Development of physics in relation to the inventions Essay

What can you say about the development of physics in relation to the inventions or discoveries and thoughts of the given philosophers and scientists? What I can say is that, philosophers and scientists in the past really played a very important role to our present time today. Maybe without them and their contributions, our world today would not be easy to live in. Even some philosophies, were far from reality or truth, this really helped us. Because people became more thinkers and curious to find out he real thing.

Because of their desire to prove or disprove those things, they discovered a lot more ideas that became so much helpful today. They were able to discover things that could make their live easier and comfortable. Also because of these, technologies are created. Many gadgets, appliance and other tools were created that help current people today in their daily lives. I am very thankful to them for their contributions and works and for letting us experience more comfortable and easier kind of living. 2. How did man change his ideas through the ages?

As the philosophers and scientists discovered new ideas and development, people were able to adapt these things and changed their perspective in a particular thing. Because of the developments, people become more smart and intelligent because they can able to provide some reasons and information to some of their curiosities in their surroundings. This ideas and kind of reasoning are being passed through generation to another. And as of now, some theories and discoveries are being use y the current people in this world and became part of our daily activities. . How are philosophers and scientists similar in their way of thinking? Philosophers and scientists are similar on how they see world. They have the same attitudes and they are full of curiosity in their minds to their surroundings. They wanted to find out how and why something happened. As of today, people become more aware to all the things. We began to ask ourselves about the things we see and feel and become interested on how we can solve some of our problems in life.

We also began to look at to the macro and micro information of a certain thing. We became thirsty to any kind of explanations. That’s why many researches and experimentations were done by many of the scientists and inquisitive people in the world. As we became curious, we also begin to solve some of our questions in life and discover new things that could help people in the future. Development of physics in relation to the inventions or discoveries and thoughts of the given philosophers and scientists By conservation

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Development of physics in relation to the inventions Essay
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