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Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a Fortune 1000 company that specializes in the development of plastics fabricating. It was founded in 1991 by Dr. Riordan as Riordan Plastics, Inc. Its operations were expanded and it acquired other concern in 1993. This prompted a name alteration to Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. In 2000 it joined the worldwide market opening a works in China. ( Apollo Group, Inc.,2006, Riordan Manufacturing, Riordan Manufacturing )

Part of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. ‘s mission statement reads: “We must be focused in accomplishing and keeping sensible profitableness to guarantee that the fiscal and human capital is available for sustained growth” ( Apollo Group, Inc.,2006, Riordan Manufacturing, Riordan Manufacturing, Mission Statement, Our Future ) . In respects to the employees the mission statement reads “We will keep an advanced and squad oriented working environment, ” and “By guaranting that our employees are good informed and decently supported, we will supply a clime focused on the long term viability of our company” ( ( Apollo Group, Inc.,2006, Riordan Manufacturing, Riordan Manufacturing, Mission Statement, Employees ) . In order to run into these mission ends, Riordan must do some alterations in its Human Resource section. There has been a immense addition in the turnover rate during the 2003/2004 twelvemonth, particularly at the Georgia and Michigan locations. ( ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing, Turnover Rate ) . Yvonne McMillan noted that there was an addition in the figure of ailments from the employees ; particularly in the countries of unjust subject, unjust publicity patterns, and unequal preparation ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing, May 1, 2004 MEMORANDUM to Dale Edgel from Yvonne McMillan ) . A occupation satisfaction study shows there has been a drastic bead in company morale. The study besides shows a bead in the overall satisfaction with the on the job conditions at Riordan Manufacturing. The figure of employees sing go forthing Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. has increase. There is a deficiency of cooperation and communicating between sections. Employees no longer experience they are being paid adequately or having appropriate benefit compensation. Employees no longer believe that direction is interested in their public assistance. Employees do non believe that direction organisation is good managed. Employees do non believe their section is good managed. Employees no longer urge employment at Riordan Manufacturing to their friends. They no longer understand the company ‘s vision. The major bead was in the country of effectual planning within the corporation. Several times, organisation was shown to be a worsening country at Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riorden Manufacturing, Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey Results, 2003/2004 Average Mark for All Employees. ) Clearly there are some jobs with the HR System at Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

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Current System

There are several jobs countries within the HR system at Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. The list below indicates some of those jobs:

  • The system was installed in 1992 and is earnestly outdated. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • The primary map of the system is to track paysheet informations in a limited mode. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • Changes in employee informations is manually entered after a three measure procedure: employee petitions alterations, director completes form, and paysheet clerk enters informations. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • Training and development records are non portion of the system. They are kept in a separate file by one person. Directors do non hold entree to this information, so employee ‘s accomplishments can non be to the full utilised, this is a point noted on the employee satisfaction study. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • Applications are non stored in an electronic format. Recruiters maintain the position in an excel spreadsheet. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • Directors develop their ain system for maintaining path of employee files and there is no cardinal location. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )
  • Ailments, grudges, etc. are locked in a file cabinet someplace. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2006, Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource. )

Scope of the Undertaking

Learning Team C has been asked to assist implement a new HR system for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. This system will:

  • Integrate the methods being used to twenty-four hours into one application plan. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2007, Riordan Manufacturing, Service Request SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System )
  • Define the concern demands of the Human Resource section. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2007, Riordan Manufacturing, Service Request SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System )
  • Have a program that will name the undertaking, resources, agenda, and budget of the system. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2007, Riordan Manufacturing, Service Request SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System )
  • Should be completed in six months so that it can be in topographic point by the 2nd one-fourth of the following twelvemonth. ( Apollo Group, Inc. , 2007, Riordan Manufacturing, Service Request SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System )

Stake Holders

  • Mari Carillo. Mari Carillo is the preparation & A ; development specializer. Mari duties will include larning the new system to incorporate employee preparation every bit good and supply the preparation for the new system.
  • Yvonne McMillian Yvonne is the manager of human resources. Yvonne will be an built-in portion in the develop of the demands for the systems, helping with the demands of package and assisting with its execution.
  • Andrea Gamby Andrea is the employee dealingss director. It will be Andrea ‘s responsibility to assist distribute the word about the new system and find what needs the employees have in respects to the systems.
  • Site Directors Each site director will be required to develop on the new system, incorporate their current manual system into the new system and use the characteristics of the new system.
  • Employees The employees should see better tracking of their information, more accurate ratings and publicities, and should be better utilized on their accomplishments.


  • Having an incorporate system will hold hours of remunerated clip by cut downing the sum of excess informations information.
  • With most of the information now stored electronically, there will be less furniture to buy for storage of paper.
  • The usage electronic storage will salvage on the use of paper and besides assist the environment.
  • By holding a better organized HR system, employee morale should increase.
  • Increased employee morale will ensue in less turnover
  • The gross saved with the new system can be transferred to salary and benefit additions.
  • Additions in salary and benefits shows that a company is understanding and rewarding of its employees.
  • By holding the employee preparation in one country, directors can look at an employee ‘s certificates and better use the employee ‘s for undertaking for which they are qualified and may happen more gratifying.
  • By holding public presentation reappraisals integrated in preparation and instruction, it will be easier to advance from within, therefore salvaging clip and disbursal on developing new employees, those promoted from within should be familiar with the company already and necessitate less preparation than a new hire.
  • The improved morale and lower turnover rate will diminish the sum of money needed to engage and develop new employees.
  • By take downing the turnover rate, there are more employees familiar with the company and clients. This leads to a better merchandise and a more satisfied client.
  • The more clients are satisfied, the more likely they are to return and convey in new clients.
  • Costs- The sum anticipated cost for this undertaking is $ 200,000.This includes the cost of the hardware required for the new system, rewards and compensation, preparation costs, and excess financess for exigency issues related to the undertaking execution and development. For preparation, the company anticipates the entire cost to be between $ 3,000 – $ 6,000. This largely includes whatever productiveness is lost while associates are developing on the new system. It besides includes company courtesy fees every bit good as preparation fees for trainers. The company has allotted around $ 90,000 for the cost of compensation for the developers of this system. This includes normal rewards and compensation for any overtime spent working on this undertaking. The staying sum of those financess will be allocated to existent cost of the hardware required to develop the new HR system. This includes all package, system tools, and new equipment necessary to finish the undertaking. The company has besides prepared for an “emergency budget” of kinds. This is an extra sum that will be designated for any unexpected costs that may originate during the development procedure. The intent of the extra financess is to guarantee that the company does non transcend budget with unexpected disbursals.
  • Revenue/Savings- As antecedently mentioned in the benefits naming part, the development of a new HR system will increase the gross of the company. The company stands to derive a considerable sum of gross while besides salvaging. The most recent Numberss include gross of $ 6,086,449.35 at the terminal of the old financial twelvemonth. The company spent a sum of $ 1,325, 678.67 on disbursals that included costs for paper and other office equipment, productiveness loss from employee turnover, new hire rewards, and preparation costs. With the execution of this new system, the company stands to hold a gross addition of $ 1,750,000. The addition comes from the nest eggs on costs for office equipment, preparation, and other such disbursals every bit good as the increased concern from client satisfaction and recommendations. One of the most immediate nest eggs that the company will be able to see will be the nest eggs from holding to buy certain supplies. Because the new system will extinguish the costs for certain office equipment and paper, instantly the company can expect a nest eggs of $ 80,000. That sum besides includes the costs that the company was paying for the external shredding company who would come and shred the paperss.
  • ROI- The ROI, Return on Investment, for the company ( $ 1,750,000 – $ 200,000 ) / $ 200,000 = 7.75. This figure shows an obvious advantage for the company to travel frontward with this undertaking. With jutting gross that far exceeds the cost of investing ; the new HR system will profit the company in all facets, peculiarly financially.

Technical – The Software demand are as followed:

Position Management and Classification

  • The system must assist send on procedures, with full direction assurance of assigned place categorization authorization.
  • The system shall let directors to set up organisations under their control.
  • Quickly develop categorization paperss, by the usage of place description.
  • The system shall supply ways to bring forth of import information in response to categorization entreaties.
  • The system must back up the of import facets of placing place demands.
  • The system shall bring forth paperss automatically that makes human resources direction activities much easier accomplish.
  • The system must assist directors account for the entire work force unitisation.
  • The system should supply analysis, recommendations, and care of place agreements and back uping an assigned undertaking.
  • The system must spot the work of a place and use policies and criterions. It besides should hold designation of cognition, accomplishments and competences.
  • The system must sort places harmonizing to the Organizational Process Model ( OPM )
  • The system must update place and work force information in force files.

Recruitment and Staffing

  • The system should work together with directors and procedure information indentifying both short and long term demands.
  • The system must include all activities required in geting appliers and acquiring their information in an machine-controlled system.
  • The system must calculate out and use wage graduated tables for employees.
  • The system must keep historical files that include an audit trail for all actions.

Personnel Action Administration

  • The system must keep records, updating, hive awaying and disposing of papers and records.
  • The system must track yesteryear, current and pending forces actions.
  • The system must automatically give reminders to the directors for the completion of provisional periods and impermanent assignments and other clip sensitive actions.
  • The system must covert official forces booklets to and electronic medium.

Benefits Administration

  • The system must explicate in item all demands related to benefits for employees.
  • The system must be able to bring forth the eligibility and benefits and document the action.
  • The system must be able to supply paperless flow of information.
  • Labor-Management and Employee Relationss

    • The system must be able to formalize and obtain blessing for incentive awards.
    • The system must track employee dealingss from start to complete.
    • The system shall supervise employee ‘s public presentation and provisional periods.

    Work Force Development

    • The system must back up planning, development of preparation and calling to run into the demands of employees.
    • The system will track all preparation for employees.
    • The system must supply planning, development and present preparation and calling plans to run into bureau and employees demands.
    • The system must track the completion on preparation for all employees.
    • The system must maintain path of fiscal projections and start of controls maximizes the preparation financess.
    • The system must measure the effectivity and quality of the classs, plan content and instructional values.
    • Time and Attendance Processing
    • Leave Processing
    • The system must cipher accumulations and carryovers for ill and vacation yearss of all employees.
    • The system must supply audit trails and control informations guaranting all reported leave hours as been processed right.
    • The system must guarantee go forth without wage, workers compensation plan, instruction and FMLA.
    • The system must cipher go forth for parttime employees and what they are entitled to have.
    • The system must supply terminal of twelvemonth seventh cranial nerve, terminal of calendar twelvemonth and leave twelvemonth terminal processing for any authorities bureaus guidelines.
    • The system must automatically change over leave taken in surplus, based upon the leave precedence policy.
    • Wage Processing
    • The system must cipher wage at the terminal of each wage period, utilizing information from the clip and attending processing map.
    • The system must cipher current and future wage periods
    • The system must cipher gaining accommodations on a start and terminal day of the month rudimentss.
    • The system must cipher overtime.
    • The system must cipher wage tax write-offs for all places along with committees for gross revenues employees.
    • The system must cipher compulsory tax write-offs, Federal, State and Federal Compensation Act ( FICA ) .
    • Optional tax write-offs Medical and Dental Insurance along with life insurance.
    • Involuntary tax write-offs like Internal Revenue ( IRS ) levies and garnishments
    • The system must update employee ‘s personal paysheet information, electronic financess transfer information.
    • The system must keep retirement informations and service history.
    • The system must bring forth unemployment compensations records rupture wage.
    • The system must payment of unpaid compensation for donees.
    • Labor Cost distribution
    • The system must cipher work units by predefined informations elements.
    • The system must update elements driving the cost accretion procedure.
    • The system must bring forth electronic end product for work units for usage in other systems.
    • Coverage, rapprochement, and record keeping
    • The system must supply statistical human resources plan programs for ends and direction aims. Covering all activities in the coarse of a twelvemonth or longer for comparings.
    • The system must bring forth history for wage, clip and attending, leave history for all employees

    General System Requirements

    • The system must be at the standard bureau degree, accept procedures and study on minutess with other external systems.
    • The system must enter minutess and related information to give the control. A custom interface may be required to place and arrange minutess.
    • The system must be flexible when accepting input from multiple media knows the alone informations input demands of interface systems.
    • The system must name all minutess from all interfacing systems to the standard human resources paysheet system, proofs, and mistake rectification processs.
    • The system must custom-make informations input, processing regulations, and edit standards.
    • The system must specify internal operational processs.
    • The system must be callable of placing dealing procedures from other systems that update the standard human resources and paysheet.
    • The system must supply the users with customized end product for coverage and supplying interfaces to other systems to run into bureau demands.

    Business Requirements: The concern demands are group as follows

    • Training and Development
    • Career Path
    • Compensation Analysis
    • Human Resource planning

    Training and development: The Human resource direction system need to ease in tracking employee preparation, accomplishments and public presentation assessment

    Career Path: Help plan calling way for the employees, provide structured learning waies, enabling the monitoring of compliance-related learning events and presentment of advancement towards way completion. Creation of trials to measure learner experience and course of study effectivity, supplying valuable feedback on whether conformity ends and consciousness aims are being served

    Compensation Analysis: The package application should be able to supervise the scope and distribution of employee rewards, wages, and benefits. Include diverse and complex benefits program and plans, easy create and maintain complex eligibility regulations and standards. Reduce cost and have the ability to do determinations globally across the organisation.

    Human Resource planning: The application should hold the ability to help the human resource section to be after the long term labour force demands of the organisation. Track yesteryear and present employee records help pull offing the organisational construction by set uping describing relationships and assorted grouping entities ( for illustration, division, section, squad ) , widening down to the single place


    Implementation squad: The execution squad would consists of the following nucleus members


    • Business Owners
    • Analysts
    • Users


    • Undertaking Manager
    • Developers
    • Administrator


    The undermentioned Methodology has been considered for the development and execution

    • Undertaking Initiation
    • Design
    • Business Reappraisal
    • System Test
    • User Acceptance
    • Execution
    • Production support and care

    Undertaking Initiation: During the undertaking induction process the undermentioned Statement of Work

    Would be achieved

    • Initial Requirement assemblage: The proficient specializers identify the job, gather information demands, develop alternate solutions, and set up a undertaking direction program. The concern users would supply information demands, set up fiscal or operational restraints on the solution and choose the solution best suited.
    • Define Project Teams: Undertaking squads are created and squad leaders are assigned.
    • Develop a undertaking induction papers:
    • Develop a high degree undertaking program: A high degree roadmap is developed, bench Markss are identified, and clip agendas are defined.

    System Design: Technical specializer theoretical account and papers design specifications and choose the hardware and package engineerings for the solution. On careful rating the concern users approve the design specification. To ease better apprehension and to garner demands a paradigm of the application would be developed. The undermentioned stairss would be considered for prototyping:

    • Measure 1: Identify the user ‘s basic demand. The system interior decorator would work with the users to capture the basic demand.
    • Measure 2: Develop an initial paradigm. The systems design squad would develop a working paradigm, utilizing 4th coevals package.
    • Measure 3: Use the paradigm. The users are given entree to the paradigm to measure the basic functionality and do suggestions for betterment.
    • Measure 4: Revision and heighten the paradigm. The design and development squad would get down developing the application, after each bench grade is reached measure 3 and 4 are repeated until the coveted development is complete.

    Business Reappraisal: During the concern reappraisal phase the followers are accomplished:

    • Enhancements: During each bench grade, the concern and the proficient squad reexamine the advancement and the functionality of the application. The users are given complete entree to the system and based on their provender back the proficient squad makes the needed alterations.
    • Redefine demands: During the rating, the users would hold a better apprehension of the system ; they might propose some alterations in the procedure flow and batch procedures.
    • Reappraisal demands with the undertaking director: The demand alterations are reviewed, and prioritized. The development clip is evaluated. During each bench grade, the concern and the proficient squad reexamine the advancement and the functionality of the application. The users are given complete entree to the system and based on their provender back the proficient squad makes the needed alterations. The developed studies are released for users to reexamine.

    Technical Evaluation: The public presentation of the system is evaluated to the production hardware constellation CPU, Memory and Disk infinite is determined. Process flow is verified.

    System Test: During this phase the undermentioned activities are performed

    • Unit of measurement Testing: The developers are responsible to prove the single plans against the trial information for proof and rating procedures.
    • Interface Testing: Interface plans such as payment files to the dorsum, recognition card processing are tested,
    • System Testing: During the system proving the functionality of the full system is tested.

    User Acceptance: During this phase the undermentioned activities are performed

    • Migrate to QA environment: The application is moved to a QA case, the hardware constellation is the closest to that of production case. The needed web and pressman drivers are installed. User histories are established.
    • Final Business Review: The concern squad along with the direction reviews the application.
    • Functional user trial: The ace users perform their elaborate trial based on the trial program.
    • Develop trial books for the burden proving package: The proficient squad would develop trial informations to carry on the load/ automated trial utilizing burden proving package.
    • Identify bugs: Any issues or bugs are identified by the functional user trial.
    • Resolve bugs: The developers work on deciding the bugs and remaking the unit trial in the development case and migrate the hole to the QA environment.
    • Release iterative procedure: Any fixed or iterative procedure is released.

    Execution: During this stage, the undermentioned undertakings are performed

    • Migrate to Production environment: The application is migrated to the production environment. User histories are setup, database links, ODBC connexions are established, file encoding keys are exchanged with other sellers.
    • Formalize a alteration direction procedure: A alteration direction procedure is established, a process to travel the codification from one case to another is established, a package design papers for usage plans and studies is established.
    • Near the undertaking: On successful execution the undertaking would be officially closed, the care squad is established and the developers are defined their duties.
    • Evaluate lessons learned: The nucleus squad would run into to measure the execution procedure and consider and alterations that need to be followed in future undertakings.


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