Difference Between City, Town and Village Essay

Indian civilization is rich and diverse. Peoples give regard to their traditional values and hence its illustriousness was recognized all over the universe. Lifestyle of people populating in Village. town and metropolis degrees differs a batch. Peoples in small towns majorly depend on agribusiness and their chief beginning of income is cultivation. Their regular life rhythm in footings of gaining money is that cultivating two to three harvests a twelvemonth. transporting the cultivated nutrient or other merchandises to the nearby towns. selling the cultivated natural stuff either through jobbers or direct merchandising.

Though. they enjoy their work and return to place from form lands flushing about 6pm every twenty-four hours. taking bath. holding dinner and kiping before 10 autopsy itself. There won’t be much work force per unit area and marks in their day-to-day work ; they grandly celebrate every festival and cultural events. For amusement. they frequently go to nearby towns or metropoliss and watch films between the clip spreads of their work. We can see batch of integrity and cool environment in Indian small towns.

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Difference Between City, Town and Village Essay
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Though few households have differences in their everyday life due to any factor. they join together to contend against any issue that disturbs their small town and work out it efficaciously with dedication. Lifestyle at City degree is rather different compared to small towns. Dayss in metropoliss pass like hours. life rhythm is really fast and people are busy in their several concern and work. Most of the metropolis population travels a figure of kilometres to make their work topographic points. If their office timings are 8 hours a twenty-four hours. to boot need to pass two hours in travel to make their office and place in return.

Everyone will be busy in their work agendas. City people can bask merely in weekends and vacations. Due to high degree engineering and handiness and range for rich instruction criterions. metropolis people are extremely educated. posh and advanced in life style. We can see a foreign civilization mix in footings of have oning apparels and nutrient wonts in most of the metropolis population. But while observing festivals. metropolis people follow ethnicity and celebrate with traditional touch.

Town degree people will hold the spirit of both small town and City. Their life style is about close to metropolis life style. but non a busy life like metropoliss and non every bit advanced as metropolis civilization. They knew the updated engineering. but really less people make usage of it. Good thing is that town people can easy understand assorted speech patterns and manner of speech production of both small town and metropolis people. Though people live with different life styles. everyone enjoy their ain manner of life and respect Indian civilization.


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