Diablo 3 - Blizzard Entertainment Essay

Diablo is one of the million dollar franchises from the Blizzard North Entertainment launched in 1997. This famous role playing game had become an instant hit, of which Diablo2 which was released in the year 2000 sold over a million copies. The story of Diablo1 starts from a small town called Tristram. In the story there are three Prime Evils. Lord of the demons known as ‘Diablo’ was imprisoned in a magical stone called the Soulstone underneath the small town of Tristram. As Decades passed the powerof the Soulstone weakened and Diablo slowly regained his powers and tries to corrupt the minds of the townsfolk and knighthood of the kingdom.

In the game, there are three heroes among whom the player can select one of the characters Warrior, Rogue or Sorceress. Each of them specializes in different skills. Warrior uses swords, maces and axes for fighting which means he is good at close combat with monsters. Rogue is a female character who is good with bows. And Sorceress uses magical attacks. All three characters are able to learn magical powers for healing and killing monsters. A blacksmith and buyers and sellers of magical items are located within the town.

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Diablo 3 – Blizzard Entertainment Essay
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You will be able to trade and also identify the items that you discover during the fights. At the beginning, your characters will have simple cloths and weapons. But as the game reaches higher levels you will gain helms, chain mails, Gothic plates and stuff like flaming arrows for them. They can even resurrect golems (bimu dhaahba) and use staffs which have lightning and fire. As you go on you will reach libraries, which have tales of honored captains and soldiers whose souls were corrupted to fight along with this evil.

You will also learn about the tales of Diablo, and his two brothers Mephisto and Baal. But in Diablo1 you only have to fight with Diablo. During fights you will obtain new weapons, scrolls, and gold from monsters. This game has the most range of medieval weapons that I have encountered from sabers, crystal swords to falchions. Also, your chosen hero will get to wear unique items worn by once honored people who are changed demons in the kingdom at present. The magic’s are based on common ancient tales of horror, which gives the game a sense of reality.

In 1997, Diablo1 Expansion, ‘Hellfire’ was released including extra unique weapons and side quests. An additional character named ‘Monk’ who has an average stats for close combats (strength), using bows (dexterity) and magic attacks was introduced in this expansion. I recommend Hellfire as a start for all players, as it has more items, weapons and magic. In the year 2000, Diablo2 was released. This comes with LAN and Battle net playing options for players. There are 5 characters; Paladin, Barbarian, Sorceress, Amazon and a very interesting character Necromancer, who raises the dead to fight alongside him.

In Diablo2, the warrior pursues around the world for the undefeated Diablo. The player will encounter Angels of heavens, and the brothers of Diablo – Mephisto and Baal. A large range of items, weapons, magic and armor are available in this game and the player becomes a traveler through ancient towns, saving its surroundings from monsters. The player will encounter merchants who specialize in fighting, weapons and magic. Also at this point it will be possible to hire either male or female warriors to fight for him.

Expansion of Diablo2, ‘Lord of Destruction’ was released in 2001. It is similar to Diablo1 and Expansion ‘Hellfire’ except that it has one more Act (Act 5) and two additional characters and more unique weapons included. Blizzard has announced that Diablo3 will be released in 2009. Most of the times, in sequels of games and stories from part two and onwards it becomes less interesting. However, Diablo2 was not bad compared to Diablo1. As of the new images released for Diablo3, it appears to be more interesting than Diablo1 and 2


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