Development of Online Customized Fashion Line Essay

DEVELOPMENT OF ONLINE CUSTOMIZED FASHION LINE Project Description Online fashion websites had greatly influenced the fashion industry. Customers could save time and effort in the ordering and reservation of designs. New fashion creations could be easily displayed to keep the customers updated of the latest fashions. Nowadays, websites adopted the feature of design customization. Customers could change color, design, logo and prints of deigns according to their desires.

The Development of Online Customized Fashion Line is a fashion website that adds the capability of design customization by allowing the users to resize the designs according to their own body measurements. This feature makes the customers feel confident that the displayed sketch designs could really fit to them perfectly. The gallery displays the designs which are automatically rated every time the user chose a design to be customized. Customer: If the customer decided to customize a design, he/she should log-in first.

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Development of Online Customized Fashion Line Essay
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When the username and password is correct, he could now choose a design to be customized. If not, he could log again until he enters the correct username and password. For the customers that are not yet registered, he/she must sign up and fill out the registration form. When he /she completed the necessary data he could submit the registration and was already logged in. After the log-in, the customers could choose to either upload a sketch design or choose a design to be customized. In uploading a sketch design, he/she would simply find the source of the design and save it.

The contributed designs are not automatically displayed in the gallery. It will be saved in the designs database subject for approval and edition. In customizing a design, the customer must chose any design they want then select the correct size according to their own body measurements. The website will automatically generate the outcome of the design with their own sizes. The customer could repeatedly resize until they are satisfied. When finished customizing, they must save the design and could repeat the process of customizing. The saved design could be printed if desired by the ustomer. Administrator: The administrator must be logged in the system before they can manipulate the gallery and databases. He could re-enter his/her username until accepted by the system. Once logged in, he could either: manage the gallery, view the contributed designs, upload new design or manage users. If he chose to manage the user, he could view the personal information of users and their customized designs. The administrator could also upload new sketch designs for the gallery; the uploaded designs could also be modified before displaying in the gallery.

He could also view the contributed designs of other customers. Then it depends upon the administrator to either approve or disapprove the sketch designs, and then it must be modified before displaying in the gallery. To manage the gallery, the administrators modify the designs. They can edit or delete the designs with very low ratings. Then they must update all the changes done to the designs to be reflected in the gallery. When administrator finished updating the designs, he could log-out from the system.


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