Diary of Ramses II An entry into the Diary of Ramses Essay

When will they accept the fact that they are worshiping a false god? Do they not realize that Moses is nothing but a lunatic who thinks he is talking with a god? I am waiting for Moses to return, any day now, and threaten me with another one of his plagues. Let him try, these plagues are nothing I have not seen before. Moses came again, as I expected, and threatened me that this time, if I do not release the slaves, his god will kill the first born son of every Egyptian.

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Diary of Ramses II An entry into the Diary of Ramses Essay
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I simply laughed at him. How can this god, who can only summon up minor plagues, perform such a task as killing the first born son of every Egyptian? For reasons I cannot understand, It seems that the slaves trust Moses, and believe that their god will save them. This Is what frightens me. If he were to start a revolt, he would have the support of all of the slaves. The damage would be catastrophic. But I must not worry about this now. Moses came and threatened me again. This time, he had a more serious tone. I am beginning to be concerned. He said that tonight, his god would come and destroy the iris born sons.

I have been observing the slaves more carefully since the warning, and today they are all sacrificing a lamb and painting the doorways with the blood. Is there a reason for this unusual form of sacrifice? They have also started preparing a most unusual meal. It consists of the lamb from which the blood came, bitter herbs, and a strange, unleavened bread. Why would anyone want to eat of such things? I must set the slaves free. Their God truly Is more powerful than all our gods combined. Last night, Moses’ warning came true. My son, along with the sons of all he other Egyptians, died.

It was as if they just had the life sucked out of them. I cannot believe that a group of slaves is favored by a god stronger than those of the Egyptians. I must set the slaves free so that no more damage is done. It has been almost two days since I freed the slaves. My watchers tell me that they are wandering aimlessly in the desert. What was I thinking when I let them go? I cannot believe I was tricked into thinking that their god was so powerful. Their god could not have been the cause of these tragedies. There must be another explanation. I must have my men pursue them.

They will see what happens when they dare to defy the Egyptians! I myself will lead my armless after them to reclaim them. At the sight of my mighty army, they will beg for their lives and offer themselves to me as my slaves. This I am sure of, because they know If they do not, We have almost caught up to the slaves. They have camped alongside the Red Sea and look as if they are lost. They have no where to run, no shelter to hide in. We shall trap them there, and this will all come to an end. They have no chance of escaping. Now they will know the greatness of Egypt!

I cannot believe what I am seeing. How is such a thing possible? The Sea has parted in two, and the slaves are continuing their Journey on dry land! I have never seen anything like this. I must regain control of my thoughts. We must pursue them. I cannot let them get away while they are so close. It is a horrible sight. My chariots have pursued the slaves through the gap, but as the last of the slaves reached the other side, the gap began to close in on my chariots. My entire army has been destroyed! How could a bunch of slaves escape from the glorious army of Egypt? It is over.

There is no chance of catching up to them now. They have truly won their freedom. But what has all of this done? Now I have not only lost my son, but I have lost my army too! This is not the last time the Israelites will meet with us. We will not be defeated. We will make them our slaves once again, I am sure of it. We are the supreme race in this world. And when they do become our slaves, my ancestors will not be as foolish as me and let them go. From then on, they will always suffer under Egyptian rule until they learn their place. They will realize that their puny god is no match for the Egyptians!


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