Differences Between Cars and Motorcycles Essay

Differences Between Cars and Motorcycles There are many differences between cars and motorcycles. Some people out there like motorcycles over cars and some people prefer cars over motorcycles due to the safety factor of motorcycles compared to cars. Some Prefer the comfort of motorcycles but some prefer the comfort of cars. Then there is a cost difference between the cars and motorcycles as some prefer one over the other. I am going to tell you about the cost of motorcycles and cars, the comfort of motorcycles and cars, and the safety of motorcycles and cars.

First, motorcycles are less expensive then cars. As you can see motorcycles can cost only a few thousand dollars. But cars can cost anywhere from a little more than a few thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars and up. Cars are nice to have but depending on which one you prefer to purchase can cost you a pretty penny. You can get a small compact car which might only cost between seven and ten thousand dollars or you can get an SUV which would be over twenty thousand dollars. Motorcycles are not that expensive when compared to a car. You can get a motorcycle for under a few thousand dollars.

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Differences Between Cars and Motorcycles Essay
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Most people who look at this at a cost factor would prefer to go with a motorcycle to save money. Second, cars are more comforting to be in than motorcycles are. As you probably already know motorcycles are not that big and have a leather seat. The seat is not roomy enough and can get hot at times. This makes it really uncomfortable. Also lots of people like to wear motorcycle gear such as leather gloves and leather clothing such as leather pants. Leather pants can make it very uncomfortable to ride a motorcycle at any given time. Cars are big and very roomy. It’s actually very comfortable to be sitting down riding in one.

The seats can be leather or cloth with a carpet like material. Sitting in the car driving does not bother the comfort. People have been driving cars for many years and are very well use to the comfort of them. Third, is the safety of cars and motorcycles when riding? Both cars and motorcycles are not safe at all. Some could say one is not safer than the other. But from hearing on the news about accidents with cars and Accidents with motorcycles we can say that they all have their fair share of safety problems. Motorcycles are not safe at all. Motorcycles ride on two wheels which we all know of.

Motorcycles can go fast quickly and motorcyclists like to swerve in and out of lanes which cause a safety hazard. There is a lot of motorcycle related accidents all the time. Cars are dangerous also. There are car accidents being reported all the time. Even though cars seem like they are much safer than motorcycles they actually are not that safe. Some can argue that cars are safe or safer but they still cause a safety hazard out there. Every day there are plenty of car related accidents happening all the time? But having 4 wheels which a car has makes the car safer. But you are only safe as safe as the driver is.

But not everyone is a safe driver things happen all the time without knowing. Finally, there are many differences between cars and motorcycles. But as we have learned there is the cost of motorcycles which is a lot less than the cost of cars. The comfort of cars how they are more roomy compared to a motorcycle which can be less comforting with all the motorcycle gear on and the small leather seat. And lastly we learned about the safety of driving a car as compared to a motorcycle learning that neither one is safer than the other and that we all get into accidents at one time or another.


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