Diet Pills Essay

Mike Adams: “Diet pills consumed in large quantities by teen girls seeking athletic look” This report prepared by Helga higginbottom focuses on the purpose, target audience, structure, language and context of a feature article. “Diet pills consumed in large quantities by teen girls seeking athletic look. ” This feature article was written by Mike Adams the health ranger on the 8th of July 2004. The purpose of all feature articles is to inform, persuade and entertain.

My dietary article about teens informs readers about how teenage girls are at high risk of becoming anorexic and taking dieting pills as the media and other influences pushes them over the edge. The writer tries to persuade teenage readers not to become involved in this little frenzy that is causing girls and boys to be overly obsessed with weight and appearance. Finally, all articles are to entertain readers and this article pulls it off. It has important information as well as facts and comic relief.

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This particular feature article is targeted at teenage girls and possibly parents of teens. This article informs parents of the risks involved with teenagers taking diet pills and it also states a few symptoms and signs to watch for in all teenagers. It is mainly targeted at teenage girls, it has valuable information that can possibly ease teenagers off the diet pills and off this theory that beauty is everything. It has some important facts about teenagers that could intrigue parents.

The feature article is probably intended for an audience of teenage girls aging from 13 up to 18. All magazine articles draw upon similar components for their structure. Feature articles such as mine have a rather plain set out and plain heading but a big picture to entice the specific target audience to read the article. Feature articles like mine have bold text and flowing paragraphs to make it easier to read, especially since the target audience is teenagers and quite often pages of writing can be skipped by teenagers as they get distracted easily.

My feature article has a rather bold headline to also catch the eye of teenage girls it reads “Diet pills consumed in large quantities by teen girls seeking athletic look” stating the words “teenage girls” in the text helps to entice readers and make them interested in the key topic of the article. This is important and done extremely well in my article, the actual text is fairly large and easy to read and the paragraphing is minimal making the text easier to read. The entire article has been set up for teenagers and has been made to look less formal than ost feature articles to attract teens, and as you can imagine a big manuscript of text with no images is not going to entice a teenage girl. The language of a magazine article depends on the target audience. My article is in standard Australian English e. g. “What these teenagers really need to be doing, if they want thin bodies, is to give up soft drinks, pizza, alcohol, fast food, snack chips, fried foods, refined carbohydrates, and other forms of processed foods. My article also has percentage rates to really enforce the issue upon teenagers and to make sure they understand just how serious the topic issue actually is. The article contains sentences involving these percentages etc. Such as “A frightening 34% of teen girls are now popping these diet pills, a figure that’s even higher than males. ” It has this because it is appropriate for my target audience. That particular sentence also informs that this is an ongoing problem with males also and draws upon the fact that it’s not just teenage girls but also males as well.

Feature articles need to have the right terminology depending on the target audience. Sometimes this can vary from multiple languages and words. In my article it contains words and phrases such as “processed foods” and “In reality, pills can’t possibly give you an athletic look. ” This kind of terminology is a necessity when reaching out teenagers as they can become distracted when complex words are thrown into the text.

I don’t think the terminology in this article prevents people from outside the target audience range to read it without difficulty as it is mainly Australian Standard English and has little or no words relating just to the target audience. There are two types of setting when considering a magazine article. One is specific and the other is social. The article “Diet pills consumed in large quantities by teen girls seeking athletic look. ” Was printed as a feature article on the Natural news on July the 8th 2004.

This particular feature article was well presented and contained vital information for both parents and children suffering from or involved in eating disorders or anything close to that. It was a reasonably simple text with no complex words or rich language directed at the target audience. It is an article which draws upon the obsessive behaviour of teenagers who seek to be perfect and athletic. The writer has both informed the target audience on diet pills and their effects and entertained the target audience by adding in interesting facts and statistics relating to the topic issue.


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