Difference Knowledge and Skills Sample Essay

Knowledge refers to larning constructs. rules and information sing a peculiar topic ( s ) by a individual through books. media. encyclopaedia. academic establishments and other beginnings. Skill refers to the ability of utilizing that information and using it in a context. In other words. cognition refers to theory and accomplishment refers to successfully using that theory in pattern and acquiring expected consequences. For case. a gross revenues individual armed with an MBA grade may hold learnt all the rules of selling and merchandising in his concern school. Traveling frontward. in his work he would cognize more about his company. in the sphere of its merchandise line. mark market. rivals etc. All the above is knowledge.

Transfering this cognition to make a successful gross revenues scheme and pitch and accomplishing those gross revenues marks is the gross revenues person’s accomplishment. Sometimes. certain accomplishments are built-in in a individual. For case. some people are born carpenters. But accomplishments can take a individual merely to a certain degree. To travel in front. it is necessary that a individual has the needed cognition every bit good. For case. while a individual may hold a good manus in woodworking. geting an technology grade can make admirations for the person’s accomplishments. In the same mode. some people may hold theoretical cognition but may merely non be able to utilize it while executing a undertaking. Knowledge can be shared. Skills may or may non be shared/taught.

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Difference Knowledge and Skills Sample Essay
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