminary environmental impact appraisal, the engineering transportation plan has been developed and the environmental consciousness preparation has been processed within the industry, all employees has been trained to response rapidly and efficaciously to the environmental impacts and rapid action to all environmental incidents will go on throughout the life of the operation.

To take these aims, the companies have monitored the utility of environmental direction system by holding the public presentations audited on a regular basis.

    1. Areas for betterment in excavation industry

Environmental Protection Law of Mongolia 1995 stated that in order to vouch the human right to populate in healthy and safe environment, the province citizens and concern entities must do certain to protect the environment for the present and future coevals, the ecologically balanced societal and economic development, the proper usage of natural resources and Restoration of available resource. Even though, the Mongolian excavation industry has been seeking to accomplish the position, there are still countries left to better in order to protect the environmental issue.

In 1991 entirely the German unfastened cavity excavation and quarrying industry has to put more than $ 100 million in environmental protection-two tierces for clean air and the remainder in equal parts for noise decrease, waste disposal and H2O protection.

The job in Mongolian excavation sector seemed the small per centum of the mined land rehabilitated, insecure working conditions and deficiency of accomplishments in chemical compound. The extremely recommended state of affairs is that Mongolian authorities should beef up regulations and ordinance through rehabilitation to the excavation companies.

As David Munro mentioned above that the best mineworkers could make is to return the mined countries every bit about as possible to its pre-mined signifier or supply some other usage for the devastation.

Turning an opencast cavity into sailing lake and waste tonss into stuffs for the building industry will be the successful environmental consequence to the all states.

In add-on, the insecure on the job status and deficiency of accomplishments in risky chemical status cause impacts in figure of small towns throughout Mongolia and have damaged the environment. To avoid that state of affairs, the excavation companies are supposed to back up the employees into professional preparation plans and plus supply them particular classs about risky chemical compound to protect the environment every bit good as the employees ‘ wellness.

The wellness and safety preparations should be provided within the organisation on a regular basis to accomplish incident free operations.

The dust control is of import in any mine where silicon oxide dust may be generated to forestall mineworkers undertaking pneumonoconiosis and related lung complaints. Dust must besides be maintain a lower limit in all mines and preies to protect local dwellers.

Last the excavation companies can assist to handle the H2O pollution. There are figure of thing can be done in order to relieve the jobs of acerb deposition. For illustration liming is done to normalise the pH of lakes that have been acidized. The best manner to decelerate or halt acid deposition is to restrict the chemical emanations at their beginning, limit the sum of S and N oxide emanation. Another attack to restrict the pollution by exchanging to fuels that have no or low S content, by utilizing smokestack to cut down the sum of S dioxide being released and by necessitating the usage of specially designed catalytic convertors on vehicles.


The Mongolian mineral is good known throughout the Earth for the extraction of minerals. The Mongolian excavation industry has playing of import function in order to develop the societal and economic system development. The engineering and substructure has been major issue to the excavation industry but there are chances they can acquire it from foreign direct investing.

Even there is a crisis in economic system, the excavation industry has high demand and has possible development in following few old ages.

The excavation industry has a major impact on environment such as detrimental land, desertification, deficiency of rain and destroying the ecosystem in consequence of serious wellness job throughout the state and the natural resources.

In order to protect the environment, the industry has tried to accomplish high criterion of environmental attention, safety preparation have provided to the employees.

The excavation industry could make rehabilitate the mined countries in to the pre-mined countries every bit about as possible, provide necessary preparation to the employees on a regular basis, control dust in minimal degree possible and cultivate the liming, exchanging fuels to moo sulphur content against the environmental impact.


As we all know Mongolia is the state where extraction of minerals are being good known carried out every bit good as international investing have been attracted to it. The lone drawback is that labor is so inexpensive and with no proper accomplishments ensuing in land damaged and weather alterations. There is no modern equipment of infusion the minerals, so it is obvious that the authorities should step in to look after the public assistance of the dwellers foremost. They should supply proper preparation, new machinery and besides look into the extraction of Cu with unsafe substances which cause serious wellness jobs. The authorities should enforce Torahs refering the development of some extraction and treating the concluding merchandise to exports which is still in dead state of affairs.


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