Different Forms Of Government Essay

Introduction The difference in the U.S. Government at it’s founding vrs
today in reference, to the idea of small vrs big government. The Government
originally had only concern with the Military, tariffs and all forms of
Foreign relations
Today the government regulates all aspects of a persons life. Tax,the
redistributation of wealth,healthcare and have a strong influence on local
governments through the withholding funds. Competing Interest
Inconsistencies in Government polices can be attributed to differences in
the many different public Popular Majority will not remain stable for long,
since no one can please everyone people will shift their support. Many
different interest contained within a majority
Political Promises must be made in order to bring together a Popular
Majority. If a politician breaks these promises he risks losing future
votes. Restraints on Growth of Government Reasons for the first 150 years
of U.S. government remaining small. The constitution was read under a
strict interpretation, stopping the government from regulating business and
leaving an income tax. Independent agencies were not given power,due to the
Supreme court not allowing it.

Prevailing interest of the time did not welcome the Federal
governments intervention in such places as commerce and labor relations.

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Different Forms Of Government Essay
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Amendments allowed congress to raise taxes and opened up a wide range of
new legislation. The Great Depression and it’s “New Deal” created many new
systems that were completely new at the time such as Social Security,
Unemployment insurance, and Bureaucracies to run these systems were

The Framers intended for Small Government through the system of
checks and balances,making it hard for the government from doing too much.

Large Government is entrenched because many people want it and it would be
very difficult to trim back the Government. Reagan tried to and failed.He
failed because any part of Government once created has many supporters.

Consequences of Activist Government Staff grows just to keep up with
current ramifications of Legislation and have less time to deal with new
ideas Bureaucratization of all aspects occur due to the Large amount of
things to deal with. Staff and agencies get more influence in government as
their roles increase. The Office of Management and Budget and the National
Security Council gain Power through the expansion of Power. The bigger the
Government is the more it will act inconsistent,different goals and lack of
communication cause this.

The activist Government is less in the control of the Electorate. When
the Government did little policies were based more on the next election
than they are now. Today there is more of a blur of what our elected
officials do which causes apathy among voters. The Activist Government by
trying to do more gets blamed for everything. From crime to the price of
Gas, its the Governments fault for everything. By trying to regulate more
it gains the blame for things that it does not cause. The Influence of
Structure It gives local Governments and people more rights and power. An
analogy is set up between our semi- decentralized government and that of
Britain. It states that if the U.S. was under the British parliamentary
system people would have little legal recourse against a law,taxes would be
higher ,scandals would not come out,and policies would change rapidly with
changes in the Majority. The influence of Ideas Though the Government is
growing it is not becoming the “Big Brother” Of Orwell’s “1984” solely by
the ever increasing concept of “Rights” or Civil liberties. The courts of
the U.S. are the most heavily trafficked in the world. The government has
to abide by these right like a set of rules. The right to Privacy act,the
Freedom of information act and Administrative Procedure Act all restrict
what the Government can do.

The Idea of Large Government is no longer a question,but how to make
it run more efficiently or even more consistently is a good one. The size
of government will continue to expand unless,some simplification can take
place.The bigger the Government gets the more people expect out of it,and
the less certain they are about getting it.


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