Development Of Low And Medium Cost Houses In Malaysia Construction Essay

Housing and other societal services continue to be a precedence of Malaysia ‘s development programmes aimed at bettering the quality of life and contributing towards the formation of a lovingness society. During the Eighth Plan period, the aim of the lodging development programmes will be to increase handiness to adequate, low-cost and quality houses for all income groups. Priority will go on to be given to the development of low- and low medium-cost houses. In this respect, both the populace and the private sectors will escalate their attempts in the execution of the lodging programmes to run into increasing demand. The proviso of other societal services will be continued and expanded with a position towards bettering the quality of life, instilling positive values and promoting autonomy.

Government enterprises in Eighth Plan Period ( 2001-2005 )

During the Eighth Plan period, attempts will go on to be undertaken to hasten lodging development in order to run into the increasing demand of the population, peculiarly of the low- and low medium-cost houses. Emphasis will besides be given to bettering the quality of houses built every bit good as provide suited locations and a contributing life environment. With respect to other societal services, the focal point of development will be to continuously better the quality of services to heighten the wellbeing of the population.

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Development Of Low And Medium Cost Houses In Malaysia Construction Essay
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The policy pushs in the Eighth Plan for lodging and other societal services will be as follows:

Supplying adequate, low-cost and quality houses for all income groups with accent on the development of low- and low medium-cost houses.

Bettering the bringing and quality every bit good as spread outing the coverage of urban services.

Fostering harmonious life among the assorted communities every bit good as edifice strong and resilient households towards making a lovingness society.

Enhancing the aesthetic facets of life through greater engagement in athleticss and diversion every bit good as the humanistic disciplines and cultural activities.

During the Plan period, lodging demands are estimated to make a sum of 782,300 units due to the turning figure of population, formation of new families and the replacing of bing houses, as shown in the Table1.

Table 1

Of the sum, 93.6 per cent will be for new demands and the balance will be for replacing. The bulk of the lodging needed will be in Selangor with 13.6 per cent, followed by Sabah with 12.8 per cent, Johor 11.5 per cent and Perak 9.8 per cent. However, merely 615,000 units of houses are expected to be built during the Plan period, taking into history the stock overhang in the state and the capacity to provide houses, as shown in the table2.


The Government will go on to supply the necessary support policies and programmes to guarantee equal, low-cost and choice lodging. This will include the enlargement of substructure installations, debut of appropriate inducements and establishing regulative steps to guarantee efficient lodging development. To turn to the issue of homesteaders, the findings of the National Study on the Control and Resettlement of Squatters will be used to explicate appropriate policies and guidelines.

During the Plan period, the populace sector is expected to build about 312,000 units of houses or 50.7 per cent of the entire mark compared with 230,000 units or 29.8 per cent in the old Plan, as shown in Table 2. Of the entire units to be constructed by the populace sector, 66.7 per cent will be low-priced houses and houses for the hapless. The building of low-cost houses under PPRB will be expedited to enable all homesteaders to be relocated by the terminal of the Plan period.

The development of low-priced lodging will be expedited to guarantee that those who are eligible will be provided houses, either for rent or sale. In this respect, there will be a alteration in the execution scheme, whereby the Federal Government will be involved straight in the choice of suited locations to hasten building and to cut down the job of mismatch between supply and demand for houses. The province authoritiess will manage the gross revenues every bit good as

the agreements for end-financing with the fiscal establishments and will go on to be responsible for the choice of purchasers or tenants. A go arounding fund will be established to finance the undertaking.

In tandem with the revised monetary value for the low-priced houses implemented by the private sector, the monetary value under the Public Low-Cost Housing ( PLCH ) programme will be reviewed to take into consideration increasing development costs, particularly land, substructure, building stuffs and labor. However, the monetary value will be lower compared with monetary values for low-cost houses provided by the private sector since the cost of land and substructure will go on to be subsidized by the Government. In order to promote lodging developers to build more low medium-cost houses and to cut down demand force per unit area on the low-priced class, appropriate policy guidelines will be introduced.

These will include guidelines on monetary values, specifications and design every bit good as establishing better planning and control mechanisms. In add-on, a proper system of care of high-rise edifices, peculiarly, the low- and low medium-cost classs will be instituted to guarantee that edifices and common installations every bit good as other public comfortss are good maintained, clean and safe. 18.65 Measures will be undertaken to beef up the choice system and processs to guarantee proper distribution of low-priced units to the mark groups. The centralised database control system at the Ministry of Housing and Local

Government will be enhanced to guarantee proper monitoring of such activities. The system will hold entree to all information in the registers maintained by province authoritiess with respect to the applications for houses provided under the populace every bit good as the private low-priced lodging programmes. Stairss will besides be taken to better handiness to end-financing from commercial and fiscal establishments, peculiarly for those in the low-income group and the informal sector.

Housing Development in Rural Areas

The proviso of lodging in the rural countries including basic substructure installations aimed at bettering the quality of life of rural people will be continued. In this regard, assorted lodging programmes in rural countries for the low-income group and hardcore hapless will be reviewed to guarantee the effectivity of bringing and execution including the manner and quantum of aid. In line with these attempts, the allotment for the building and rehabilitation of bedraggled houses will be increased. In add-on, within the Regional Development Authority ( RDA ) countries, low-cost houses will go on to be provided to the rural population by the several RDAs

Housing for Public Sector Employees

The Government will go on to supply lodging for public sector employees, peculiarly those in the indispensable services and those who are working in major towns, boundary line countries every bit good as in distant countries. Provision of lodging to the uniformed forces will be given precedence. During the Plan period, 62,000 units of assorted lodging classs will be provided by the Government throughout the state.

Housing for Estate and Industrial Workers

Attempts will be undertaken to promote employers to supply lodging for estate and industrial workers. The Government will besides guarantee that they conform to the minimal criterions set

under the Workers ‘ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990.

Housing Technology, Research and Development

The Government will set up the Malayan Human Settlement and Urbanization Research Institute ( MAHSURI ) to carry on R & A ; D on issues related to human colony and urbanisation. This will include lodging design and engineering, particularly proficient research on alternate edifice stuffs every bit good as industrialised edifice systems. In add-on, surveies will besides be carried out to explicate a comprehensive policy on lodging to guarantee sustainable lodging development.


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