Different Methods of Communication Essay

Different methods of communication are effective and appropriate for different situations and audiences. For each of the following groups, list a good communication method (i. e. email, face-to-face, written, etc. ). Describe what makes each method effective and how your tone would impact communication to each of these audiences: • Boss • Coworkers • Instructor • Friends • Family Does the method of communication change if you are involved in conflict with any of these groups mentioned above?

What’s the most appropriate way to resolve conflict with each of these groups? In order to make a correct assumption on which method of communication is to be used with a variety of groups, one should stop and analyze the situation at hand and determine the most applicable method that fits the receiver of the message. Another key issue, the nature of what you need to communicate to the receiver. In my opinion, once these items are identified, it facilitates the venue of communication to utilize.

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Different Methods of Communication Essay
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In communicating with a boss, the nature of the communication & his/her availabilty will play a key role. If the communication is of an informative nature of day to day office activities, a simple e-mail will suffice with an informal tone. But in the event personnel issues need to be addressed regarding conflict, confidentiality, etc, a face-to face meeting will be more appropriate and of a more serious tone.

Coworkers, friends & family are groups that can be categorized as informal; therefore, all forms of communication could apply depending on their location and availability. In the event that a personal dispute needs to be addressed with either of these groups, a determination of tone & venue of communication needs to be identified for a quick digestion of the situation and avoid further animosity since these are groups of close interaction.

In regards to communication with an instructor, this venue, in my opinion needs to remain as that of a formal tone and in either email or face-to-face when feasible. Since most of instructors deal with multiple tasks and students, e-mail will facilitate tracking of communication to and from students at any given time of day versus the face-to-face encounter that could be time consuming for both parties. If conflict were to exist, written communication will be advisable to track the transgression of the situation and/or the resolution of the same.


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